Dota 2 Rules and Regulations

Dota 2
Rules and Regulations
1. General
The IRC channel <#TG.Dota2> shall be used under the whole competition (ask an
admin if you don’t know how to use IRC)
All the participants must be present at The Gathering in order to compete in the
tournament, and must have a valid The Gathering ticket.
Admins and judges have the right to change the ruleset at any given time without
notice to the participants.
Admins have to be notified straight away if a problem occurs.
All the participating teams are responsible for their own matches, finding their
opponents and starting the game. If anything should be out of order, please contact
an admin straight away.
Official judges for the contest:
○ Cato “Lions|Madquist” Johannessen
2. Tournament format
2.1 Group play
● Bo2 (Best of 2) will be played during the group play.
2.2 Playoffs
● Upper bracket will be played in the format Bo3.
● Lower bracket will be played in the format Bo3.
● The finals will be played in the format Bo3. (None of the teams will have any
advantages entering the finals - both teams are equal.)
● The playoffs will be played in Double Elimination format.
3. Teams
3.1 The team can consist of 7 players in total: 5 players and 2 stand-ins. All the 7 participants
in the team must be signed up for the contest before it starts, and be present at The
Gathering with a valid ticket.
3.2 All the teams must choose a captain. This person will be solely responsible for
communication with the admins and judges during the tournament.
3.3 A player can not play for, or sign up for more than one team in the tournament.
4. Match times
4.1 The team and its players are responsible for when their matches are being played (if any
problems occur with the opposing team, please contact an admin straight away).
4.2 To see when and against who your team is to play, you can do one of the following:
● Time schedule (located at The Gathering homepage, /tg13/no/)
● Contact an admin at the Game desk or on IRC.
4.3 Be aware of changes in the schedule. Keep yourself updated by visiting the time schedule
as often as you can.
5. Before the game
5.1 The team must be ready to play at least 10 minutes before the match starts. Exceptions
may occur if the opposing team is still in an ongoing match. If so, the match must be started
as soon as the given team is ready.
5.2 Sides and First pick
5.2.1 The teams must decide among themselves which team is to pick a side. The team that
does not pick a side can choose which team begins the picking phase or whether to use
random selection.
5.2.2 If the two teams can’t decide on who will choose sides etc, a coin toss is allowed, but in
such cases an Admin must be contacted to do the toss.
5.2.3 During the second round of a Bo3, it will be the opposite of what was decided in round
5.2.4 In the third round of a Bo3, the sides and first pick will be decided by an admin with a
coin toss.
5.3 Game settings
● Version: Tournament
● Series type: Best of 3
● Server location: Stockholm
● Game mode: Captains Mode
● Starting team: See 5.2 above.
● Spectators: Enabled
● Penalty: None (see 7)
6. During the match
6.1 If a team needs to pause the game, the opposing team shall be notified before the pause
is initiated. (Exception: If a player is disconnected, no notification is required). A team can
only pause the match by a total of 10 minutes. If a team needs to pause the game for more
than 10 minutes, an Admin must be contacted immediately.
6.2 Spam and bad manners are not tolerated in the chat.
6.3 Once a team has signed up for the tournament, changing nicknames and clan tags is
strictly forbidden. If this rule is broken, any penalty from 8.1 may be used.
6.4 If a team are to forfeit the match, GG or similar expression must be used before the team
then disconnects from the server.
7. After the match
7.1 After the match has ended the Captains of both teams must report the result to the
8. Penalties
8.1 Different penalties that may be used during the tournament:
● Penalties handled in-game
○ Penalty level 1: Not ready for the match start according to the schedule.
○ Penalty level 2: 5 minutes over time.
○ Penalty level 3: 10 minutes over time.
■ Exceptions may occur if a team is in a previous match, or if an Admin is
contacted and have approved the matter.
■ Admins must be contacted if a team is not ready at the given time
according to schedule, and will deliver penalties hereinafter.
Penalties handled outside the game:
○ Walkover
○ Disqualified teams
○ Disqualified player
8.2 Please note that an Admin can change the penalties and the penalty levels without given
notice. The teams are responsible for keeping themselves updated on the tournament rules,
and we encourage every team to check for changes as often as they can.