IN THIS ISSUE The CCA National Conference Returns: Save the Date

CCA Spotlight
The CCA National Conference
Returns: Save the Date
CCA Spotlight
Please mark your calendars to attend
Family Matters: What You and Your
Family Need to Know about Colon
Cancer. Join us in Denver, CO at the
Marriott at City Center June 23-25. Learn
from national experts about:
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Profiles in Courage
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About the CCA
When family members should be screened or receive genetic
How to design a treatment plan (for the newly diagnosed).
Options for those with advanced disease.
Tips for living with colon cancer: legal and employment, financial,
parenting, sex and body image, fertility and pregnancy, living with
an ostomy, and more.
The conference will begin with a welcome reception Thursday evening,
followed by a full day of conference sessions on Friday, and will
culminate in the Denver Undy 5000 on Saturday, June 25.
You are not alone. Make new friends with others like you!
In The News
Screening: Many Skip
Follow-up Tests for Colon
Dr. Oz Cancer Scare,
"Dumb Luck Saved My Life"
Compound Discovered in
Florida Keys Shows Early
Promise as Colon Cancer
Vectibix(R) Phase 3
Studies for Treatment of
Metastatic Colorectal
Registration will open in late January 2011. Registration cost will be
$99 for an individual, $149 for a couple and $199 for a family of four.
Travel and hotel costs not included in registration fee.
New Fund Strikes a Chord with Patients to Help Fight
High Cost of Care
A cancer diagnosis can create financial
demands that many families are simply unable
to meet. The CCA, our Patient Support Team
and Board Member, Charlie Kelley have joined
forces and are proud to announce the creation
of the Blue Note Fund. After a colon cancer
diagnosis at age 40, Kelley was all too aware
of the financial burden that accompanies
cancer. "When you're fighting cancer, the last
thing you want to think about is a bill you can't
pay,” says Kelley. “I knew I needed to find a way to help others who
Cancer Published in the
Journal of Clinical Oncology
Please visit our homepage
for the latest CRC news.
A Special Thanks
The CCA would like to thank
Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,
the manufacturer of pills
used for colonoscopy prep,
for selecting us as a
recipient of their Charity
Challenge Promotion at the
American College of
Gastroenterology’s (ACG)
Annual Scientific Meeting,
taking place Oct. 15-20,
were going through this."
By giving to the Blue Note Fund, you will help a family who might be
struggling to pay the rent, utilities, or even put food on the table.
Sometimes the most important thing a cancer patient needs is a little
hope. You can help us provide hope to patients and their families by
making a donation today.
Thanks for Helping Us Turn
DC Blue
Thank you to everyone who helped the
CCA turn Washington, DC blue the
week of September 26! Together, we
hosted 15 informational and
fundraising events, attended by more
than 2,000 people. Through outreach
including radio, flyers, and even the
airing of the CCA’s Screen My Colon
PSA on Nationals Ballpark’s giant screen, DC Goes Blue reached more
than 20,000 people in Washington, DC! Additionally, Georgetown
Lombardi and Howard University Cancer Center are providing free
colon cancer screening tests for eligible DC residents all year. Learn
more and find out how to set up your screening.
If you would like to help us make next year's event even more
successful, contact us to join our planning committee for 2011.
View photos from DC Goes Blue events and the DC Undy 5000.
Get Involved
You Can Help Us Raise $25,000
to Fight Colon Cancer
Colon cancer starts small, and spreads
through procrastination. That’s why you
need to Find it First. Olympus and the
Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) are joining
forces to encourage at-risk Americans to
commit to being screened for colon cancer.
If you are age 50 or older, have a family
history of colon cancer or have other risk
factors, you should commit to be screened
at For each screening commitment, Olympus will
donate $1 (up to $25,000 total) to the CCA. In addition to making a
commitment to be screened, visitors will also be invited to join Olympus
and the CCA in urging their congressional representatives to support
legislation that ensures all Americans access to life-saving colon
cancer screening.
Make the commitment at, get
screened and tell your friends and loved ones!
Profiles in
In December 2007, at only 35 years old, Arty was
diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer after suffering for 12 years with
ulcerative colitis. After an eight month hiatus to have surgery and
recover, Arty returned to work as a police detective, then began
chemotherapy. In March 2010, Arty received the good news that he
was in remission. Last month, Arty brought 60 fellow police officers
together to raise over $3,000 and participate in the Philadelphia Undy
5000 as team Stolen Colon.
Arty is committed to helping others through their colorectal cancer
journey as a CCA Buddy, "I joined and am very proud to be part of the
CCA's Buddy Program. It is a terrific program that allows me to share
my story and encourage others to fight through their disease and let
them know things can, and will, get better."
Upcoming Events
October 24 - Cincinnati Undy 5000
October 30 - Dallas Undy 5000
October 30 - Phoenix Undy 5000
November 3; 8:00 PM EST - My CRC Connections Chat
Financial Implications of a Cancer Diagnosis
November 13 - Atlanta Undy 5000
November 20 - Boston Conversations about Colorectal Cancer
Please visit our Blue Star Calendar for a listing of all colorectal cancer
events. | (877) 422-2030
The Colon Cancer Alliance is committed to ending the suffering and death caused by colorectal cancer.
The Colon Cancer Alliance, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501( c ) 3 corporation.
Colon Cancer Alliance, Inc., 1025 Vermont Ave., NW, Ste 1066, Washington, DC 20005
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