Set-Up — Unfold table cape and place on top of workspace.... polishes, tool caddy, droppers-caps, filtered water, paper towel, and design

Thank you for purchasing this one-of-a-kind DIY nail art kit. Now you can create
eye-catching salon quailty nail art designs at home. This kit has the tools you need
to create beautiful water-marble nail art for everyday wear and special occasions.
Find in your kit: 3 nail polishes, 3 *practice nail-sticks, tool caddy, 3 dropper-caps,
reusable design bowl, spatula, dropper cleaning swab, etching tool, table cape,
filtered water, paper towel, and this instruction sheet. The three easy to follow steps
to this technique are Drop, Design, and Dip. (*In the text below, “practice nail-stick” maybe
refered to as “nail” and illustrated as a fingernail.)
Set-Up — Unfold table cape and place on top of workspace. Place nail
polishes, tool caddy, droppers-caps, filtered water, paper towel, and design
bowl on top of table cape. Prod the practice nail-sticks into the side of
the tool caddy. Put the spatula, cleaning swab, and etching tool inside the
center hole of the tool caddy. Do not prod the etching tool into the tool caddy.
Pour filtered water into design bowl three-quarters full. Set the nail
polishes in the order of your desired pattern (for example, red, white, blue
or blue, red, white). Remove brush-caps from bottles of polish and replace
with droppers-caps. Each polish must have its own dropper-cap. Set
brushes aside, but do not discard. Squeeze and release the bulb of the
dropper to collect polish into the glass pipette.
Step 3: DIP
Step 1: DROP
Drop polish into the center of the
design bowl onto the water’s
surface. Alternate drops of each
polish to create a target-like layer
(also known as a “bull’s-eye”).
Repeat this step until there are a
minimum of three sets of rings (i.e., if
you are using three polishes, the minimum
number of rings would be nine). Allow each
drop of polish to begin to spread on the
water’s surface as you add subsequent
Look at your pattern and determine what part you like and
want to capture. Position the nail over this area and lower it
into the water (E); take care not to allow it to touch the
bottom or the sides of the bowl. Scoop away all remaining
polish from the water’s surface with the
spatula (F). Do not remove the nail from
(E) the bowl until all excess polish is
Submerged the tip of the etching
tool into the center ring and
gently drag it to the side of the
bowl (A). Wipe off polish that
may have collected on the
etching tool, onto the paper
towel. (Do this after each stroke.)
Create another stroke by dragging
the etching tool in the other direction
to the opposite side of the bowl as shown
Vola! You did it!
Clean-Up — Store polish
by replacing the brush-caps
with dropper-caps. Clean used capdroppers with cleaning swab dipped into nail
polish remover. Discard table cape if stained or
wet. Discard water. Store your tools. COMBUSTIBLE: Do not use or store near heat or open flame.
Create another set of stroke lines that
cross the first pattern, starting at the
bottom (C). Position the etching tool on the
right side of the rings, then submerge the tip
and drag polish to the left side of the bowl. Repeat
this step dragging the tool from left-to-right, then, right-toleft. Repeat until you get to the top (D).
Slowly remove the nail from the water.
Wipe away any remaining polish from
the spatula and etching tool onto the
paper towel.
Try these designs. For more tips
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