Proven Hair Repair Solutions from Dow Corning Turn Heat-Damaged Hair into Beautiful Hair

Proven Hair Repair Solutions
from Dow Corning
Turn Heat-Damaged Hair
into Beautiful Hair
Specially tested silicones from
Dow Corning can help you formulate
leave-in hair conditioning products
that repair heat-damaged hair.
ƒƒ Revive smoothness and restore glide
ƒƒ Counteract tangles and improve
resistance to hair breakage
ƒƒ Diminish the feel and appearance
of dryness
It feels drier and less smooth, loses
glide and shine, and is harder to comb.
Repair. Revive. Revitalize.
Develop leave-in conditioners
that restore beauty to heatdamaged hair.
Everyone Adores Beautiful Hair
Nobody likes having a “bad hair day.”
Beautiful hair makes you feel
glamorous, healthy and
confident, pampered,
and admired.
No wonder consumers
put so much time and
effort into styling their
hair. They comb, brush,
perm, color and bleach
their hair, all of which
increase the risk of
hair damage.
Additionally, to
perfect their hair
styles, more and
more consumers and hairdressers are
turning to heat-styling devices, such as
blow-dryers and straightening, curling
and crimping irons.
Although these high-temperature
styling tools can help boost
hair shine by aligning the hair
fibers and removing extra
water from the surface of
the hair, extended use
may lead to damage.
Excessive heat-styling
has the potential to
disturb the cuticle
layers, distort hair fibers
and change hair color.
Heat-damaged hair is
weaker, more brittle and
prone to further damage.
To provide a solution, leading hair care
brands worldwide are launching new
products focused on hair repair.
Formulate a Hair Repair Innovation
Silicones from Dow Corning have been
used successfully to condition hair
damaged by coloring processes. To
further address the market demand for
hair repair solutions, Dow Corning has
developed heat-damaging and testing
protocols that demonstrate the ability of
leave-in conditioners containing select
Dow Corning® brand specialty silicones
to decrease the signs of heat damage
and to revitalize hair beauty, feel, and
resistance to breakage.
Review the results and consider
how silicones from Dow Corning could
contribute to your next hair repair
Select Dow Corning® specialty silicones
have been carefully evaluated for
their ability to significantly improve
the feel and appearance of heatdamaged hair when used at 2%
active silicone in a typical leave-in
conditioning formulation.
Hair Repair Benefit
Dow Corning® Product
Dow Corning ® HMW 2220
Non-Ionic Emulsion
Copolymer (and) C12-13 Pareth-3
(and) C12-13 Pareth-23
to Breakage)
Dow Corning ® CE-7080
Smart Style
Silicone Quaternium-16/Glycidoxy
Dimethicone Crosspolymer
(and) Undeceth-11 (and)
Dow Corning ® 5-7113 Silicone
Quat Microemulsion
Silicone Quaternium-16 (and)
Undeceth-11 (and) Butyloctanol
(and) Undeceth-5
ƒƒ Slipperiness
ƒƒ Intensive conditioning
ƒƒ Defines curls
ƒƒ Adds bounce and hold
The added benefits listed in this table represent only a sampling of the additional benefits that may be achieved when these products are used in leave-in conditioners.
No value = not tested or no significant difference.
ƒƒ Moderate conditioning
ƒƒ Pliability
••• Best option •• Excellent option • Good option
Added Benefits of
Leave-In Conditioners for
Non-Heat-Damaged Hair(a)
ƒƒ Intensive conditioning
ƒƒ Heat protection
ƒƒ Strengthening
Hair Repair
A Proven Hair Repair
Testing Process
Dow Corning has developed a procedure
for consistently heat-damaging hair
and has fine-tuned a sensory testing
method for evaluating the hair repair
benefits of leave-in conditioners
containing Dow Corning® specialty
Using a tactile sensory testing protocol,
experienced panelists compared the
feel of the heat-damaged tresses to
the feel of:
ƒƒ Undamaged tresses
ƒƒ Tresses treated with a control
leave-in conditioner formulation
(no silicone)
ƒƒ Tresses treated with the same
formulation containing a
Dow Corning® silicone
ƒƒ Tresses treated with a commercial
benchmark product for hair repair
The tresses also were tested
mechanically to determine whether
leave-in conditioners containing
Dow Corning® specialty silicones were
helpful in restoring heat-damaged
hair’s resistance to further breakage.
A sampling of application
test results
In comparison tests conducted on heat-damaged
hair, leave-in conditioners containing
Dow Corning® specialty silicones outperformed
the control formulation and met or exceeded
the performance of the commercial benchmark
in decreasing the signs of hair damage, restoring
the feel of the hair and reducing the number of
hair fibers broken during repeated combing.
Heat-damaged hair treated
with Dow Corning® HMW
2220 Non-Ionic Emulsion
Improvement in Appearance – Decrease in Signs of Damage
Panelists ranked heat-damaged tresses treated with a leave-in conditioner
containing 2% active level of Dow Corning® HMW 2220 Non-Ionic Emulsion
as having a significantly better appearance (at ≥99% confidence level) than
untreated heat-damaged tresses or tresses treated with the commercial
Reduction of Friction – Decrease in Dryness
Dow Corning conducted a series of tactile tests that illustrated the ability of
Dow Corning® specialty silicones to improve the feel of heat-damaged hair in
the areas of dry combing, glide, smoothness and friction (dryness).
Heat damage can significantly increase hair friction and dry feel. As the following
graph shows, specialty silicones from Dow Corning can significantly reduce
feelings of friction and dryness.
The Dow Corning® products were tested at 2% active silicone in leave-in
conditioner at 0.12g or 0.2g per 2g hair.
95% confidence level.
≥99% confidence level.
Test results continued on back.
How can we help you today?
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Improvement of Hair Resistance to Repeated Dry
Combing – Decrease in the Amount of Broken Fibers
In the following test conducted by a leading U.S. research
institute, repeated combing results demonstrated that
leave-in conditioner formulations containing 2% active
silicone can reduce the amount of broken hair up to 78%.
At Dow Corning, we are expected to provide you with
the novel testing, proven technology and market-driven
formulating expertise you need to make the most of today’s
hair repair opportunities.
For additional information about hair repair, including sample
formulations and samples, and product data sheets with full
compatibility details, go to
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