Eoxolit - Commercial sheet v3

The air you breathe, our
Air purification
Water purification
Soil purification
Eoxolit’s unique
- Eoxolit works with UVlight as well as with
visible light
- Eoxolit doesn’t destroy
organic matrices such as
f.e. paint
What is Eoxolit?
Eoxolit is a novel composite photocatalyst with unique binder system components.
Eoxolit creates chemical reactions that remove pollutants from your environment.
Surfaces are self-cleaned and sterilized, mildew and mold prevented. A healthy
and clean world, for you!
How does Eoxolit work?
Plants use light for photosynthesis in nature. Eoxolit does the same for manmade surfaces.
Surfaces applied with Eoxolit use the power of sunlight and/or visible light* to initiate a
reaction between oxygen and the presence of our specially formulated catalyst at the surface.
This chemical reaction reduces all type of pollutants present in the air to less pollutant
components thus improving the air around us. *Possibility of using visible light is an important
and unique breakthrough in the field of photocatalysis.
Cleanse the air
Eoxolit improves air quality and
eliminates odors.
Eoxolit reduces pollutants present in
the air:
- Outside pollutants such as VOC’s
(Volatile Organic Compound) and Nox
(Nitrogen Oxides) which are responsible
for Smog and Ozone formation.
- Indoor pollutants which are
responsible for Sick Building Syndrome.
Reduced growth of
algae and fungi
Eoxolit’s disinfection
effect creates an
unstable environment
for bacterial growth.
Eoxolit causes selfcleaning of surfaces.
Easy to clean
Eoxolit decomposes
pollutants attached to
the surface such as soot,
graffiti, etc.
Surfaces treated with
Eoxolit decomposes organic Eoxolit are hydrophilic,
compounds and microbial attracting water.
Eoxolit enhances the
This effect protects surfaces
against the growth of micro
organisms such as algae, fungi,
mold and mildew.
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B-1050 Brussels
hydrophilic effect. Water
droplets spread to form a
thin layer under dirt
particles, lifting them off
the surface. The dirt is
easily removed by simple
cleaning on interior
surfaces, without the use of
harmful chemicals, and by
rainwater on exterior
Marker visible
After 4 months
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