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 MobileIron and IOS 7 in the
Apple’s iOS 7 is a huge advancement, bringing with it over 200 new consumer and
business features, including over 40 features that specifically enable or enhance key
Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) capabilities. These new EMM capabilities,
such as Per app VPN, Open in management, and a bulk app purchase program that
includes license reclamation, respond to what enterprises needed to fully embrace
iOS devices as critical business tools. These iOS 7 features, however, require a
third-party EMM solution, like MobileIron, to function.
MobileIron provides the Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) platform that
enables iOS 7 advances to come to life. By configuring the new iOS 7 capabilities in
MobileIron, and then applying them to an iOS 7 device, you can begin to realize the
full power of enterprise mobility. With MobileIron and iOS 7, your devices and
content will be more secure, and your employees will be more productive. You’ll be
on your way to becoming a Mobile First Enterprise. Challenge
Limited management and security
iOS 7 Mobile App Management Functionality
functionality for mobile apps and
Mobile apps have proven to be a huge productivity booster for enterprise
employees. Salespeople close business wherever they are, Support Professionals
provide assistance wherever they are, and decisions are made and communicated
in real time. But, while adoption of mobile apps in the enterprise has been growing,
there had been several barriers that limited enterprise app development. These
barriers included authenticating a user with an enterprise identity provider,
establishing a secure connection to the enterprise data source, configuring apps at
scale, and preventing data loss. Each process had required manual configuration
and maintenance that in turn required specialized skills.
devices impedes enterprise mobility
iOS 7 contains a number of
enhancements, that, when enabled by
the MobileIron platform, can empower
an enterprise to fully realize all the
many benefits of enterprise mobility.
But now, each of these capabilities is available at the OS level and can be managed
and enforced “automatically” by MobileIron. Now, MobileIron and iOS 7 together can
remove remaining complexities around enterprise development and deployment of
mobile apps.
Open In Management -Administrators can now specify which mobile apps
may share what content, enabling end users to get mobile access to the
information they need, while also securing that enterprise content.
Enterprise Single Sign On - Sign in once and you have access to all your
enterprise mobile apps. Applications can now share enterprise credentials
across multiple mobile apps. Users only have to authenticate once with their
corporate credentials, and they are automatically logged in to other apps.
Per app VPN and VPN on-demand - VPN security is now immediate,
invisible to the end user and specific to the mobile app. Users get the
information they need quickly, without complicated setup and multiple
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authentication prompts, and IT achieves its objective to fully secure
application traffic without the need to expose the entire corporate network to
the device.
Managed Application Configuration - Deploy configured enterprise mobile
apps at scale. Large deployments of mobile apps often require custom
configurations specific to different geographic regions, corporate divisions,
and/or security requirements. Now, the mobile administrator has the ability
to deliver the right app, with the right configuration, to the right user, and the
right device, automatically, with little to no required action by the end user.
MobileIron Products
To acquire the enhancements to
Mobile Device Management, you
should purchase MobileIron Advanced
Management. The mobile app
enhancements require the MobileIron
App Bundle. Note that the MobileIron
App Bundle includes Advanced
iOS 7 Mobile Device Management Functionality
MobileIron Advanced Management
Apple has always focused on the end-user, creating a fantastic experience that is
simple and intuitive. And while ease-of-use is important to the enterprise, security is
also a critical concern. Previously, in a mobile environment, many desired security
and management controls were either cumbersome, as they had to be implemented
manually on the device, or they were not possible at all. Now, with iOS 7, more of
these device configurations for security and management will be provisioned directly
from the MobileIron EMM console, and managed by IT. Users will find their devices
just work, without complicated setup or calls to the help desk.
2 New Device Controls - These controls will make your Security Officer
happy. Web Content Filtering enables the administrator to filter access to
urls across the entire device - you can now apply website whitelist/blacklist
policies to all device web browsers. Single App Mode enhancements
provide more fine-grained abilities to further lock down behavior of the
device when configured to run a single mobile app. Filtered App Inventory
lets enterprises limit their exposure to personal information on the
employee’s device. Other enhancements include the ability to enable or
disable a Personal Hotspot, Airdrop, Changes to Mail Accounts, and even
the iPhone 5S Touch Id Unlock.
New Device Configuration Capabilities - Customize the device to meet your
specific requirements and push that configuration to managed devices.
There is a lot of flexibility here. You can enable AirPrint and AirPlay quickly
and easily. You can distribute specific fonts to communicate your brand
persona. And you can configure, enable, and prioritize WiFi profiles.
Volume Purchase Program - The enterprise now owns the app license. Prior
to iOS 7, when a company distributed a licensed mobile app to an
employee, the license became associated with the employee’s Apple ID,
and could not be reclaimed or reused by the company should an employee
change devices or leave the company. Now with iOS 7, MobileIron
administrators can not only distribute, but can also reclaim and reassign
those licenses. That means when an employee leaves the company, they
don’t take the app with them as they did with the prior VPP structure. The
administrator can instead reclaim that app license and issue it to a new
employee. Bottom line, the company saves money.
Enable/Restrict AirPrint and
Font distribution
Configure, enable, prioritize WiFi
Website Whitelist/Blacklist
Single App Mode enhancements
Filtered App Inventory
Enable/Restrict Personal
Hotspot, Airdrop, Changes to
Email accounts, and Touch ID
MobileIron App Bundle
Open in management
Enterprise single sign on
Per app VPN, VPN on demand
Managed app configuration