car2go Seattle Parking Rules and FAQs

car2go Seattle Parking Rules and FAQs
What is “legal on-street” parking?
Any street parking space within our home area that is for two hours or more and
does not become restricted for other uses at certain times such as valet zone,
weekday tow away zone, loading zone, handicap space, etc.
Do I have to pay for Metered Parking?
No, provided you are parking at any legal two hour or more on-street parking space
within our home area.
Can I park in a Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) ?
Yes, provided it is at a space compliant with all other car2go parking rules and
Can I leave my car anywhere in a Parking Garage?
You may not end your trip in a Parking Garage, but you can enter Stop Over mode
and keep the vehicle if you’re planning on returning to your car. You be responsible
for any parking fees.
What is “Private Parking?”
Private Parking spaces are parking spaces reserved for individuals or businesses. If
you cannot park there in your personal vehicle, please do not park your car2go there
Can I end my trip in a designated car sharing space?
No, designated car sharing spaces are reserved for other car share companies that
require dedicated parking spaces.
Can I end my trip in a public park’s parking lot?
No, public parks have restricted hours that prohibit parking overnight. Please end
your trip at any legal on-street parking space.
Are there any restrictions for “Event Parking?”
Yes, you can only park at designated spaces for events if you do not end your trip,
enter stopover mode, and intend on returning to the vehicle. You will be responsible
for any parking fees.
Can I end my trip in a rush hour lane or Bus only lane provided it is during off
hours? On a weekend, for example?
No, as we cannot guarantee that another member will use that vehicle before the
lane becomes a rush hour lane or Bus only lane.
What happens if I park a car2go in a parking space that is not approved and
receive a parking ticket?
Members are responsible for any tickets, parking fines, towing or storage fees
assessed during their trip or after they have completed their trip as a result of being
improperly or illegally parked.
Do I have to pay for Toll fees?
Members are responsible for toll fees assessed during their trip. Toll fees will be
charged directly to their account. Members can use a Good to Go pass to pay toll
fees directly.
What are free minutes and how long are they valid for?
Occasionally, free car2go drive time, or minutes, can be added to your account and
credited toward the cost of a trip. Unless otherwise noted, these minutes are valid for
up to 45 days after they are credited to your account. To check the expiration of your
minutes, please log in to your account at