Why Instagram?

Executive Summary.
Linda Media Group is a social media marketing firm focusing solely
on Instagram to grow your business. We work with your company
to create unique hash-tags, images, location tags, and text to
organically grow your Instagram account. In addition, we have
amassed a vast network of “Influential Instagrammers”, or
Instagram users with a large following and market reach. We pair
your company with Instagram users to serve as a mouthpiece for
your product/brand/service. With the simple click of a button, we
have the ability to send your campaign to hundreds, thousands, or
Instagrammers” are each hand selected by our staff; we assess
[email protected]
their content, follower base, and ability to generate user
engagement in order to best help your company reach your
target market.
Account Management.
Why Instagram?
Over 130 million
monthly active
500% growth in
users from 201213; makes it the
fastest growing
social network in
the world.
Over 1 billion
photos are ’liked’
daily (8,500 per
Over 45 million
photos posted
per day.
We save you the time and hassle of hiring a new employee to run your account. We dedicate
an account manager to your business to ‘crawl’ Instagram and generate ‘likes’, followers and
Over 1,000
posted per
The average user
spends 257
minutes per
month on
18-29 year olds
are the largest
demographic on
41% of brands
post 1 or more
photos per week
to their accounts.
Network Endorsements.
Our network of “Influential Instagrammers” has proven the power that Instagram endorsements
can have. We open up this network to broadcast your message to the masses.
Miami loves LeBron James, but what about the rest of the country? We bring you the power of a
celebrity without the polarizing effect. Our network doesn’t serve as an official spokesperson for
your brand, so there are no negative repercussions or associations.
Reach more for less. Our network has the power to reach hundreds, thousands, or millions with
the click of a button. We work with your budget to ensure that your target audience is reached
within your means.
We send a team of Instagram experts to your company or business for a half day seminar
Instagram on marketing A-Z. We train your staff to become Instagram experts so that they can
apply their skills to your business.
Over 16 billion
photos shared.
We know Instagram. We know what generates ‘likes’, how to build your following, what time to
post, what content to post, and how to engage your followers. Running an Instagram account
can be a full time job – let our team of experts handle it for you.
Photo walkabouts. We can pair your company with one (or 100) Influential Instagram users
who will devote their time (and Instagram account) to building your brand through original
content. Think of them as your own personal Instagram blogger for rent.
Mailing list for Generation Y. Let’s face it, the majority of direct mail
you send out gets thrown out and your emails get deleted. An
Instagram following is your mailing list with two caveats: first, they
choose to follow you so they actually want to see your updates.
Second, you can fire that expensive marketing firm because
Instagram is FREE.
People live on their phones. Traditional advertising has always battled
“noise” in attempts to reach consumers; couple that with the rise of
mobile technology and your audience shrinks even more. That
awesome TV ad you spent millions creating? I missed it, I was texting
my friend, sorry!
Market research. Why hire that expensive consulting firm to do
market research when your 1,000,000 followers will give you honest
feedback within seconds (for free)?
One-to-One Marketing. Instagram gives your company the power to
reach and communicate with consumers on an individual level.
While extremely powerful, its equally time consuming…(ahem,
No Ads. Facebook had good reason to wait years to allow ads: they
ruin the user experience. Instagram has no ads or promoted posts, so
all content viewed comes from a trusted source. This means content
is viewed in a positive light, as opposed to advertisements which can
actually create negative connotations with your brand if done
Why Linda Media Group?
The power to influence. Our influential users have the power to push
consumer awareness and action towards your company or product.
Utilize word-of-mouth. When someone tells you to visit a bar, you are
more likely to go than if you see a billboard, right?
We don’t create traditional advertisements. If your company sells
women’s clothing, we won’t have an NFL player post your content.
We aim to create posts that fit seamlessly with our Influential
Instagrammer’s profile. We built our mission statement around the
fact that people reject ads and respond positively to in-network
recommendations – we ensure your message is received positively.
Get Results. We don’t work like traditional social media
ads/promotions. Facebook and Google ads set a budget and then
drain it per “impression” and “clicks”. This means you get charged for
millions of false impressions and false clicks. We set our pricing based
on of how many people truly see your ad, by calculating their
follower base and by how many people ‘like’ your ad – this
guarantees that your audience saw your message.
Track Your Brand. We have analytics software (SaaS) giving you
details about top photos, top contributors, hash-tags associated with
your brand and more. Why spend thousands extra a year when we
provide the capability for you?
Companies on
Nike: 2M
Starbucks: 1.5M
Asos: 1M
Nastygal: 900K
Red Bull: 900K
How it Works.
The process is simple. We work with your company to create an
Instagram based marketing campaign aimed at creating a
word-of-mouth movement. You tell us your strategic goals and
we work with you to translate this into images, captions and
Once we have your content secured, we then go to work
finding Instagram users who can best portray this message for
your company. We then contact our users and instruct them
when to post. After that, the process is complete. Our users post
your content for the Instagram world to see.
Account Management: Organic Growth.
We Love
Even if you don’t
utilize our
company, we still
compensate for
referrals that turn
into clients!
If you know any
companies who
would be
interested in our
service, please
email us at
[email protected]
diagroup.com to
learn more about
our referral fees!
Every agreement with our influential users is different. Some we have on retainer for multiple posts, others
we use for smaller accounts to post once. We base our pricing off on two things:
Even without promotions from our network of “Influential
Instagrammers”, we can still help grow your following. For a
small monthly fee, we work with you (or run your account)
and grow your account organically. Nick owns a fitness
website; He came to us with no Instagram experience or
accounts. We managed his account for 8 weeks. The
result? Over 900 followers, 1500 ‘likes’, and a 30% increase in
site traffic.
CPF: Cost-Per-Follower. We take into account how many followers the Instagram users have who post on
your behalf: the higher the following, the higher the cost.
CPL: Cost-Per-Like. Based on how many ‘likes’ your photos generate when posted by our Instagram users.
We discount likes for companies who sign longer contracts.
Finding, building, maintaining, and utilizing our database of Instagram users is expensive and labor
intensive. For this reason we require a monthly minimum for companies to work with us. To find out our
exact pricing, please contact us directly ([email protected]).
Sample Campaign Posts.
Create a Buzz.
Location Tagging.
Instagram is a powerful tool – we can get
people talking about your product even
before it launches. In this example our
Instagram user starts a word-of-mouth
promotion for a music group’s new cd.
This puts eyes on your company and
helps to generate a grass roots buzz for
the future release.
If you have a brick-and-mortar store we
can help you promote it. When an
Instagrammer posts a photo, they have
the option to tag a location (4-Square).
When someone clicks on the photo, a
map pops up and shows the exact
address of your store (Note: this can only
be done by sending an Instagrammer to
your location, so we generally reserve
this option for walkabouts).
Product Promotion.
The most and basic option to get the
word out is traditional product promotion
or product placement. Through the
careful use of hash-tags, we can help to
direct your message to a specific group
of consumers.
We can help create positive word-ofmouth about your brand. By putting a
positive message out to the Instagram
world, you can send consumers the
message you want about your brand.
The only question is, what are we
promoting here?! Our point exactly…