Coinstar offers turnkey products that attract and retain customers,

Coinstar ® offers turnkey products
that attract and retain customers,
increase branch traffic and deposits,
and provide hassle free service.
Coinstar®... The right investment for your business.
And you can take that to the bank.
Coin Counting Opportunity
The coin counting market is huge, with over $10 billion in coin available in the United States.
Consumers are looking for a fast, easy, and convenient way to convert their loose coin into cash.
Why Choose Coinstar?
Founded in 1991, Coinstar, Inc. pioneered self-service consumer coin counting and has grown to
a network of more than 20,200 kiosks worldwide. Leveraging our patented technology and
broad product offerings, Coinstar processes in excess of $3 billion in coin each year. We are the
industry leader and continue to innovate to meet customer needs.
Coinstar products and services are positioned to help Financial Institutions strengthen existing
customer loyalty, increase deposits, and attract and retain new branch traffic.
Program Details
How Does the Program Work?
How is a Transaction Processed?
• Coinstar Centers® are installed free of charge
• Cost is variable based on the total coin volume processed
• All Coinstar Centers are polled daily for transaction
data via our patented network
• Requires only a power outlet and telephone line
• Graphics can be customized
• User selects an English or Spanish/French option
• User is prompted to pour mixed coin into the intake
tray; as coins are counted, a running total of the coin
mix is displayed
• User chooses how to receive the value of their coin:
- Voucher to redeem with teller for either
cash back or deposit
- Stored value product
- Donate to a charity
Enhances Your Customers’ Experience
No counting, rolling or wrapping of coins
Less time waiting for a teller
Fast, accurate and convenient way to convert coins to cash
Fun and rewarding user experience
Benefits to Your Branches
• Eliminates capital outlay
• Minimizes branch involvement and cost through
turnkey service
• Increases branch traffic, deposits and cross-sale
• No need to validate customer-rolled coins
• Maximizes uptime with patented coin cleaning
technology and network operations
• Offers stored value products for incremental revenue
Coinstar®... 98% uptime and 24/7 support. You can’t
say that about every coin counting machine.
Products, Programs, Support, Specifications
Coinstar Network
Service and Support
All Coinstar Centers are networked to our host system to
monitor performance and transaction activity. Software
upgrades are routinely downloaded through the network to
improve customer satisfaction and machine performance.
The network allows the machine to automatically page a
technician if there is a problem, or notify Coinstar that the
coin bins are getting full, triggering a coin bin pickup.
Coinstar service includes local field support to assist
financial institutions in making the service available to
branch customers. All issues requiring trained support are
routed directly to the technician via the Coinstar network,
and all replacement parts and supplies are provided at no
cost. Unlimited free technical support is provided 7 days
a week by Coinstar – simply pick up the white telephone
located inside the Coinstar machine and you will be
connected via Coinstar’s toll-free number.
Coin Cleaning and De-Jamming
The Coinstar Center is designed specifically for self-service
consumer coin. The patented multi-step cleaning process
ensures that the coin is cleaned prior to reaching the
counting mechanism, making the units practically trouble
free. The Coinstar Center automatically clears most coin
jams, while returning uncounted coins to the user.
Secure Voucher
Coinstar provides the highest degree of voucher security
in the industry. The Coinstar voucher is a secure document
that is presented to the teller by users to obtain cash
reimbursement or deposit the amount to their account.
All voucher paper is inventory controlled by Coinstar,
which employs many patented security features including
barcoding, thermochromatic ink, scalloped perforation
patterning, fluorescent flakes, and inverse value matching.
Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Coin pickup and processing service is fully turnkey.
Timely pickup of your coin is ensured by automatic
notification at each machine when bins are approaching
full status.
Coinstar Back Office Support
Coinstar provides both weekly and monthly accounting
reports that are machine-specific. Both transaction and
machine performance data are available at the unit
whenever needed. Our office support staff settles, via ACH,
directly to the financial institution’s designated account.
Success depends on marketing this new service to your
customers. Our recommended plan (timeline below)
and marketing materials are available to assist financial
institutions in building usage. In addition, Coinstar’s team
is available to help design impactful ways to promote the
Coinstar service within branch locations.
Month 4
Month 6
‘Coming Soon’
Consumer Mktg
Build Consumer
Integration Into Ongoing Branch Mktg Efforts
Month 5
Coinstar Center
Increase Mktg & Awareness Momentum
Coinstar®... Our kiosk is one of the great turnkey
solutions. A platform to boost your bottom line.
Madison Machine Specifications
Footprint Sq. Ft:
Coin Counting
Coin to Stored Value Card reload
Coin to eGift Cards
Coin Charity Donation
Service Program:
2 Bins
$8K+ capacity
Coinstar full service
Parts and maintenance included
Variance management
Accounting reporting
Video advertising display (4C)
65 db rating
Customizable poster
Optional kiosk wrap
Contact Information
Kim Raines (770) 507-1688
Sales (866) 738-4158
Main (800) 928-CASH
[email protected]
1800 114th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98004
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