Header: Austria`s top companies in the field of cycling join forces

Press Release: START of Cycle Competence Austria (Radkompetenz Österreich) 1 June 2015
Header: Austria’s top companies in the field of cycling join forces
Subtitle: New platform „Radkompetenz Österreich“ (Cycle Competence Austria) was
welcomed by minister Rupprechter at the Austrian cycle summit. The goal is to improve
cycling infrastructure and traffic. Next stop: Velo-city conference in Nantes.
Cycle traffic numbers are going up in Austria, more and more kilometres are covered by bicycle
paths. The country is among the top 7 cycle nations in Europe. The new platform “Cycle
Competence Austria” is picking up this positive development and carries it forward.
At the cycling summit 2015 in Klagenfurt the new platform was now officially unveiled and
presented to the public. Andrä Rupprechter, minister for environmental and agricultural affairs
in Austria, welcomed the new initiative: “I am looking forward to working with this new,
competent partner to promote cycling.”
The minister stressed: “Cycling is an important factor in climate protection as it helps save
energy.” He noted the cycle traffic share in Austria, now at 7% and rising, has “a lot of upward
potential”. In its brand new cycle traffic master plan, which was also presented at the summit,
the ministry of environment (BMLFUW) sets the target for 2025 to 13% of bicycle modal share.
The currently 17 members of the platform represent a selection of the best companies in the
fields of planning, consulting, services, production or research Austria has to offer in the cycle
traffic segment. New members are always welcome!
“It is all about energy, commitment, inspiration and quality”, said Alec Hager, spokesperson of
Radlobby Austria and initiator of the platform “Cycle Competence Austria” at the presentation in
Klagenfurt. “Having a joint label and a platform helps the companies in the sector to get recognised
more easily and the country to increase its bicycle traffic quality.”
Michael Szeiler, partner at one of the founding members, Rosinak & Partner, commented: “There
is enough expertise and know how in Austria which needs to be used and carried outside.”
The platform “Cycle Competence Austria” aims to offer the best possible solutions “Made in
Austria” to improve the cycle traffic situation. It also wants to provide a networking tool for
stakeholders all over Europe and transfer knowledge internationally.
The founding members of “Cycle Competence Austria” come from an impressive variety of
backgrounds: In the field of traffic planning there are Rosinak & Partner, komobile Vienna &
Gmunden as well as the engineering office Köll from Tyrol. In the research sector there are the
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, the mobility research company FGM-AMOR from Graz and
HERRY Consult. The segment of storage facilities is covered by two companies with a long
tradition, Innovametall and Ziegler Außenanlagen, as well as the innovative newcomer UUBS –
UniqueUrbanBicycleSolutions. Modern services for improved cycle traffic are coming from the
app programmers Bike Citizens, the e-bike rental company Kaloveo and law firm Pepelnik &
Karl. The new bicycle producers, WOOM with their “better bike for kids” and Vello with their
foldeing bike concept, received particular international attention. The klimaaktiv mobil initiative
by the ministry for quality of life in Austria (BMLFUW) as well as the Austrian cycling lobby
(Radlobby) complete the picture.
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