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Make IT Simple
Solutions For IT Workload Management
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Make IT Simple
Solutions for IT Workload
Ops Central™ is a workload automation framework supports IT /
Business Process Automation. It has
inbuilt Libraries which are tightly
integrated and tested.
Solutions for IT Workload Management
Perpetuuiti introduces OPS-Central™ IT Workload
Management, providing end-to-end Automation solutionsover applications, infrastructure, Database and business
related workloads.
Ops-Central supports Heterogeneous systems from physical to
virtual infrastructure and It helps
automation for Cloud Service
providers for faster deployment of
Apps over cloud / Virtualization
Ops Central Provides Agentless Objects for Automating
Day to Day IT tasks and Events with Ease.
Automation Engine
Ops-Central Solution:
Ops-Central™ Automation Engine
supports multi-layer of automation
through UI Detection, Command
Perpetuuiti Ops-Central manages the complete Automation of applications by providing the means
to easily perform application process
Web forms, Web services Unix
daemons and Job based automation
Ops-Central works across platforms with fully agentless Technology.
Ops-Central supports Logical Workflow wizards to automate the full gamut of IT infrastructure.
Ops-Central inbuilt Infra Objects helps to automate the IT process without any Development Efforts.
Ops-Central Supports Automation of UI / Web and Infrastructure process
Agentless Automation
Ops-Central™ provided agent less
solution for cross platform technology. This helps to make OpsCentral
™ for making faster deployment and
cross compatibility across platform
Ops-Central inbuilt file transfer wizard helps to transfer files across platforms.
Business Challenges:
Improve IT efficiency: Reducing IT costscontinues to be a key requirement for organizations. At
the same time IT is expected to improve service delivery. To be more efficient IT not only needs
to automate routine administrative tasks and processes but also optimize infrastructure
utilization and Manpower.
Real time Business events:
Today's on-demand IT requires realtime information processing. To compete, IT must rethink how
it manages and automate the processes and jobs and move towards automation of workloads to
efficiently manage Business events.
Increase visibility and Centralized Management:
Without a centralized visibility and Management, it's dif?cult to manage multi-platform and
ulti-tier applications and its dependencies. You can't have a visibility of failure and regulatory
Wake Up on Alert
Ops-Central™ wake up on alert using multiple alerting Technologies like Email, SNMP, DB
Ops-Central™ wake up on alert Features help organizations to Enable workflows based on Alert
this can be integrated to Any application which are capable Of generating alerts. These alerts
can be handled by Ops-Central™ as a part of incident management.
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Make IT Simple
Ops-Central ™ Principles for
IT Automation
Technology Solutions for Enterprise
Helps to reduce the cost and
complexity of managing mission
critical business application
workloads across platforms.
Ops-Central™ provides Centralized Dashboard to Monitor / Manage IT operations / Job Management.
Ops-Central™ Integrated with various SNMP tools for alerting mechanism.
Increases IT ef?ciency and allows
staff to focus on higher-value
Ops-Central provides standard / custom reports.
Ops-Central™ inbuilt Job Engine provides parallel threading job processing technology for
optimum utilization of CPU.
Designed to ensure consistent and
reliable service delivery
Ops-Central™ Dynamic Workflow supports automating the IT process with Ease.
Ops-Central™ Virtualization Layer provided Complete automation support for Vmware, HyperV
environments it supports automation from provisioning the system till power on .
Enhances business experience
Ops-Central™ IT provides automation solution even for devices like network switch , Firewall, DNS
servers etc.
“Ops-Central™ Provides Vendor
Neutral Solutions for Enterprise.
We asked 5 accomplished
IT Managers the things they
would've done differently at the
onset of their careers
Ops-Central™ provides wake up on alert this provides flexibility and ease of event management
through application triggers.
Ops Central Dashboard
Make IT Simple
Ops Central Dashboard
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