YouTube Playlists

YouTube Playlists
YouTube playlists are groups of related videos that play after one another in an
order you specify. Playlists are a great way to create content for a flipped
classroom, since students don’t have to navigate to many different YouTube
videos in order to learn about a topic. When creating your own playlists, you can
even use YouTube’s built-in video recorder to add your own introduction to
videos published by other individuals. When finished, you can embed the entire
playlist in your D2L course very easily. Let’s take a look at how it works!
Getting Started
You’re need a Google account to create playlists. If you don’t already have one,
go ahead and head over to this site to set one up -
Click on the create an account for free link to get started.
Create a Playlist
1. Make sure that you’re logged in to your Google/YouTube account. Use the
search box to locate a video you’s like to add to a new playlist.
2. Click on the Add to button under the video. Type a name for the playlist in
the text field and click the Create playlist button.
3. Find another video using the search tool. To add the new video to an existing
playlist, click on the Add to button and choose the playlist from the list of
available items as shown in the image below:
4. Repeat the above process to add as many videos to the playlist as you’d like.
Edit a Playlist
You can visit the Edit Playlist page to change the order of videos in a playlist,
insert your own introductions, or remove videos all together. To get started,
either navigate to or click on your
name in the navigation area, then choose Video Manager | Playlists. Click the
Edit button for the playlist you’d like to edit.
Change the order of videos by hovering over the left part of the row and
clicking and dragging the video to a new location.
Delete videos from the playlist by checking the box for the videos you’d like to
remove and choosing the Remove videos from playlist option in the Actions
drop-down list.
Add your own video or text introduction to videos by hovering over a video
thumbnail and clicking the Introduction option. If you plan on recording
video in the browser, you’ll need to give Flash permission to access your
computer’s camera and microphone. Click the Start Recording button when
you’re ready to begin.
Embedding a Playlist
You can embed a playlist in your D2L course as easily as you can embed a single
1. In YouTube, access your Playlists in the Video Manager. Then, click on the
title of the playlist you want to add to your D2L course.
2. Click on the Share button and copy the URL form the text field that
3. Access your D2L course and navigate to the Content tool.
4. Click on the New Topic button and select the Create New File option.
5. Choose a module in which to place the topic and provide a title.
6. Click on the Insert Stuff icon in the HTML editor.
7. Click on the Insert Link option in the left column of the dialog box. Then,
paste the address you copied from YouTube in the URL text field in the
main content area.
8. Click Next. Then, click Insert.
9. Save your topic when finished!