Since our first appearance in Laramie, the

Since our first appearance in Laramie, the
members of Angel Action have been asked
many times for information on how to stage
similar peaceful demonstrations.
We provide you with the following
information with the desire that other people
worldwide will take up our philosophy of
peace in their demonstrations.
Building the Costumes:
The Framework:
For the frames of each costume you will need twelve feet of 1/2"
white PVC pipe and the following fittings:
2 couplers angled at 45 degrees.
1 T-coupler
2 T-couplers, with threding on the joint at the bottom of the T
4 couplers angled at 90 degrees.
2 threaded pipe ends (one end smooth female end and the other
threaded male end)
The Covering:
Use two standard sized flat (not fitted) sheets. The first is split down
the middle (the long way) and draped over the wings. Cut a hole in
the middle and drape it over the head of the angel and their body.
Gather extra cloth with safety pins so that it does not drag and get
dirty. In keeping with the spirit of the angels, please don't decorate
the costumes with words or slogans. The who point is to send a
message with the image, not with
words or slogans. Questions? Email an Angel.