Raja Ram Mohan Roy Public School Summer Holidays Homework

Raja Ram Mohan Roy Public School
C-8, Sector-8, Rohini, Delhi 110085
Play Class
Summer Holidays Homework (2015-2016)
It’s summer time,
Holidays have begun,
Sleep on time,
And have lots of fun.
Dear Parents,
Summer vacations are meant for fun and full of enjoyment with family and friends. It’s time
for children to play, enjoy, relax and re- energize.
We have planned different activities for children to enrich the learning experience to make
them aware of their surroundings and to enhance their overall development. So before we go
further, here are few guidelines for you.
Suggestions for parents
Make your child to converse in English at home regularly.
Make your child to do his/ her work on his/her own with your help and guidance.
Make your ward to share the things with his/her peer group.
Keep your child engaged with you in managing the small household work.
Health Mania
Pass this message to your child:
“Early to bed Early to rise make a man healthy wealthy and wise.”
 Do exercise like running, jumping, skipping e.t.c in the park or at home.
 Make your child brush his/her teeth twice a day.
Activity : At the end of the holidays, paste the wrapper of toothbrush and
toothpaste, used by your child throughout the holidays, on a A-4 size colored
sheet .Also decorate the sheet.
 Take a small yellow and red color box .Put mango pieces in the yellow box and
water melon in the red box. Tell the child to eat these fruits time to time
during a day. At the end of the holidays paste the pictures of watermelon,
mango and other fruits eaten, on A-4 size colored sheet and decorate it.
Language development
Make your child learn these simple sentences in English.
I am feeling hungry / thirsty.
May I go to play outside?
Please give me a glass of water.
Mama, May I am watch T.V for some time.
I am not feeling well.
I am feeling hot/cold.
Please help me to open/close the box.
 Parents may contact the teacher on 22nd May for getting any doubt
 Submit the holiday homework work on 3rd July, 2015 nicely in a
folder with proper name and class on it.
Activities to
Yellow, Yellow Mango
Juicy Juicy Mango
Click a photograph of your child while eating mango .Paste it on an A-4 size colored sheet and
decorate it.
2. Make a Birthday cap with pastel sheet and decorate it with decorative material (like mirror,
stars e.t.c).
3. Make a beautiful butterfly with your child’s footprints using water colors on an A-4 size
colored sheet. Also decorate the sheet.
4. Coloring Activity
Do the given worksheet on A-4 size colored sheet.
Color the Mango
Finger painting in balloon with red color
Paper tearing in the tree