Data Migration Services

Data Migration Services
Independence, Expertise, Results Driven
Quick Link believes in Power of Connection. Our ability to deliver results is driven by a
thorough understanding of our clients’ business drivers. We are fully aware our clients’
success is based on how well the underlying IT systems function and how well the
systems comply with business requirements, quality objectives, and project goals.
Our consultants have between 5 and
over 30 years experience in delivering IT
systems to the Financial Services
Industry. This encompasses many Data
Migration exercises involving the
leading Banking Systems from suppliers
including Temenos, Oracle & Misys.
Our Credentials
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Industry wide expertise across the supplier landscape
We believe that the Data Migration
exercise in any project should be
supportive of the overall aims of the
project and provide real benefits to
the project as a whole. As part of our
methodology we go beyond the
normal ETL process. Our methodology
brings real additional benefits to an FI
by supporting a Delta Migration
Capability, Full change control during
the test migrations, De-Duplication of
Data during the migration, support for
ancillary systems like document
management, support for inflight
transactions, as well as the standard
ETL capabilities at the core of any DM
Our Methodology
Key Principles
Our methodology is based on a few key principles.
Delta Migration Capability - This significantly reduces
the time criticality of the DM process on both test
migrations and also at cutover. Traditionally a live cutover is
time critical and a large proportion is taken up by the
actual data migration itself. Our Delta capability reduces
this to the bare minimum by spreading the majority of the
DM exercise over several weeks prior to go live.
Change Control – it is important that the DM process is
fully aligned with changes occurring in the main project.
Our methodology ensures that Change is managed both
within the DM process itself and also in line with Change
Control in the wider project.
In-Flight Event Handling – our methodology supports
the processing of in flight events (usually but not limited to
financial transactions like Credit and Debit card
Migration of ancillary systems – during any complex
project there will usually be a range of ancillary systems to
be managed as part of the DM exercise. Our methodology
fully supports and manages this concept.
Phased DM Capability Release – we believe that the
DM stream within a project should be used to support the
project from the outset. This will enable the project as a
whole to benefit from using live data (suitably sanitized) as
early as possible in the project. The outputs from the DM
stream can be used to provide refreshed data to all testing
Working as part of the FI’s project team our consultants
can bring expertise both at the management and
execution levels.
Our methodology produces key artifacts within the
project to facilitate a smooth DM exercise and provide
a clear and auditable trail of all activities.
DM Strategy
ETL Database
Mapping Spreadsheets
Execution Run Books
Reconciliation Run Book
Staging Database Design
Basic Data Loads
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