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Famous Names LLC
Lumos™ has you Covered, from Top to Bottom!
Jim Nordstrom, co-founder of CND and business partner of
Sam & Sam Sweet at Sweet Squared, has developed a new
company, Famous Names LLC, with his inspirational wife
Linda and together they bring you two new revolutionary
Lumos™ treatments are supported by the unique expertise of CND veterans, Jim
& Linda, and have been developed specifically to enable nail professionals to offer
beautifully finished nails that have a brilliant long lasting shine.
Lumos™ treatments utilize the most up-to-date chemical technology, which
means that they dry fast, in only 10-12 minutes. Lumos products can be used to
the last drop!
“We are confident that nail
professionals will love these
two amazing new additions to
the market. We have seen no
new technology in either top
or bottom coat for a long time.
This is going to blow the
socks off the competition.”
Lumos™ treatments have already shipped to Australia and The UK. We are just
getting Lumos™ into the hands of US nail professionals.
High Speed Top Coat
FB1010 ½ oz. FB1020 2.4 oz. FB1100 12-pack 1/8 oz. Instant Impact Bottom Coat
FB2010 ½ oz. FB2020 2.4 oz. FB2100 12-pack 1/8 oz. Duo Pack 74
(0.5 oz Base Coat & Top Coat): Purple beauty supplies
Prices subject to change without notice.
We, as nail professionals are always trying to perfect our
techniques, whether it is with sculpting, applying gel or even the
basic polish application.
Here are some suggestions on how to help your polish glide on
perfectly and last longer.
Always start with a clean dry nail.
Apply a (GENEROUS) coat of LUMOS™ Instant Impact Bottom Coat; make sure that
you String (cap) the free edge. The Bottom Coat dries almost instantly and you can
immediately apply your color.
When applying any nail polish make sure that you String (cap) the product over the
free edge. This technique is important to create a long lasting manicure.
Apply your first coat of color leaving a space around the cuticle area, making sure to
String (cap) the color across the free edge. Once you have finished your first coat of
color you will see it starting to already dry into the Bottom Coat layer.
Repeat with another color coat (optional).
Finish by applying a GENEROUS coat of LUMOS™ High Speed Top Coat. When
applying your Top Coat make sure that you have a Full Brush of product, and then
glide the Top Coat over the nail and String (cap) along the free edge.
Your polish application will be dry in 10-12 minutes!!! There is no need for an air
dryer. Have your customer use a coat of Lumos every few days for a longer lasting
Lumos will last till the end of the bottle!!!!
Purple beauty supplies
Prices subject to change without notice.
FB30200 Remover Wraps 200 Pack Fast, Easy and Economical Foil Remover Wraps remove all types of nail enhancements and supply
the correct amount of pressure to speed the removal process. Aectone used can be reduced by
50%! Use with Vamoos Lite Self Adhesive Remover Pads (Sold Separately).
These easy to use foil wraps have a seam for easy placement just above the cuticle. We
recommend using Vamoos Lite Self Adhesive Pads. Use with acetone or your favorite remover. On
average, removal should take 12-30 minutes depending on the enhancement being used.
FB30210 Remover Pads 200 Pack Fast, Easy and Economical Self-Adhesive Remover Pads remove all types of nail enhancements
and supply the correct amount of pressure to speed the removal process. Acetone use can be
reduced by up to 50%! Use with Vamoos Lite Remover Wraps (Sold Separately).
Dadi’Oil Nail Treatment Oil
Dadi’ Oil is a nail treatment oil designed to deliver flexibility, toughness, and shine to the natural
nail, nail enhancement and the skin! Dadi’ Oil penetrates quickly and is completely non-greasy.
We combine three certified organic oils (certified organic is a high level of achievement by
farmers who utilize water conservation and renewable techniques; use no synthetic fertilizers or
pesticides). Avocado, Olive and Jojoba oils combine to plasticize, moisturize, and soften. We add
Natural Vitamin E (not synthetic tocopheryl acetate) which is a powerful anti-oxident. Our blend of
21 essential oils produce a smell good enough to eat!
What Makes Dadi’Oil the best!
Dadi’Oil is 95% Certified Organic. The 4 main ingredients are High-Purity Avocado Oil, which
contain high levels of Vitamins A and D which produces great moisturizing qualities. Extra Virgin
Olive Oil, contains Squalene, which is a natural softening agent and Oleocanthal, which has antiinflammatory properties. Jojoba Oil helps with the penetration. Natural Vitamin E is a powerful
The fragrance is made up of 21 essential oils, some of those being Citrus, Vanilla, Limon,
Bergamot, Rosemary, Lemongrass and Lavender.
Dadi’Oil was created by Jim Nordstrom, the original formulator of SolarOil. Dadi’Oil penetrates
quickly and deeply, enhances flexibility and prevents nail brittleness.
FB3100 ½ oz. FB3102 2.4 oz. with dropper FB3104 24 pack 1/8 oz. Purple beauty supplies
Prices subject to change without notice.