GTSA Scholarship Information

Grace Towers Scholarship for the Arts $1000
The Queens of the Castro invite you to apply for The Grace
Towers Scholarship for the Arts. In an effort to recognize and support your
artistic and professional development as an artist, recipients will receive
$1000 scholarship for post-secondary opportunities in all disciplines of the
arts. (Theater, Dance, Music, Performance, Visual, etc)
We are seeking applicants who identify as members of the LGBTQI
community. This means, at some point in your high school career, you
should have demonstrated a commitment to raising awareness about
LGBTQI issues, combating homophobia and/or bullying or educating your
community about similar topics.
Where: All high school seniors in California may apply.
Winners will be invited
to an award ceremony in San Francisco.
Applications are due May 15, 2014.
You deserve free money for all your hard work!
Mission Statement
The Queens of the Castro is a group of three, gay male drag queens—Darla Gayle, Honda Hybrid, and Jenna
Talia—that raise awareness about the differences between gender and sexuality in San Francisco. In particular, we
work closely with San Francisco youth by organizing and implementing drag shows in various high schools across
the city. In response to the recent teen suicides and the “It gets better” movement, we have decided to extend our
influence by raising money for Gay Straight Alliances with fundraising events, increasing our presence on high
school campuses and galvanizing the LGBTQ youth to counter bullying and promote love—not mere tolerance—of
all human being regardless of their sexuality and gender, real or perceived. At the core of our work is the belief that
everyone should know how to love themselves and should never have to hide their identity. We can no longer
afford to turn a blind eye to the debilitating effects of dehumanization!