Premium Crab Cakes

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Premium Crab Cakes
Generous lump crab meat, traditional treats
Handy’s Premium Crab Cakes feature generous lumps of sweet fresh crab meat, spices and seasonings for a
traditional Maryland-style treat. All Handy crab cakes are gently hand-formed for a true homemade experience.
• Made with fresh crab meat from steamed crabs
• Fresh crab meat is black light inspected
• Handmade
• Portion control
• Cryogenically frozen
• All natural ingredients
• Ready to Cook
• Meat has better texture and flavor
• Shell fragments are virtually non-existent
• Back-of-the-house appearance
• Consistent plate coverage and predictable food cost
• Better texture, appearance and fresh flavor
• No preservatives for better flavor
• No preparation required
Menu Inspirations
Serve Handy’s Premium Crab Cakes
with the salad of your choice, various
salsas or sauces, fruit and vegetable
slaws, grilled asparagus or zucchini.
Cooking Methods
Pack Sizes Available
4 oz. (2 x 12 ct.)
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