AR Intelligence Data Sheet

ZirMed Claims and A/R Management Solution
ZirMed® A/R Intelligence
ZirMed A/R
Intelligence helps you
identify patients’ unknown insurance coverages so you can attempt
to recoup revenue by filing claims for previously
rendered services.
Why Use
A/R Intelligence?
For various reasons, you
may not always know
a patient’s insurance
coverage at the time of
service. Don’t let your
days in A/R and bad debt
increase when you could
be billing a responsible
ow there’s a fast, easy way to start tackling
Client Data Requirements
your accounts receivable ledger—even
Your requirements to use the service are simple.
if it’s getting bigger all the time. While some
A minimum of 1,000 records processed once a
accounts will always be a challenge to collect,
month by ZirMed need to include the following
some simply result from not being aware of a
data fields in our standard template:
patient’s insurance coverage—or not knowing
that a Medicaid application filed at the time of
service was confirmed, because the notification
was sent to the patient and not to you.
ZirMed A/R Intelligence analyzes your accounts
receivables for overlooked patient insurance
coverage—then tells you the information you
need to file the patient’s claim with the carrier.
• Provider name
• Admit/discharge date (or date of service)
• First and last name
• Gender
• Date of birth
• Encounter (patient/account record) number
• Social Security Number
• Tax ID
A/R Intelligence Working For You
Financial Intelligence
ZirMed has developed proprietary financial intelligence based on a decade and a half of data
from physicians, specialty groups, ancillaries,
hospitals, health systems, payers, and more.
Our A/R Intelligence service uses this data to
locate insurance information that can help you
collect payments owed to you. With an average
hit rate of ten percent, clients have been able to
recover millions of dollars from payers. While we
can’t promise that every bit of coverage will be
found, it’s amazing how much coverage it typically does find—and how often it can help cut
back a bloated A/R ledger while improving your
revenue and cash flow.
Ease of Implementation
As a cloud-based service, A/R Intelligence
requires no software installation or hardware
upgrades. We help you run a test file, and assign you to a dedicated project manager who
can answer any questions you have during
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