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How to make tutu with okra meat stew
THERE IS AN array of West African
dishes to choose from. Thepreparation of these dishes depends on
the country they come from. Those
near the coastregions incorporate
plenty of fish, while countries close
to the Congoforest use monkey
meat as a delicacy. Thesedishes are
spicier thanwhat we areused to.
Hereisaneasy receipe to prepare
common West African dish. Ingredientsareavailable locally.
Fufu with Okra Meat Stew
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Serves 4
3 cups okra (ladies fingers), sliced
1chicken cube
3 tbsps seasoning sauce
1red chilli (optional)
3 cups fermented cassava flour
6 cups water
1. In a saucepan, combine the beef,
onions. garlic. salt. spices. andoil.
Fry overmedium heat until the
meatreleases natural juice. Add the
tomatoes on top of the meatand
allow simmering until tomatoes
Add the chicken cubeanda small
quantityof water. Add the seasoning andchilliandallowto cook for
20 minutes, or until the meatbecomes tender. You mayadd a small
amount of waterto form a stew.
Serve with hot fufu.
Toprepare the fufu:
Boil the waterandadd the 3 cups
of fermented cassava flour. Stir well
until it thickens to the consistency
of mashed potatoes. To serve. make
small balls with the fufu anduseto
scoop the stew.
Cooking tips:
• Fufu maybe prepared using
pounded yams, plantains, or dried
• You mayprepare the stewusing
fish instead of beef.
• Add extravegetables such as eggplants for a thicker stew.
, large onion.chopped
1clove garlic. crushed
V,-tbsp salt
V,-tbsp mixed spices
3 tablespoons extra virgin coconut
Y.-kg beef. cut into pieces
4 ripetomatoes. chopped
2. Stirthe mixture andadd the okra.
Most of the Ingredients, like okra
(ladles fingers) are available locally.
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Managing your cows'
milk protein allergy
Food allergies affect nearly some point. People
often have an unpleasant reaction
to somethingthey ate.
Most food allergies are
inherited. While some people
outgrow their allergies, others
continue to suffer throughout
their lives. And sometimes people
develop food allergies as adults.
Allergy to cow's milk or its
products is the most common
food allergy. If you start
experiencing symptoms such as
gas, bloating, pain after ingesting
milk or any milk products, then
what you haveis intolerance to
milk, otherwise called - lactose
Thesugar in the cows' milk is
called lactoseand if your body is
unableto digest it, then you are
said to be lactose-intolerance. The
good news is that the allergy is
not life threatening.
Milk protein alsocauses
allergic reactionsto some people.
Symptoms of cow milk protein
include skin rash, hives, swollen
lips, itchiness, sneezing, nasal
congestion. running nose, itchy
eyes including coughing and
wheezing amongother symptoms.
Milk allergy occurswhen
the body's immunesystem
mistakenlythinks that the protein
is harmful to the body.
Immune system
As a result the immune system
producesantibodies to protect
itself. This interaction between the
antibodies and the milk protein
triggers the release of a body
chemical known as histamine.
While theseallergic reactions
are not life threatening. it is good
to note which foods triggers an
allergic reaction.
For those who suffer from
allergies, keep antihistamines
closeby you and avoid eating
food that you are not sure about
the ingredients. In fact, the safest
food to eat is your home cooked
meal as you have control over
how it is being cooked.
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