Focal Pointe

Focal Pointe
6395 Castle Gate Boulevard • Boynton Beach, Florida 33437
Clubhouse Grand
Opening Celebration Saturday, April 12 at 5 p.m.
GL Homes Cordially Invites You to Be
Our Guest for One Very Special Evening
Celebrating the Grand Opening of Your
Valencia Pointe Clubhouse...
An Evening with
Saturday, April 5, 2008
Joy Behar, one of today’s leading comedic
talents, will perform two shows exclusively
for you and your neighbors on the Valencia
Pointe Social Hall stage! Your evening will
begin with trolley transportation to the
Clubhouse. Upon arrival at the club, you
will enjoy a delightful cocktail reception.
Then, you will be entertained and will
laugh the night away with the wit and
humor of Joy Behar. Watch your mailbox,
the HOA website and the community
channel for more details coming soon!
Joy Behar is currently one of the co-hosts
of ABC’s Daytime Emmy Award Winning
show The View, which is broadcast live,
weekdays from New York City. She has
received 10 consecutive Daytime Emmy
Award nominations for Outstanding Talk
Show Host. Joy is never afraid to share her
no-holds-barred opinions on relevant,
everyday issues and politics.
Whether she’s performing
tandup comedy
orr interviewing
oliticians and artists,
oy is a comedic
riginal and a
eading woman
oth on stage
nd screen.
Visit for Joy’s full bio.
i l Hall
$5 per person
Come mix and mingle with your neighbors at
our Meet & Greet Wine & Cheese Night on Sat.,
April 12 at 5 p.m. in the Social Hall. Wine,
fruit, cheese and crackers, and non-alcoholic
beverages will be served. Please make your
checks payable to Valencia Pointe HOA.
You are welcome to bring guests.
The event is $5 per person and
reservations for this event are
required. Sign up at the Box
Office by April 9. If you do
not RSVP by this date,
we will not accept
walk-ins that night.
Sunday, April 13 at 7 p.m.
Social Hall
$12 per person
Let’s all have some BINGO fun on
Sun., April 13 at 7 p.m. in the Social
Hall. Your Lifestyle Staff will be
running this event and we hope you
go home with lots of money! Cards
are available for purchase at $12 per
person for 6 games and $20 for 12.
We ask that you pay for your cards
ahead of time but you can pay that
evening. 50/50 tickets will be sold
that night for a cash prize. Whole
card Bingo cards will be sold as well
for an even bigger payout!!! The cost
for those cards are $1 for 1 or $2 for
3. Please bring your own daubers
if you have them. Daubers will be
for sale for $1 each. Cards will be
distributed the night of the event.
Guests are welcome. RSVP at the Box
Office and make checks payable to
Valencia Pointe HOA. Beverages and
light snacks will be provided. Hope to
see you there!
We hope you have been enjoying your beautiful new clubhouse! Please note that if you
have not done so already, you need to pick up your clubhouse access keys at the Box
Office. This will allow you access to the pool gate doors, the gym and the locker rooms.
We are also excited to announce that Flakowitz is now running your café. Their hours
are 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily. Please note that the café is cash only. We have so many
exciting activities planned this month including our exciting Grand Opening Event
with Joy Behar, a Wine & Cheese Meet & Greet, Jackpot BINGO, Movies and a Beach
Party. Please RSVP accordingly. Our clubs are growing and we are always welcoming
new ideas. Please pay attention to those clubs that need chairs and let us know if you
are interested. The staff at the Lifestyle Office is here to help you take advantage of all
that goes on in this community!
Jennifer Fowler Social Director ~ GL Homes
Tennis Clinics
Come improve your tennis game with one or all of our different
tennis clinics! All clinics are being offered weekly. The cost is $15
per person with a maximum of 6 people per clinic. There is a
24-hour cancellation policy. The pro can also string your racquet
with new synthetic gut, put on a new high tech grip, and sell you
tennis balls — all at a great low price! Please call Paul Cranis to
sign up for any or all of these great offerings at 561-573-5666!
Stroke of the Week – Every Thursday at 9 a.m.
Doubles Strategy – Every Saturday at 9 a.m.
Tennis Lessons
Lessons are a great way to get back into tennis or to improve your
game! Private and group lessons are offered at very affordable
rates. Please call Paul Cranis for a lesson today at 561-573-5666.
1-hour of private lessons – $60
30-minutes of private lessons – $35
Group of 4 – $15 per person
Group of 6 – $10 per person
During the months of May through September, the morning
hours can be uncomfortably hot and humid, playing tennis.
For this reason I am planning to offer private instruction, clinics
and programs during the evening hours and in some cases
under the lights. If playing tennis during the evening hours is
of interest you, I encourage you to please contact me with your
interest. That way I can plan and prepare, appropriately.
~ Paul Cranis, Tennis Professional.
Sony/Ericsson Open
Tennis 1-2-3 –
The “Real Tennis” Beginners Course
If you truly want to learn how to play tennis, this
program’s for you! It takes into account whether you
have never played before or haven’t played in years.
In some cases it even allows a somewhat experienced
player to become better. The program consists of nine
hours of instruction spread over three weeks, playing 1
½ hours each session, two days a week. The clinic will
be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00 – 9:30 a.m.
starting on April 7 and will end on April 23. Developed
and sponsored by the United States Tennis Association
(U.S.T.A.), it guarantees you will learn all the basic
strokes and some of the strategies of tennis. The price
is $125. That’s less than $14 per session! Make-up
classes will be available should you miss a class. We can
only take 16 people so if you are interested, call today!
Call Paul Cranis at 573-5666. Upon completion of this
course, in most cases, players would go from a U.S.T.A.
skill level of 0 to 2.5! Should any session be missed,
make up sessions will be available. We encourage you
to come out and learn how to play tennis the Right Way!
Ask your fellow homeowners who have taken the course,
how successful they are at playing tennis now!
Lang Management would like to remind all residents
to turn off the tennis court lights after you have
finished playing. Thank you for your cooperation.
Tennis Tournament
Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at 9 a.m. • Key Biscayne - $60 per person
Join us for the 24th Sony Ericsson Open on Tuesday, April 1 to see some of the world’s best men’s and
women’s tennis players competing for one of the most prestigious titles in tennis. The action will include
the Men’s Singles 4th Round, Women’s Singles Quarterfinals and Doubles 2nd round. Don’t miss a minute
of the action! Secure your seats today to see the world’s best players battle on the purple courts for the
coveted Waterford trophy. Bus transportation will be provided. Reserve your seats at the Box Office. Tickets
are going fast!
Wednesday, April 9 at 3 p.m.
Social Hall – $1 per person
The Social Hall has been reserved
for those who wish to see the
movie The Departed, starring
Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon,
Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg.
The Departed is set in South Boston,
where the state police force is waging war on organized crime.
Young undercover cop Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio)
is assigned to infiltrate the mob syndicate run by gangland
chief Costello (Jack Nicholson). While Billy is quickly gaining
Costello’s confidence, Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon), a hardened
young criminal who has infiltrated the police department as
an informer for the syndicate, is rising to a position of power
in the Special Investigation Unit. Each man becomes deeply
consumed by his double life, gathering information about the
plans and counter-plans of the operations he has penetrated.
But when it becomes clear to both the gangsters and the police
that there’s a mole in their midst, Billy and Colin are suddenly
in danger of being caught and exposed to the enemy — and
each must race to uncover the identity of the other man in time
to save himself. Please reserve your seat for the movie at the
Box Office. Checks should be made payable to Valencia Pointe
HOA. Cash is accepted as always and guests are welcome!
Walk to Defeat ALS
Saturday, April 19 at 4:30 p.m.
Roger Dean Stadium
ALS, commonly known as Lou
Gehrig’s Disease, is a progressive
neurogenerative disease which
causes motor neurons in the
brain and spinal cord to die off, causing muscles to
waste away, gradually diminishing the patient’s ability
to control muscles to be able to move. There is no cure
and living with the disease causes enormous strain to
patients, family and caregivers alike. Research is our
only hope to finding the cause and the cure for such a
devastating disease. The ALS Association is pivotal in
the efforts to support research funding and The Walk
to Defeat ALS is its most important fund-raising event
to support patient care and cutting-edge research. We
would like to encourage fellow Valencia Pointe residents
to take part in the Jupiter Walk To Defeat ALS on April 19
at the Roger Dean Stadium. You can participate in the
walks, help as a volunteer or simply donate money to
raise funds for this very worthy cause.
You can contact your neighbor Rosalind Roystone
at 733-7972 or log onto and click on
the WALK logo. Thank you for joining us in the Walk to
Defeat ALS. You can also call 888-257-1717, ext. 121 for
more information.
Friday, April 25 at 7:30 p.m.
Social Hall ~ $1 per person
The Social Hall has been
reserved for those who wish
to see the movie Into The
Wild starring Emile Hirsch,
Vince Vaughn, Marcia Gay
Harden and William Hurt.
Into The Wild is based
on a true story and the
bestselling book by Jon
Krakauer. After graduating
from Emory University in 1992, top student and
athlete Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch)
abandons his possessions, gives his entire $24,000
savings account to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska
to live in the wilderness. Along the way, Christopher
encounters a series of characters that shape his life.
Each strand of his journey is woven into Sean Penn’s
screen adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s acclaimed
bestseller, which is as much about the insatiable
yearning for family, home and connection as it is the
search for truth and happiness. Please reserve your
seat for the movie at the Box Office. Checks should
be made payable to Valencia Pointe HOA. Cash is
accepted as always and guests are welcome!
Valencia Beach Party
Sunday, April 27 at 5 p.m.
Gulfstream Park – FREE
Come and enjoy the evening with fellow
residents at the beach from 5 p.m. untill
sundown. Residents are encouraged to meet
at Gulfstream Park, 4489 N. Ocean Blvd. Bring your
own chairs, food and drinks, and your beach toys! To
get to Gulfstream Park, take Woolbright Road east to
A1A (A.K.A Ocean Blvd.) and turn right. The park will
be on your left. For more information on this social
and fun time, contact Jacki Spiegel at 735-8660.
Young Adult Mixer
Friday, April 18 at 8 p.m.
Internet Café — $5 per person
If you are between the ages of 21 and
35, come join us for an evening of fun.
We will be serving pizza and beer while
you mix and mingle. This is a great
opportunity to meet new friends. The
cost is $5 per person and you must
RSVP by April 15 at the Box Office. We
will not accept walk-ins that evening.
Guests are welcome and you must
show proper ID at the time of payment. See you there!
Sunday, May 18 at 7 p.m.
Arts & Crafts Room – FREE!
Turn off the T.V. and come to the
clubhouse to play Monopoly with your
neighbors and friends on Sun., May 18 at
7 p.m. in the Arts & Crafts Room. Enjoy
the thrill of risk-taking, deal making and
owning it all! This will be an evening of fun
and laughter that brings everyone closer
together. RSVP at the Box Office today forr
your spot at the table!
Poker Night
Mah Jongg, Bridge & Canasta
Hand & Foot
See Low Stakes Poker
Club, Poker Club & Texas
Hold’Em Club
See Mah Jongg Class & Pick Up Games in Card Rooms;
Beg. & Intermediate Bridge Classes; Couples Canasta
Club, Men’s Canasta Club and Canasta Class
See Couple’s Hand & Foot Club, Men’s
Hand & Foot Club, Women’s Hand &
Foot Club and Hand & Foot Class
The following clubs have been suggested, but need chairs:
Brooklyn Club; Chorus; Comedy Club; Men’s Book Club;
Papanicolaou Cancer Research; Regional Clubs; Scrapbook
Club; Scuba Club; Snow Skiing Club; Teachers Club; Women’s
Golf Club and the Yiddish Club. If you are interested in
chairing one of these clubs or you would like to form a different
club, contact the Lifestyle Staff today at the Box Office.
Ambassadors Club
We are looking for greeters for our Seasonal Café at
Model Row and for our Stay & Play house guests. We
would like to extend an invitation to all of you, our
biggest fans! Contact the Box Office today to get more
details on being a part of this club.
Art of the Tale
Do you know why you enjoyed a
book, play or movie? Together, let us
take a journey with the author and
understand writing techniques and
other devices used to make a tale more
enjoyable. This journey will allow us to
enter the author’s world, and we in turn
may discover a new world of our own.
Let’s discuss the existential writers
or are you still waiting for (Beckett’s)
Godot? Let’s discuss various methods of criticism, and we
will use Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights as an example.
There will be nothing too complex and at times we may even
use Cliff Notes or Baron if needed. Contact chair Murray
Kahl at 733-5686 or [email protected]
Basketball Club
We had a great turnout of basketball shooters on March 8.
Both men and women players gathered and everyone had a
great time with shooting their luck while enjoying free drinks,
cookies and prizes. The club would like to thank co-chair Art
Feingold for a job well done with the shootout. The club is
looking for suggestions for another shootout and competitive
games. Contact Chair Burt Richards at 734-7263.
Future games are to be announced.
Beach, Body Surfing
& Boogie Boarding
If you are interested in going to
the beach, body surfing or boogie
boarding, this club is for you!
Contact Chair Arthur Liblit for
more information at [email protected]
com or 731-2295.
Bible Study
The Koran calls the Jews and Christians “The People of the
Book”. The book referred to as the Bible. If you are interested in
joining a class to study this Book, please call Chair Sid Shanken
at 734-8580. He is a retired Conservative rabbi (please call me
Sid) and I hope to lead open discussions of the English text
of some books of the “Old Testament”. This is not a partisan
religious group that will meet every Monday at 10:30 a.m. in
the Classroom. We will read a text, I will give some historical
background and relative comments and we will have open,
non judgmental discussions. No background is necessary.
Everyone is welcome Come try the class and you will find out
how this great Book has so much to say to us today.
Be a winner at VP’s Bingo Bonanza! Be lucky and have fun!
Let’s meet, greet and win prizes! Suggestions are welcome.
Let’s make it happen. If you are interested, contact Arlene
Noble at 561-676-7515 or [email protected]
Bird & Nature Club
Join others who share the desire to
explore “The Nature Around Us”. Let
this club be a wonderful experience
in which we can continue learning
in the spirit of exploration. Our field
trip to Green Cay and Wakodahatchee
Nature Center are great examples of
how amazing the nature in our area
is. Let’s continue planning: The Bird &
Nature Club will meet on Mon., April
14 at 7:30 p.m. in the Classroom. The
next field trip is scheduled for Sat., April 26 in the morning.
The destination is to be determined... bring suggestions to
the meeting. For more information contact Iris Weisberg
561-737-8618 or [email protected]
Boating Club
If you are interested in cruising, rafting, lunches on the
Intracoastal Waterway or day trips on the water, the Boating
Club is for you! We have several interested members. If
you are interested, please contact Ken with your name
and contact information. You don’t need to own a boat
to be involved. The Boating Club is off to a slow start due
to the lack of boats in the community. If you have a boat
and would like to get involved, contact Ken. For those who
do not have a boat here, Ken will be taking people out on
afternoon day trips on an as needed basis. To join or for
more information, contact Chair Ken Sommers at 737-6994
or [email protected]
Bowling Club
A big thank you to all the men and
women who joined our Bowling Club!
Our club members joined the already
established Valencia Palms Bowling
League. We meet every Wednesday at
12:30 p.m. at the Don Carter Lanes on
Military Trail north of Hypoluxo, so come join us! For further
information, please call Sally Katz at 732-0725 or email her
at [email protected] Everyone is always welcome, including
outside friends & family!
SAVE THE DATE: Installation Luncheon on Tues., May 13 at
Indian Springs Country Club, 11501 El Clair Ranch Road in
Boynton Beach. The speaker will be Dr. Robert Watson. The
cost for members is $38 and for nonmembers it is $40. Please
send checks to Doris Ellis at 7603 San Carlos Street, Boynton
Beach, 33437.
Wellworth Chapter
The 2nd Annual Card Party and Luncheon will be on
Wed., April 2 beginning at 10:30 a.m. Start the morning off
with a boutique, scrumptious luncheon. The cost is $40 for
members and $42 for guests. Send your checks for your table
made payable to BUNWC-Wellworth for Gail Newman at
653-2919, and include your name, address, phone number,
e-mail address, the game you are playing and the names of
the players at your table. Interested in joining? Want further
information about other events and study groups? Call
Ronnie Gerstein, VP Membership at 965-9071. There will be
an Installation Lunch at Benvenutos Mon., May 5. Everyone
is eligible to be a part of this organization. You do not have to
be a graduate to join Brandeis Wellworth Chapter. Call Marion
at 369-3131 for more details.
Bridge Club
Both men and women are
playing Bridge every Thursday
from 1-4pm in the Social Hall.
We’d love to have you join us.
Contact Phyllis Weiner for
details at 736-5718. Looking
forward to seeing you.
The Cinema Group
We had our organizational meeting on Tues., March 18. Our
first “real” meeting will be held on Tues., April 15 at 7 p.m. in
the Social Hall. Since our meetings will be held in the social
hall, we have almost unlimited space and encourage new
members to join us. As envisioned, our monthly meetings
will alternate between viewing a classic movie and discussion
at one meeting, with the discussion of a current movie, that
we view on our own in local theaters, together with the
possibility of viewing some additional cinema at that time
as well. If you are interested in joining us, please call Chair
Martin Hochberg at 733-9222 or [email protected]
Brandeis University Women’s Committee
Lakes Chapter
Please join us on Fri., April 4 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. for a new
study group, Six Degrees of Separation. Dr. Robert Watson,
Associate of Political Science at FAU and acclaimed author,
will present a new session titled “Six Degrees of Separation:
The Hidden History of America’s Founding”. This meeting
will be held at the South County Civic Center, 16700 Jog Road
in Delray. The cost for members is $15 and for nonmembers
it is $18. Call Sara Fiskin at 736-1373 for more information.
The Computer Club
Art Feingold, Charlie Tomko and Alan Paderewski have
spent their entire careers working with Information and
Computer Technology. We all would like to work with a
group of willing and able Valencia Pointers to provide
both a bit of education and some fun in the discussion
of computer subjects of interest to you. Joining our club
can provide a great opportunity for you to upgrade your
computer skills in order to help catch up to your children
and grandchildren’s PC skill levels. The computer club can
help you raise your comfort level and get you started in
using email, composing and printing word
documents, locating and connecting to
lots and lots of information via web
sites and jumping into on-line auctions.
What other PC subjects will we cover?
That’s up to you. We will listen to the
members of the club and try to make
using their computer
less of a mystery and
more fun. Please give us
a call and let’s get started.
Art can be reached at
740-4008 and Alan can
be reached at 732-4649.
Our next meeting will
be held on Tues., April
29 at 7 p.m. in the Arts
& Crafts Room.
The Cooking Connection
On Tuesday, March 25, members and guests of The Cooking
Connection had an opportunity to enjoy a culinary
demonstration and sit-down lunch at Carolina’s in Delray
Beach. This was made possible by our friend and neighbor,
Bob Conte, former owner of the well-known South Florida
restaurant, Rigalo’s. Chef Enrico,
owner of Carolina’s, prepared a
marvelous 5-course luncheon,
designed specifically for our
Cooking Connection palates!
We had an opportunity to learn
some of the chef’s cooking tips,
and he was kind enough to
provide special recipes for us
to take home. No doubt about
it, our visit had the recipe for
Now, here’s something to whet your appetite: Our next “on
premises” Cooking Connection activity will be “Just Desserts”,
a demonstration of desserts with a “Wow” factor! The time and
place is TBA. Please check the community channel, channel
63 and/or our Valencia Pointe website for information. Or just
e-mail Suzi Pessin at [email protected]
Couples Canasta Club
The next meeting of the group will be held on Sun., April 13
at 7 p.m. in Card Room 1 and every second Sunday of the
month thereafter. Everyone who attends is a winner! The
high scores at the last meeting on March 9 were Ellie & Sy
Levy, Wendy & Elliot Silverman and Sonia & Alvin Freedman.
Please contact Alvin Freedman at 742-9393 or [email protected] for information on the group and to reserve for
the next meeting.
Cultural Arts Club
We will meet the first Monday
of every month. We are
collating your responses to our
questionnaire and welcome
the chance to talk to you all.
Our events are open to all
community residents and their
guests. We will be attending
Master Class at the Maltz
Theater in Jupiter on April 4 at
7:30 p.m. Tickets are $41. If we have 20 or more people going
to a performance, we may receive a discount and money
will be refunded. Please make all checks payable to Valencia
Pointe Cultural Arts Club and leave them with an event slip at
the Box Office in the Clubhouse. Our next meeting is on Mon.,
April 7 at 7 p.m. in the Classroom. For more information or if
you have any questions, please call Andrea Olkin at 737-9823
or email her at [email protected]
Couples Hand & Foot Club
We will meet the third Friday of every month at 7 p.m. in
Card Room 1. Contact Chair Jacki Spiegel at 735-8660.
Current Events Club
The Current Events club fills
a void in the mainstream
media with in depth news
normally not available.
The group has access to
intelligence and analysis
at our bi-weekly meetings,
and each member receives
a newsletter covering many
current advances in news,
finance, health feminism,
and additional topics, along
with translations, mainly
from Arabic. Additionally,
speakers will be available
for interview and comments, along with a Q&A session. We
have had the leader of The Lebanese Government in Exile
speak to us and plan on having many more speakers. Our
next speaker will be Youseff Bodansky, long time director
of the House Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional
Warfare and author of the NY Times best seller book about
Osama Bin Laden. Other well known speakers will be in the
future. If possible, we may have debates with people of diverse
opinions in areas with which we are all familiar. Additionally,
we plan on putting up an Internet Chat board for discussion
on the above topics and others requested by members. As
a community service, we have provided information on the
proper use of email and how to deal with spam and phishing.
We will meet every other Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Arts
& Crafts Room. Contact Murray Kahl at 733-5686 or [email protected] for more information.
Dance Club
Gay & Lesbian Club
The Dance Club will be for couples and singles to enjoy
Salsa, Latin, Ballroom, Line Dancing and more. We will
define the club based on the group’s interests with possible
nights on the town. For more information contact Mindy
Unger at 733-0040 or [email protected] or Maria Marchetti
at 734-2501 or [email protected]
If you are interested in a gay & lesbian social club to meet
new friends and discover new places, please contact Ilene
Sokol at 561-375-8519 or [email protected]
Dealer’s Choice Poker
Come and play poker, $.10, $.20 and $.30 games. This
club will meet every Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Poker
Room. Contact Chair David Collins at 738-2151 if you
are interested in playing.
Emergency Committee
If you are interested in providing
assistance to the community in
the case of an emergency such as
search and rescue, first responder
and hurricane aftermath, please
contact Bob Klein, chair of the
emergency committee. Bob
can be reached at 734-6599 or
[email protected].net. 20
people are needed for a CERT
class and we need a few more
residents to make this happen.
Contact Bob if you are interested
in this class.
Fishing Club
Does swapping tips, tactics and tales of past fishing
adventures interest you? What about getting together with
other “Pointers” to create new ones? If all this is baiting
your hook then contact
Chairman of the Fishing
Club at 369-5492 or Bill
Rosenberg, swabby, at
738-9377 (or email at
[email protected]). Club
membership is open to
both male and female
anglers or those that
would like to be. Our
meetings will be held on
the third Thursday of
every month at 7:30 p.m. in the Classroom. Get some handy
tips on terminal tackle from our own Capt. Frank. …Are you
gonna fish or cut bait?
Folk Music, Country & Blue Grass Club
If you play guitar, banjo, harmonica, autoharp, fiddle, or if
you enjoy singing or just listening, then let’s get together
for a fun-filled time. We will make and discuss music while
making new friends. Contact Chairs Muriel Kahl at 733-5686,
[email protected] or Arthur Liblit at 731-2295, [email protected]
com for more information on this fun club.
Girl Talk
Girl Talk will meet the second Monday of every month at 7 p.m.
in the Social Hall. This month’s meeting will be on April 14. We
are very excited about the upcoming program we have planned
for you. The theme of our next meeting will be Mirror, Mirror on
the Wall. We will be having an image consultant do a presentation
on how not to
look old, (not
to mention, ten
pounds lighter
and ten times
better). You will
hear advice on
the best type
of clothing for
your figure, as
well as advice
on eyeglasses,
hair dye, the right color lipstick, nails, shapewear, eyebrows and
skin. In addition, we are happy to announce that we will also host
a jewelry sale at our April meeting. A Silpada jewelry consultant
will be here and if you haven’t seen this jewelry, you are in for
a treat. Depending on how much we sell, our club will earn a
percentage of the proceeds and this money will help jump-start
our work for a Charitable Organization so we can give back to
this wonderful community we live in. Please be sure to mark
your calendar for this informative and fun evening. If you have
not attended a Girl Talk meeting, we welcome you. If you have
attended a meeting previously, we look forward to seeing you
again. Refreshments will be served and this will be a wonderful
opportunity to meet new neighbors and relax. Just a reminder,
dues are $25/year (check made out to Girl Talk) and are due at
the 2nd meeting you attend. Patti Miller is the Treasurer and if
you have any questions regarding dues, please contact Patti at
[email protected] Please feel free to contact Chair Lena
Reiss at [email protected] or call 375-9244 with any questions
regarding this meeting or about the club.
Reservations for the Women’s Seder, sponsored by Federation, at
Congregation B’nai Israel, 2200 Yamato Road, Boca Raton on
April 3 at 6 p.m. are now closed. The Florida Atlantic Region of
Hadassah presents, “Inheritance”,
a documentary capturing the
meeting of Helen, a Schindler’s
list survivor and Monica, the
daughter of the commandant
of Plaszow Concentration Camp.
Meet Helen Jonas Rosenzweig, the
maid featured in Schindler’s List.
The event takes place Sunday, April
6 from 2 to 4 p.m. at Boca West
Country Club-Cypress Room. The
cost is $18 and includes a dessert
reception. Become a new Life Member, or upgrade to Life from
now until April 6 and enjoy preferred seating and this event for
free. For more information call the regional office at 498-1012.
Join us for Installation of Officers at the clubhouse Tues., April
8 at 7 p.m. in the Social Hall. Celebrate Israel’s 60th birthday
at the clubhouse on Wed., April 16 at 1 p.m. in the Social Hall.
Rabbi Fratello will be the speaker. On May 20 join us in the
clubhouse at noon for a light lunch and fashion show. For this
event, send your checks for $18 to Lesley Schneider, 6998 Great
Falls Circle. The community is invited to all these events. Cards
for all occasions are available in support of Hadassah’s good
works. Call Doris Perman at 732-2255. Certificates to honor, or
memorialize are available. Call Lesley Schneider at 736-2432.
Get in on the ground floor of our Hadassah Chapter. Enjoy
good company, do good deeds and volunteer. Andrea Olkin,
Education V.P. at 737-982; Shelley Simon, Membership V.P. at
369-3842; Joan Sarasky, Fundraising V.P. at 738-8186; Suzi Pessin,
Fundraising V.P. at 752-8286; Lesley Schneider, Program V.P. at
736-2432. I’m looking for someone to edit a newsletter for Esther
Valencia Pointe Hadassah. Contact President, Rhoda Stein at
High Stakes Texas Hold’Em
If you would like to play a $1 - $2 Texas Hold’Em game
at the clubhouse on Mondays from 7-10 p.m. in the
Poker Room, then come join this club. This will be
a friendly 3 raise limit game. It will be ideal to have 9
people per table. I have chips for one table so please
call if you have a set to bring. If you are interested in
playing with us, please contact Dave Orkin at [email protected] or at 954-298-2078.
Investment Club
Our club will meet on Mon., April 14 at 7:30 p.m. in the Arts
& Crafts Room. For more information please contact Stan
Reiss at 375-9244.
Low Stakes Poker Club
instruction. Other locations for rifle and shotgun practice
will be discussed. Please call Chair Stephen Resnick at
733-2245 or e-mail him at [email protected] if
you are interested.
Men’s Canasta
Fun and games begin every
Thursday at 7 p.m. For the
month of April please note
our meeting dates: April 3, 10
and 24 will meet in the Arts
& Crafts Room. April 17 will
meet in the Social Hall. We
have the cards, we have the
trays, we have score sheets and
pencils. Just bring yourself.
New members are welcome. Please contact Alvin Freedman
at 742-9393 or [email protected]
Men’s Club
Mark you calendars… Here are the dates of the next meetings
of the Men’s Club: Sun., April 13. The speaker is TBA. On May
18 we will have speaker Ken Brower, noted international news
correspondent. Our agenda for June 22 and July 20 are TBA.
There will be no meeting in August. We will then meet on
September 22. Meetings will
be held on the third Sunday
of the month at 10 a.m.
unless there is a conflict.
We are planning additional
social functions as well. An
outing on a gambling ship
is in the works. We welcome
all suggestions for functions
and speakers. Dues for the
Men’s Club are $25. Make
checks payable to “Valencia
Pointe Men’s Club” and send them to Jerry Schneider at 6998
Great Falls Circle, 33437 or drop them off at the Box Office.
Anyone wanting to play low stakes poker, $.10 and $.20, come
join us every Monday at 7 p.m. in the Poker Room. Contact
Chair Sy Levy at 752-9383 or [email protected] for
more information. Singles and couples are welcome!
Men’s Golf Club
Mad Dog Gun Club
Men’s Hand & Foot Club
The Valencia Pointe Mad Dog Gun
Club is now forming. Our purpose,
besides socializing and fun, is to
provide a club for any resident who
is interested in the safe and legal use
of firearms and sport shooting. You
do not need to own a firearm to join,
only be interested in gun ownership.
We stress self improvement and
education in the safe and responsible
use and care of firearms. Pistol, rifle
and antique firearms enthusiasts
are welcome to join. We anticipate using the Palm Beach
Shooting Center in Lake Worth for practice shooting and
This club will meet the first Tuesday of every month at 1
p.m. in Card Room 1. Contact Donald Spiegel at 735-8660 or
[email protected] for more information.
If you are interested in golfing, contact Chair Allen Spak at
732-8268. Jerry Kreshover is the co-chair and can be reached
at 737-2860 or [email protected]
Men’s Softball Team
We will have meetings the third
Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. in
the Classroom. Anyone with questions
or who has interest in joining the team,
please call Len Siegel at 732-0336, Stan
Greenberg at 740-0472 or Ron Ramunni
at 736-9376. Our games are every
Sunday and are listed on the calendar,
so please come out to support us!
Mixed Doubles Club
The first tennis mixed
doubles play on Fri.,
March 7 was a huge
success! Twelve couples
participated in the event
and the weather was
prefect. After play there
was a pot luck dinner in
the clubhouse internet
café. There were lots of
great dishes and the cozy
atmosphere was conducive to socializing. This club will
meet the first Friday of every month at 6 p.m. at the Tennis
Courts. Our next meeting date is on Fri., April 4. Please note
that the Clubhouse will be closed for preparation for the Grand
Opening and there will be no parking at the Tennis Courts or
the Clubhouse parking lot. Please make parking arrangements
for the Round Robin that evening. We are looking forward to
making new friends and having fun playing tennis.
or Susan Levine at
Please contact Howard
740-1338 if you are interested.
Motorcycle Club
If you ar
are interested in joining the
Motorcycle Club and like to ride
for brunch, lunch, dinner or
just for fun, please contact
Chair Frank Ingargiola at
369-5492. Both men and
women are welcome! There
are no meetings or dues…
Just nice rides!
The Music Group
Can you play the accordion or any other instrument? Then
come join me to form a group of musicians with the intent of
getting together to play or form some type of musical group.
Contact Chair Brigitte Valenti at 375-9438 if you are interested.
Call Fran at 498-1771 for more information. Checks must be
received by May 13. For membership information call Suzi
Pessin at 752-8286. For community service information and
opportunities call Linda Strick at 865-1223 or Rahle Hurwitz
at 381-7556. Any members interested in volunteering for a
number of positions available for the 2008/09 year, call Claire
Pickman at 637-6361 or Fran Thorz at 498-1771.
Thi club will be meeting on
Fri., April 11 in the Classroom
of our clubhouse at 10 a.m.
Our scheduled meeting dates,
thereafter, will be the first Friday
of e
every month from 10 a.m. to
1 p.m.
Potential new members
are welcome to walk in and say
For further information,
contact co-chairs Sheila
Bluestein at 735-3656 or Ellen Wild
W at 740-4879.
ORT America – Florida Region
We had our first “New Wave” initiative and word is out about
what ORT America is doing around the world. Today ORT’s
global network of schools, colleges and training programs are
in 63 countries. ORT educates more students worldwide than
any other nonprofit organization. For many students, ORT is
the only link to their Jewish heritage. Three million students
have graduated from ORT schools and programs since 1880,
270,000 students are enrolled in ORT programs annually, 800
ORT schools and programs are in operation worldwide, 120
different fields of study are available in the ORT curriculum
and 25% of Israel’s high-tech workface are ORT graduates.
ORT America is Educating Individuals, Impacting
Communities and Improving the World.
We are planning our next exciting event and hope that you will join
us. Look for our article in the next issue of the Focal Pointe. If you
are interested in learning more about our vital programs, projects
and upcoming events, please contact Gina Resnick at 733-2245,
Dee Schreer at 737-8499 or Annette Holland at 470-9006.
closing event of the season on Tues., May 20 at Valencia Palms
Social Hall at 11 a.m. We have a very special program set up,
“TASTE AND LEARN”, with chef Robin Lynch. Robin worked
under Wolfgang Puck for 20 years, both in Los Angeles at Spago
and at Postrio in San Francisco. She was the first women chef
hired by him. She now has
her own catering company
here in South Florida and will
be demonstrating “appetizers
and desserts” for us. We will
get to taste everything and
take home all the recipes.
The cost is $20 for members
and $25 non-members.
Please make checks payable
to NCJW and send them to
6568 Hermosa Beach Lane,
Delray Beach, FL. 33446.
Pawprints on Your Heart Club
The objective of this new club is to form a network of
caring individuals who are willing
g to share
the love they have with their
ir special
pets to bring happiness and cheer
heer to
others. It will be the goal of this
group to provide affection and
comfort, through their pets, to
hospice patients and nursing
home residents. In order forr
your dog to become a “Therapy
Dog” he/she must get certified.
This cost will be the owner’ss
responsibility. The certification
is most rewarding to you and your
pet! If you are serious about joining this
club, please contact Sheila Bluestein at 735-3656.
Performing Arts Club
Restaurant Club
Plans are underway for the club’s first
show at Valencia Pointe: Broadway’s
Best Musical Hits From Forgotten
Shows, with an all star cast on Super
Saturday, May 3 at 8 p.m. Doors will
open at 7:15 p.m. Resident tickets are
$15. Contact the Box Office to purchase
tickets. Following on Super Saturday,
June 21, The Musical Treasures of America’s Sweetheart Dinah
Shore, starring Madeline Kern. Resident tickets are $12. Our
July 4 celebration will be the George Michael Cohan musical
Pot Luck Show. Admission is free and you bring the food for
the party. We still need stage hands, singers, actors and more to
join our Social Club to help with refreshments, seating, hosting
and programs. Membership is FREE and your reward is to be
able to attend all our shows FREE. Contact Theatre Co-Chair Ira
Hockman at 737-4357. Join our Social Chairs Rochelle Cohen
at 731-1744, Joyce Moskowitz at 737- 7172 or Gloria Shanken
at 734-8580. Other musical programs will be staged concert.
WITH TEVYE & GOLDE. Tickets for all shows will be sold at the
Box Office. Contact Chair Burt Richards at 734-7263 for more
details regarding the Performing Arts Club.
Anyone interested in finding the best restaurants in the area
and sampling cuisine from all over the world? If so, this club
is for you. Our members arrange dining experiences for their
co-members. The April
16 event is at Cabana El
Rey has been cancelled.
Please watch the website
and community channel
for a new April event.
Contact Chair Lawrence
Stolbach at 516-457-1701
or Co-Chair Richard
Levine at 736-5262 for
more information.
Photography Club
The next meeting of
the Photography Club
will be on Thurs.,
April 3 at 7:30 p.m. in
the Social Hall. We will
be reviewing images
taken at our field trip to
the Morikami Museum
and Japanese Gardens.
You may view images
on the web at
ww valenciapointeha com/Morikami
html. Hope to see you all at the meeting with your images.
Contact Chair Ken Sommers at 737-6994 or [email protected] for more information.
Your Rockodile board members: the Pessins, Schneiders,
Diamonds, Saraskys and Monacos, once again want to
thank the many remarkable friends & neighbors who offered
helping hands putting together another Rockodile
event collectively. The second Rock & Roll dance
party will take place on Sunday, April 6 in our
fantastic Social Hall. More fun is in store for you!
There’s something for everyone. Do the
Stroll, the Twist and the Mashed Potato!
Socialize, sing along and reminisce!
Enjoy a selection of after-dinner treats and
soft drinks. You’re welcome to BYOB.
“I Heard it Through the Grapevine” that
“Those Oldies But Goodies” are waiting
for you! Become a Rockodile member and
“Let the Good Times Roll!” We have two
more exciting events schedules for this
Autumn: October 25 and December 13.
For further information, e-mail Allan or
Suzi Pessin at [email protected]
Runner’s/Walking Club
Calling all runners and walkers:
Please bring your ideas for
fun walks and runs. Our next
meeting will be on Wed., April
2 at 1 p.m. in the Classroom.
Contact Chairs Mindy Unger at
733-0040, [email protected],
or Ann Sommers at 737-6994,
[email protected]
This club will meet every Monday at 7 p.m. in Card Room 1.
If you are interested in playing please contact Chair Richie
Levine at 736-5262. This club is for beginners and advanced
Poker Club
Anyone wanting to play cards — 7-card high/low $1 and
$2 — please join
this club. We play
from 7-10 p.m. in
the Poker Room.
Contact Chair Sy
Levy at 752-9383
or [email protected] for more
information. Players
are still welcome!
Singles Club
You asked for it and now you got it! Sandra Chane has
graciously offered to Chair the Singles Club and looks
forward to everyone’s wonderful ideas for events and
activities. There will be a Meet & Greet Informational
meeting on Fri., April 11 at 7 p.m. in the Arts &
Crafts Room. Come meet other singles and start new
friendships for both men and women. Contact Sandra
at 737-6349 or 954-288-6084 to join this club.
Snowbirds Club
Travel Club
Our next meeting will be held on Wed., April 9 at 7 p.m. in
the Classroom. It will be our last meeting of The Snowbird
Season. Please RSVP for this meeting by April 6. The Snowbirds
Club Season for 2009 will start in November of 2008. The
paid membership event will take place in December of 2008
or January of 2009. Contact Chair Vivian Drucker at 736-3479
or [email protected] for further information.
We are now in need of new Chairs
and Co-Chairs for the Travel Club.
We are looking for residents not
affiliated with travel agencies
to chair this club so everyone
can give their fair bid for trips
for the future. Please contact the
Lifestyle Staff at 364-2050 if you
are interested so we may get this
club up and running again.
Sunshine Committee
Anyone interested in extending a warm and friendly greeting
to our neighbors, to help celebrate good times and comfort
in times of need, contact the committee to join us. We will
meet the third Thursday of every month at 11 a.m. in the
Classroom. Let’s network to spread our sunshine! Please call
Beverly Berkowitz at 561-738-0062.
Tennis Club
Please mark your calendars:
Our club has reserved the
fourth Monday of each
month at 7 p.m. in the Arts
& Crafts Room as a meeting
place. The standing agenda
for the business portion of
the meeting will include
reports by our officers and
our pro, court needs, rules
and related issues, updates
by our team, socials and other
programming. Refreshments
and socializing will follow.
Please contact Mike Stein
before the meeting if you would like to add something to
the agenda. About 35 players turned out for our February 1
Round-Robin. Our rescheduled February 23 Round-Robin
coincided with the opening of our clubhouse and the
internet café was a great place to hold our pizza party.
Howard and Susan Levine ran a Mixed-Doubles RoundRobin March 7 and have planned another Mixed Doubles
Round Robin for Friday, April 4 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Please
note that the Clubhouse will be closed for preparation for the
Grand Opening and there will be no parking at the Tennis
Courts or the Clubhouse parking lot. Please make parking
arrangements for the Round Robin that evening. Contact
Howard or Susan Levine at 740-1338 for more information.
Our team is in the middle of the pack in it’s new higher
division and will probably split up into two teams next
season. The playoffs are in April and, if we don’t qualify
in the higher division, having finished in 1st place, we
automatically qualify in the lower division. Hope to see you
at our May meeting on Mon., May 26. Contact President
Mike Stein at 752-1863 for further information.
Texas Hold’ Em
Anyone wanting to play 7 card Texas Hold’ Em, high hand,
come join us the first, second and third Wednesday of the
month at 7 p.m. in the Poker Room. Contact Chair Richard
Diamond at 734-7671, [email protected] or
Co-Chair Fran Stillman at 732-0722, [email protected]
Wine Club II
The new Wine Club II met in the Arts
& Crafts Room on Thurs., March 20
and kicked off our wine program.
We had a good time discussing and
drinking the Wines of Italy. Our
next wine club meeting will be held
on Thurs., April 17 at 7 p.m. in the
Arts & Crafts Room. Remember,
we will meet the third Thursday of
every month at 7 p.m. and make
sure you bring a wine glass. Please
contact Irv Rubenstein at 737-6066
or [email protected] for
more information.
Women’s Book Club
Our next Women’s Book
Club date is Wed., April
30. We will be discussing
Water For Elephants
by Sara Gruen. With its
spotlight on elephants,
Gruen’s romantic pageturner hinges on the
human-animal bonds
that drove her debut
and its sequel, Riding
Lessons and Flying
Changes. The 1 p.m.
meeting will be hosted
by Regina Resnick at
6927 Great Falls Circle.
The 7 p.m. meeting will
be hosted by Roz Alster
at 7290 Greenport Cove. All members should RSVP to Rhona
Leff at [email protected] and at 846-1408 or Barbara
Rothman at [email protected] and at 739-9799 so
we know which meeting you will be attending. If you are
not a member of the Women’s Book Club and would like to
become one, contact Rhona or Barbara.
Women’s Hand & Foot Club
This club will meet the first Tuesday of every month at 1
p.m. in Card Room 1. Contact Jacki Spiegel at 735-8660 for
more information.
3D Art Class
We are happy to welcome Marilyn
& Morry who will be instructing this
class together for our Valencia Pointe
residents. The craft of 3 dimensional art
has become an exclusive leisure activity
and hobby for many people. Marilyn
has an art background and has created
many businesses of her own in the art
field. Morry is an Architect and a water
colorist as well. Together they have
blended their creativity into 3D Art, an
art form which doesn’t require natural
artistic ability. Through their guidance
and instruction you will create a work of
art that “you won’t believe I did it”. They
have successfully taught at neighboring
communities for the past 6 years including past Valencias.
This class will be offered every Monday from 9:30 a.m.
to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Arts &
Crafts Room. The cost is $70/5 sessions. Tool kits will be
available for a one time purchase starting the first class.
You will also be able to purchase your projects (set of 6
pictures you will work on during the session as well as the
cutting guide) ranging from $18-$50. Sign-up at the Box
Office for this creative class today!
ActShop Class
Burt Richards is a Carbonell Award
Winning Producer, Theater Critic,
Actor, Entertainer, Lecturer and
Author, who has been a member
of Actors Equity and Screen Actors
Guild for over 43 years. He is now
offering to help you with acting,
reading and performing every
other Tuesday at 11 a.m. starting
April 8 in the classroom. If you are
interested in these FREE lessons,
please contact Burt at 734-7263.
Ballroom Dance
Come and experience the fun and excitement of Social
Ballroom dancing. Talented instructors Ellen and Don
Padden have been instructing for many years, and
dancing together even longer. With experience in many of
the gated communities, including Valencia Falls, Valencia
Shores, Valencia Palms, Ponte Vecchio West and Tivoli
Lakes, we are happy to welcome them into the Valencia
Pointe community. In these classes couples will learn
hot Latin and beautiful Ballroom Dances, the sexy Tango,
energizing Swing, saucy Mambo, elegant Waltz, smooth
Foxtrot, and many more. Two sessions will be held, 7-8
p.m. and 8-9 p.m. at a cost of $65 per couple per session.
Each session will consist of 5 classes held on Monday
evenings in the Social Hall except for the second Monday
of the month where it will be in the Aerobics Studio.
Each session requires a minimum of 10 couples to run the
class. Please sign up at the Box Office.
Body Sculpting
This class is a total body workout
using weights, resistance bands &
body bars. Total Health Systems
offers this class to you every
Monday and Wednesday from
9-10 a.m. in the Aerobics Studio.
The cost of the class is $54 for the
month of April. Sign up with THS
in the gym office today!
Beginner Bridge
We would like to welcome ACBL Certified instructor,
Marilyn Kroll, who will broaden your Bridge horizons.
Marilyn comes to us from Chicago, IL where she taught in
many country club settings
and is currently teaching at
a few clubs in Palm Beach
County, including past
Valencias. Beginner Bridge
is a basic class for those
who have had little or no
bridge experience. The
class will be offered every
Thursday from 1-3 p.m. in Card Room 1. The cost is
$85 for 8 sessions and we need a minimum of 12 people.
Sign up at the Box Office today.
Hand & Foot
This class will be taught by Jacki Spiegel on the second
Wednesday of every month from 7-10 p.m. in Card
Room 1. This class is FREE and you will learn how to play
in one session! A minimum of 4 players and a maximum
of 8 players are needed to hold the class. Contact Jacki at
735-8660 for more details.
Beginner Israeli Folk Dance Class
Come get your heart ticking and your feet moving to the
traditional music of Israel. Diane Kopecky is a retired
school administrator
from Long Island, N.Y.
She has taught classes
in folk dance to adults
as well as seniors and
children. In addition
to teaching, she has
performed with many
different groups and
has studied with some
of the best folk dance
teachers. This class will
be taught in a repetitive
style so everyone can feel comfortable. No experience is
necessary, just a desire to have fun and move! Come
join us on Wednesdays from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the
Social Hall starting April 9 until May 15. The cost is
$50 for 6 weeks. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
Sneakers are okay. Sign up at the Box Office. We need a
minimum of 8 people to hold this class.
Jazz Dance
Tai Chi
Let’s welcome Terry Katz who will be teaching you jazz
dance movements—Fosse style, as well as show dance
routines such as “One” from A Chorus Line, All That Jazz,
Steam Heat and many more. If you really love to dance,
take this class. Terry has been teaching dance since she
was 12 years old! Her forte is Jazz and Tap although
she has also taught ballroom, ballet, acrobatics and
baton. Terry has experience in many adult communities
including past Valencias. We will be offering this class
every Tuesday from 10:30-11:30 a.m. She needs a
minimum of 10 people in a class and the cost is $32 per
student for four classes. Please sign up at the Box Office
today for this fun dance class!
This class involves moving motion to balance the body, mind
and spirit. It will strengthen your immune system, reduce
anxiety and improve your digestive systems. Total Health
Systems offers this class every Tuesday and Thursday from
9-10 a.m. in the Aerobics Studio. This class is for levels 1, 2
and 3. The cost is $54 for the month of April. Sign up with
THS in the gym office for this class today!
Line Dance
Valencia Pointe is
happy to welcome
Ruth Goodstein,
who will be
instructing the Line
Dance classes. Ruth
has been teaching
line dance since
1993, as well as East Coast Swing, 2 Step, Country Waltz
and Specialty Couples Dancing. In 1999, Ruth located to
South Florida, where she has been teaching at the Jewish
Community Center in Boynton Beach, the Boynton Beach
Senior Center and many developments in the West Boynton
Beach area, including past Valencias. Her main goal for all
of her students is to “have fun, enjoy what they’re doing
and dance as if no one is watching.” This is not your typical
country western boot scootin’ class. Our upbeat instructor
takes you step-by-step through many different genres of
music from country-western to Latin. The actual class will
run as a six week session. All classes will be held on Mondays
from 10-11 a.m. in the Aerobics Studio. Cost for this class
is $40 per person. The sessions require a minimum of 10
people. Flat shoes are required. Cowboy boots, sneakers and
heals are not permitted. Registration for this class will begin
right away. Contact the Box Office for more information.
Beginner Pan
Valencia Pointe resident Sharon Goodhart will be
offering FREE Panguingue classes to all those interested
in learning the game. Please contact Sharon at 737-0073
or [email protected] so she can schedule
classes at the clubhouse today!
This class will work your abdominals
and boost your core strength to
improve posture and form. Total
Health Systems offers this class every
Friday from 9:15-10:15 a.m. in the
Aerobics Studio. This is for levels 1, 2
and 3. The cost is $18 for the month
of April. Sign up with THS in the gym
office for this class today!
Tao Yoga
This yoga class is a gentle way
of moving and breathing to
increase energy, balance, focus
& relaxation. The untraditional
postures include standing,
sitting and lying down. Total
Health Systems offers this
class every Wednesday from
10:30-11:30 a.m. in the
Aerobics Studio. This class is
for levels 1, 2 and 3. The cost is $30 for the month of April.
Sign up with THS in the gym office for this class today!
Water Aerobics
Come and increase balance,
flexibility & range of motion
safely while improving your
cardiovascular system using a
noodle & water weights. Total
Health Systems offers this class
every Wednesday and Friday
from 9-10 a.m. in the Pool.
This class is for levels 1 and 2. The cost is $48 for the
month of April. Sign up with THS in the gym office for
this class today!
Weight Watchers
This group is meeting weekly on Monday mornings at 9
a.m. in the clubhouse at Valencia Falls. New members
are always welcome! The cost is $104 for an 8-week series.
If you are interested in participating, please contact
Amber in the Box Office.
This high energy class offers a
fusion of Latin and International
music/dance themes creating a
fun, dynamic & effective fitness
class. Zumba combines easyto-follow dance steps with fast
and slow rhythms that tone and
sculpt the body. Total Health
Systems offers this class every
Thursday from 8-9 a.m. in the
Aerobics Studio. This class will
have levels of 1, 2 and 3. The
cost is $24 for the month of
April. Sign up with THS in the
gym office for this class today!
Rockodiles Dance
The Rockodiles Club had their first Rock-n-Roll Dance on Saturday,
March 1. The dance floor in our beautiful social hall was filled
with enormous energy as over 180 club members rock-and-rolled
to DeeJay Gene Rondinelli’s
music from their teen years!
Some Rockodiles wore their
saddle shoes, penny loafers,
class rings, frat pins, rolled-up
dungarees, school sweaters,
leather jackets, slicked hair
or ponytails and really got “in
the mood!” Karaoke, creative
decor and refreshments added
to the fun-filled, retro-filled
Clubhouse Opening Day
We opened up the beautiful Valencia Pointe Clubhouse on
Saturday, Feb. 23. Trollies picked up the residents for a light
breakfast and they all enjoyed walking the new facility. Festivities
included dancing, gym demos, swimming and enjoying all the
wonderful rooms of the new clubhouse. Our beautiful clubhouse
will provide many exciting events and ch
cherished memories
for many more y
years to come.
Greetings from your Total Health Systems Staff
The most frequently asked questions by the 55 and older
generation are:
in joint range of motion, improved balance, increased lean
body mass, decreased percentage of body fat, improved
glucose tolerance and cholesterol status, decreased level of
stress, enhanced sense of well-being, and improved ability to
carry out activities of daily living.
enjoyable. Resistance training using weights, bands, machines
and balls targets your major muscle groups. Cardio exercise
which increases your heart rate involves walking, swimming
or using a treadmill, elliptical or bike. Resistance and Cardio
exercise should be combined as a regularly scheduled
exercise program. A personal trainer will take you step by
step and begin a fitness program designed for you. If you
are you interested in one-on-one personal training, please
call 706-1141. The THS personal trainers are here to help
you reach your goals. Join a class and have some fun while
exercising with your neighbors. Check out our class program
calendar. The THS class program has three levels of intensity
that consist of: Level 1 — Beginner intensity workout, Level
2 — Intermediate intensity workout and Level 3 — Advanced
intensity workout. If you need to shed some pounds, why
not try the Smart for Life cookie program? Eat cookies & lose
weight. This weight management program was designed by a
doctor who is a Board Certified specialist. Call for information
or to schedule an appointment. Our massage therapists
are helping many residents relax while soothing their sore
aching muscles. It is a great stress releaser. Treat yourself or
someone you care about to an enjoyable and relaxing gift.
Gift certificates are available for special occasions. Please call
us to schedule your massage appointment today! Physical
and Occupational Therapy, paid by Medicare, are available
in the fitness center or your home. Please call us to receive
information regarding your therapy.
Whatever activity you choose, it should be convenient and
Eat healthy, exercise and remember your vitamins!
Q: Why is a personal trainer so important?
A: You receive a free evaluation. It is the safest way to start an
exercise program. The trainer knows all the muscle groups and
will personally create a custom exercise program for you.
Q: How do I counteract the effects of aging?
A: Start an exercise program. The science of aging indicates
that chronic disease and disability are not inevitable. The
choices you make today will impact you later.
Q: What are the common characteristics of aging?
A: Decreased maximum heart rate, increased
pressure, increased use of medications, react slower to
situations, progressive loss of bone mass, loss of muscle
strength, declining flexibility, increased tendency towards
dehydration, increased susceptibility to soreness and injury,
and problems with falling and balance.
Q: What are the benefits of routine exercise?
A: Increased strength, increased bone density, improvements
• Happy belated 60th Birthday
hday to
Samuel Unger on March
• Happy Birthday to
Susan Levine on April 18
• Happy Anniversary to
Susan & Howard
Levine on April 19
• Happy Birthday to
Sheldon Walitt on
April 19
• Happy Birthday to
Howard Levine on
April 26
• Happy Birthday to
Fran Stillman on April 27
The Restaurant Club would
d like to
wish a Healthy and Happyy Birthday to:
• Peter Shorenstein on April 2
• Jackie Trobman on April
pril 27
Are you celebrating a birthday,
anniversary or do you havee a joyous event
that you would like to share? Write down
the details and drop it by the Box Office in the
Clubhouse by the 10th of the current month to
appear in the next issue of the newsletter.
Newsletter Block Captains Needed
Block Captains
are still needed
in the following
Pod Positions to Fill
1 Main Captain is Needed
2 Main & 4 Back Ups are Needed
2 Main & 1 Back Up are Needed
2 Back Ups are Needed
If you wish to volunteer for a position,
please contact Jennifer.
• There are no dogs allowed at the Clubhouse, inside
or outside on the pool deck area. You will be asked to
• Food and beverages are not allowed inside the
clubhouse or outside on the pool deck area except for
in the Internet Café. This is to ensure that your new
clubhouse stays beautiful. Bottled water is accepted.
• You are asked to wear soft soled shoes in the Aerobics
Studio only. All other shoes will damage the floor.
• No children under the age of 16 are allowed in the
resistance pool.
Customer Service
Tennis Rules
Office Hours are Mon., Tues., and Thurs. from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and
on Wed. from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. You can reach Linda Duggan at
424-9404 and the fax number is 424-9414. Other phone numbers
for Lang include: 276-7279 (toll free), 561-750-1477 or [email protected] (Please note that this is for regular service
requests-landscaping and irrigation. Warranty issues are to be
addressed with GL Homes at 866-979-2424.)
Please be aware of the following rules of using the Valencia Pointe
tennis courts. The courts are a beautiful and welcome addition to
our community. Let’s take care of them together!
• Hours: 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
• Courts are for use by Valencia Pointe residents and their guests only
• Children 16 and younger must be accompanied by an adult
over the age of 21
• Play limit is 1 ½ hours for doubles and 1 hour for singles when
others are waiting
• No food, breakable containers or intoxicants are permitted
in the tennis area
• Trash must be placed in containers
• The Association and its Board are not responsible for lost
or stolen items
• Proper tennis attire and shoes are required on the courts
• No profane language or unsportsmanlike conduct in the tennis area
• No smoking or pets permitted
Valencia Pointe Gatehouse
All re-sales of homes must submit an application to Lang Management
at least 30 days prior to closing. Applications are available by calling
Linda at 750-8800 at Lang’s Corporate Office.
Overnight street parking is not permitted.
Architectural Control Committee
ACC applications for all exterior modifications are available at the
Sales Center. They will be processed after all information is received,
including the placement of the modification indicated on a copy
of your final site plan. Send the completed application to Linda
Duggan at Lang’s Corporate Office for processing. Incomplete forms
will not be processed and will be returned to you for completion.
Do not leave cars unlocked. Gate clickers can be stolen which can
grant unlimited access to the community.
Signs are not permitted at any home or on any element of the
Association Property. This includes, but is not limited to, signs for
Open House or For Sale, and any contractor advertising.
This is a reminder that when walking your dogs, your dog must be on a
leash! This is not only required by the Valencia Pointe documents but
a requirement by Palm Beach County as well. Please note you must
also pick up your dog’s droppings and dispose of them in acceptable
manners. There are many who are not complying and will be fined if
caught. Thank you for helping to keep this community clean!
Trash must be placed in a plastic bag, inside a locking container curbside
no sooner that the night before pickup. If you have cardboard boxes,
please be so kind as to break them down, otherwise Waste Management
will not pick them up. Pickup days are Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday
pickup is trash and vegetation; Friday is trash and recyclables. For any
bulk removal, please contact Waste Management at 561-697-2700.
Mail Delivery
Once you receive curbside mail delivery, please turn in your mailbox
keys to Gary at the Sales Center. There is a $10 fee for keys not turned
in. Thank you!
GL Main Customer Service Line ......... 866-979-2424
GL Warrenty Service
Examples include any warranty services needed
inside your home..................................866-979-2424
Valencia Sales Office .................................. 738-5100
Lifestyle Office.....................................561-364-2050
Valencia Pointe Gatehouse ................561-740-4895
Lang Management:
Customer Service
Stacey Perlman .................. 561-750-1477 / 276-7279
Email: .................... [email protected]
Accounting Dept. ................................561-750-8800
Billing Questions to Patricia Coggins
Lisa Littman, Property Manager
Linda Duggan, Administrative Assistant
Please do NOT pick up the emergency phones around the clubhouse or at the tennis courts unless you are having an
emergency. These phones automatically dial 911 and send emergency response personnel.
Community Channel — Please tune in to channel 63 on your televisions to get the latest
updates on all events, activities, clubs and classes. It is updated weekly. If you would like
something posted on the community channel, please contact the Lifestyle Office.
Website — Please visit our community website at for
information of what’s happening in Valencia Pointe. Please note that our web master, Ken
Sommers, updates this website daily. Some residents might not see what has been updated.
To solve this problem, please click the F5 key on your computer or your refresh button on
your screen. This refreshes the page with the most current version of the Website. If you
have any problems, please contact Ken Sommers or the Lifestyle Staff. Enjoy!
A&C Arts & Crafts Room
IC Internet Café
AS Aerobics Studio
P Pool
C Classroom
PR Poker Room
CK Catering Kitchen
SH Social Hall
CR1 Card Room 1
TC Tennis Court
CR2 Card Room 2
Check the website and comm. channel for updates.
All events are rain or shine unless otherwise specified.
2pm Hadassah’s “Inheritance”
Meeting (Boca West CC)
7pm Rockodiles Dance (SH)
10am Men’s Club Breakfast (SH)
7pm Bingo (SH)
7pm Couples Canasta (CR1)
5pm Beach Party (Gulfstream Park)
Happy Birthday Fran Stillman
Happy Birthday Jackie Trobman
of Events
9am Tai Chi (AS)
9am Sony/Ericsson Open
(Key Biscane)
10:30am Jazz Dance (AS)
1pm Men’s Hand & Foot Club (CR1)
1pm Women’s Hand & Foot Club (CR1)
7pm Poker Club (PR)
9am Body Sculpting (AS)
9am Water Aerobics (P)
10:30am Tao Yoga (AS)
10:30am Brandeis Wellworth
Chapter Luncheon
12:30pm Bowling Club (Don Carters)
1pm Run/Walk Club Meeting (C)
7pm Texas Hold ’Em Club(PR)
NCJW Women’s Seder (SH)
8am Zumba (AS)
9am Tai Chi (AS)
9am Stroke of the Week (TC)
1pm Beginner Bridge (CR1)
1pm Bridge Club (SH)
7pm Mah Jongg Class (CR1)
7pm Men’s Canasta (A&C)
7pm Dealer’s Choice Poker (PR)
7:30 Photo Club Meeting (SH)
9am Doubles Strategy (TC)
5:30pm Pre-Show Cocktail Reception
7pm First Show
7:45pm Pre-Show Cocktail Reception
9:15pm Second Show
8am Tennis 1-2-3 (TC)
9am Body Sculpting (AS)
9am Water Aerobics (P)
10:30am Israeli Folk Dance Class (SH)
10:30am Tao Yoga (AS)
12:30pm Bowling Club (Don Carters)
3pm Movie Matinee (SH)
7pm Hand & Foot Class (CR1)
7pm Texas Hold ’Em Club(PR)
7pm Snowbirds Club Meeting (C)
7:30pm Current Events Club Mtg.
8am Zumba (AS)
9am Tai Chi (AS)
9am Stroke of the Week (TC)
1pm Beginner Bridge (CR1)
1pm Bridge Club (SH)
7pm Mah Jongg Class (CR1)
7pm Men’s Canasta (A&C)
7pm Dealer’s Choice Poker (PR)
9am Water Aerobics (P)
9:15am Pilates (AS)
10am Needlepoint Club (C)
7pm Singles Club Meeting (A&C)
8am-Tennis 1-2-3 (TC)
9am Body Sculpting (AS)
9am Water Aerobics (P)
10:30am Israeli Folk Dance Class (SH)
10:30am Tao Yoga (AS)
12:30pm Bowling Club (Don Carters)
1pm Hadassah Meeting (SH)
7pm Texas Hold ’Em Club (PR)
7pm Men’s Softball Team Mtg. (C)
8am Zumba (AS)
9am Tai Chi (AS)
9am Stroke of the Week (TC)
11am Sunshine Committee Mtg. (C)
1pm Beginner Bridge (CR1)
1pm Bridge Club (SH)
7pm Mah Jongg Class (CR1)
7pm Men’s Canasta (SH)
7pm Dealer’s Choice Poker (PR)
7pm Wine Club II Meeting (A&C)
7:30pm Fishing Club Meeting (C)
9am Water Aerobics (P)
9:15am Pilates (AS)
7pm Couples Hand & Foot Club (CR1)
8pm Young Adult Mixer (IC)
8am Zumba (AS)
9am Tai Chi (AS)
9am Stroke of the Week (TC)
1pm Beginner Bridge (CR1)
1pm Bridge Club (SH)
7pm Mah Jongg Class (CR1)
7pm Men’s Canasta (A&C)
7pm Dealer’s Choice Poker (PR)
9am Water Aerobics (P)
9:15am Pilates (AS)
7:30pm Movie Night (SH)
9am Doubles Strategy (TC)
Happy Birthday Peter Shorenstein
8am Tennis 1-2-3 (TC)
9am Body Sculpting (AS)
9am Weight Watchers (V. Falls)
9:30am 3D Art Class (A&C)
10am Canasta Class (CR1)
10am Line Dance (AS)
10:30am Bible Study (C)
1:30pm 3D Art Class (A&C)
7pm Ballroom Dance (SH)
7pm High Stakes Texas Hold’Em (PR)
7pm Low Stakes Poker (PR)
7pm Pinochle (CR1)
7pm Cultural Arts Club Meeting (C)
8pm Ballroom Dance (SH)
9am Tai Chi (AS)
10:30am Jazz Dance (AS)
11am ActShop Class (C)
7pm Poker Club (PR)
7pm Hadassah Meeting (SH)
8am Tennis 1-2-3 (TC)
9am Body Sculpting (AS)
9am Weight Watchers (V. Falls)
9:30am 3D Art Class (A&C)
10am Canasta Class (CR1)
10am Line Dance (AS)
10:30am Bible Study (C)
1:30pm 3D Art Class (A&C)
7pm Ballroom Dance (AS)
7pm High Stakes Texas Hold’Em (PR)
7pm Low Stakes Poker (PR)
7pm Pinochle (CR1)
7pm Girl Talk Meeting (SH)
7:30pm Bird & Nature Club Mtg. (A&C)
7:30pm Investment Club (C)
8pm Ballroom Dance (AS)
9am Tai Chi (AS)
10:30am Jazz Dance (AS)
7pm Poker Club (PR)
7pm The Cinema Group Mtg. (SH)
8am Tennis 1-2-3 (TC)
9am Body Sculpting (AS)
9am Weight Watchers (V. Falls)
9:30am 3D Art Class (A&C)
10am Canasta Class (CR1)
10am Line Dance (AS)
10:30am Bible Study (C)
1:30pm 3D Art Class (A&C)
7pm Ballroom Dance (SH)
7pm High Stakes Texas Hold’Em (PR)
7pm Low Stakes Poker (PR)
7pm Pinochle (CR1)
8pm Ballroom Dance (SH)
9am Tai Chi (AS)
10:30am Jazz Dance (AS)
11am ActShop Class (C)
7pm Poker Club (PR)
8am Tennis 1-2-3 (TC)
9am Body Sculpting (AS)
9am Water Aerobics (P)
10:30am Israeli Folk Dance Class (SH)
10:30am Tao Yoga (AS)
12:30pm Bowling Club (Don Carters)
7:30pm Current Events Club
Meeting (A&C)
9am Body Sculpting (AS)
9am Weight Watchers (V. Falls)
9:30am 3D Art Class (A&C)
10am Canasta Class (CR1)
10am Line Dance (AS)
10:30am Bible Study (C)
1:30pm 3D Art Class (A&C)
7pm Ballroom Dance (SH)
7pm High Stakes Texas Hold’Em (PR)
7pm Low Stakes Poker (PR)
7pm Pinochle (CR1)
7pm Tennis Club Meeting (A&C)
8pm Ballroom Dance (SH)
9am Tai Chi (AS)
10:30am Jazz Dance (AS)
7pm Poker Club (PR)
7pm Computer Club Meeting (A&C)
9am Body Sculpting (AS)
9am Water Aerobics (P)
10:30am Israeli Folk Dance Class (SH)
10:30am Tao Yoga (AS)
12:30pm Bowling Club (Don Carters)
1pm Women’s Book Club
(Regina Resnick’s Home)
7pm Women’s Book Club
(Roz Alster’s Home)
11:30am Brandeis Lakes Chapter
Meeting (FAU)
6pm Mixed Doubles Tennis (TC)
Happy Birthday Susan Levine
9am Doubles Strategy (TC)
5pm Wine & Cheese Meet & Greet (SH)
9am Doubles Strategy (TC)
4:30pm ALS Walk
(Roger Dean Stadium)
Happy Birthday Sheldon Walitt
Happy Anniversary
Susan & Howard Levine
Happy Birthday Howard Levine
Box Office Hours:
9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and
Fridays from 1-5 p.m.
Closed daily from
12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
for lunch.
Contact Information
Lifestyle Director / Clubhouse Manager
[email protected]
JAIME BRALTS / Social Director
JENNIFER FOWLER / Social Director
TERRY JACOBS / Box Office Administrator
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
6395 Castle Gate Boulevard • Boynton Beach, FL 33437 • 561.364.2050
Office Hours are Mon., Tues., Thurs. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Wed. from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Monday-Thursday 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Fridays from 1-5 p.m.
Closed daily from 12:30-1:30 p.m. for lunch.