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Quail Creek Connection
Newsletter for Quail Creek Property Owners’ Association
Our pool will open on
Saturday, May 23rd.
Chairman Scott Menzel
would greatly appreciate
assistance on May 16th at
9:00 a.m. in getting the
pool and pavilion ready
for the season. Lifeguards
are still needed; the application is online at Please
review the pool and recreational facility rules, which are enforced to
ensure safety. The rules are in the Directory and online. Do not bring pool
items that have been in lake water to prevent algae build-up. Lastly,
residents interested in having a pool party must complete a contract to
reserve a date. Contract and calendar is available at
Davis Concrete Contractors completed reconstruction of our fountain.
Thank you to John Barber,
Barber Board President and Chairman of the Grounds
Committee, for managing the project. Residents can expect the fountain
to be flowing again very soon.
Flowerbed Committee co-chairs, Donna Howerton and Gaye Lee,
Lee will
contract with Cliff Stutz, owner of Stutz Outdoor Service, to maintain
about 15 common area flowerbeds. Quail Creek is known for beautiful
flowerbeds, a reputation made possible by dedicated volunteers. Cliff’s
services will be a good complement to volunteers’ efforts.
Republic Services noticed yard waste in trash containers. Please refrain
from doing this. Residents should contact Republic Services directly at
(417) 865-1717 for information on Yard Waste and/or Recycling.
IMPORTANT: Participating homeowners
must make their own arrangements for
donation or pick-up of remaining items.
Unlike previous garage sales, there will be
no curbside pick-up by a charitable
organization. Also, with the anticipated
increase in traffic, please drive carefully
and watch for pedestrians.
April 2015
Many thanks to Gaye Lee,
who resigned as Directory and
Newsletter chair in March. For
many years, she helped Quail
Creek be a friendly and wellinformed neighborhood. Gaye
remains co-chair of the
Flowerbed Committee.
The Board thanks residents for
adhering to covenants. With
warm weather finally here,
residents are maintaining
lawns and walking our
sidewalks. Some reminders:
Trash containers should
be promptly stored after
collection. Do not overfill
with loose trash that can
get blown away.
Pets should be supervised
and on a leash. Clean up
after your pets (bag it!).
Thanks for respecting each
other’s properties and keeping
Quail Creek pristine.
The next board meeting is on
Tuesday, May 19th at 7:00 p.m.
at the Samuels residence (4462
S. Quail Creek).
Sincere condolences to family
and friends of Sandy Peterson
(4636 S. Turnberry), who
passed away April 1st. Services
will be at Central Christian
Church on May 23rd at 3 p.m.