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Nail Tip Application Procedure
Galaxy One is the next step in the acrylic nail
evolution. Fast setting and primerless in four
vibrant to subtle pink and white combinations!
This is a new product, please read instructions carefully.
Always sanitise yourself and your client before starting
any service. Scrape the skin membrane from the nail.
Step 1: Etch
Using the Black Skinnie File, etch the nail plate from
North to South. Etching must scratch the nail surface
(this procedure is not removing oil or the shine). Do not
use a fine buffer to etch, the use of a buffer directly onto
the natural nail will cause irreparable harm. It will remove
the top layer of the nail and cause thinning.
Step 2: Dust
Remove all dust and debris from the nail plate using
a nylon manicure brush.
Step 3: Balance
Use three squirts (or brush-ons) of Balance on each nail
and allow to dry between. Balance will bring the pH level
closer to the acrylic pH level and increase adhesion.
Step 4: Fit Nail-tips
Glue the tips onto all 10 fingers. Use a manicure stick to
remove glue from the underside taking care that the nail
tip is not lifted. Blend the ridge line until the natural and
plastic surface match and then file and shape the nails.
Roughen the surface slightly.
Step 5: Apply the Product
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Before applying product, lightly moisten the nail plate with
your monomer. This will increase adhesion. Use caution
near the skin. Using a wet, NOT RUNNY consistency,
apply white powder to the free-edge, pat to shape.
Then apply a small ball of pink powder at the cuticle
area. Pat into place and stroke downward to blend. Place
second pink ball between the cuticle ball and the free
edge and pat the two pink balls together, stroke to blend.
Step 6: File
Using the Brown Skinnie File, file the sides and free edge
on all ten nails. Then shape the top surface being sure to
smooth out the cuticle area. Next, use the Grey Skinnie
File to smooth and finish.
Step 7: Buff and Oil
Buff the nails using a Terminator being sure to remove
all scratches. Rehydrate your client’s cuticle using
Galaxy Almond Oil. Next have your client scrub using
a pre-sterilised nylon manicure brush to remove excess
oil and debris.
Step 8: Liquid Glass
Apply 2 coats of Liquid Glass over a pink and white
enhancement. Liquid Glass has UV inhibitors, a
sunscreen for the nails to prevent yellowing. DO NOT use
Liquid Glass as a base coat, or a top coat for Nail Polish.
Step 9: Smudge-me-not
Apply 2 coats of Smudge-Me-Not. A UV inhibiting
topcoat to be applied over Liquid Glass to prevent
stickiness caused by sunscreens, suntan lotions etc.
Also a perfect quick dry topcoat for nail polish.
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