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William Shakespeare
A&E Biography
1) What nickname was he known by? ___The Bard___ .
2) When was he born?
___1564 on St George’s Day [23rd of April] __
3) Where was he born? ____Stratford upon Avon____
4) When did an Elizabethan baptism occur?
____3 days after birth____
5) During the year in which he was born, what tragedy struck?
___The Plague___
6) William Shakespeare was the third child and the first son to John and Mary. What was his father’s
___a Glover; the High Baliff of Stratford___
7) Why was William allowed to go to school? ___because of his father’s position in the town____
8) Did William attend college? ___No___
9) Shakespeare’s childhood was known as the “early years” or the “_The Lost Years_ .”
10) At what age did William stop going to school? __at the age of 14 or 15 __
11) Who did he marry?
__Anne Hathaway__ Why did he marry her? __she was pregnant__
12) How many children did he have?
13) What were their names?
___Suzanna, Hamnet, Judith___
14) Where did Shakespeare go in the 1580’s?
15) What works allowed us to get to know the real Shakespeare?
16) Why was it so expensive for him to write?
___His Sonnets___
___Paper, Ink, Tapers (candles), Lamps___
17) At its height in 1590, how many people was the plague killing in a week? __1000 ___
18) As a result of the plague what was forced to close? ___the theaters___
19) What happened to the Shakespeare family in August 1596? __their son, Hamnet died__
20) What was so significant about this event? ___he was the only son, leaving no heir to the
21) What year did the Globe theater burn down? __1613__
During which play?
__Henry VIII__
22) When did Shakespeare die? __on his birthday in 1616 at the age of 52__
23) Who put Shakespeare’s plays together?
___Friends and fellow actors, esp. Ben Jonson _____
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