I What You Need to Know To Sell Paint Strippers

What You Need to
Know To Sell Paint Strippers
n the paint stripper category, what
you don’t know can hurt you—
just as it can hurt your customers. You
have to arm yourself with knowledge
to sell these products effectively.
Just what do you need to know? Key
suppliers in the paint stripper category
offer the following suggestions.
Take Out the Fear
“My biggest suggestion to retailers
is to take the fear out of using paint
strippers,” said Ashley Saras, marketing manager at Old Masters. “The best
way they can do this is by educating
SuperStrip® Heavy Duty Remover from
their customers and imparting knowledge to them.”
Old Masters has several resources for customers to use
including a how-to manual
and an informative video.
Both of these resources can be
viewed at www.myoldmasters.
Know The Categories
“Paint stripping can be
scary if you are not educated Motsenbocker’s Lift Off ® brand includes Paint &
on what’s available, espe- Varnish Remover, Spray Paint Graffiti Remover and
cially if there are products Latex-Based Paint Remover.
that can make your project
will certainly need to take some extra
easier and less stressful,” said Adam
Newman, national sales manager for
Newman added that caustic or alkaSunnyside Corp.
line removers are thick pasty removNewman stressed the importance
ers and excellent for paint removal on
of knowing the different categories
non-porous surfaces such as metal or
of strippers—i.e., methylene chlosteel. However, he added, “They are
ride, caustic and environmentally
very dangerous to work with, as they
friendly. “Methylene chloride prodcontain chemical sodium hydroxide
ucts have traditionally been less
and if it gets on your skin may cause
expensive and known for speed,
severe burns. They are extremely efbut the problem is when you have
fective on certain coatings such as redmultiple layers of paint, you may
lead primers.”
have to apply the product several
As Newman further explained,
times to achieve your goal,” Newalkaline removers do need to be neuman said. “When using a methylene
tralized with an acetic acid as they
chloride product, you will also be
are high in pH. “If the surface is not
exposed to dangerous fumes, so you
P D R September 2012
neutralized properly, you can run into
a paint failure,” he said.
Sunnyside’s Back To Nature Paint
Removers fall into the third category
of environmentally friendly removers.
Typically, these products are using safe
solvent technology such as NMP or benzyl alcohol. “They traditionally work a
little slower, but will remove many layers
of paint in a single application,” Newman
said. “They are used commercially on
many projects including schools, parks,
museums, etc., where methylene chloride
or caustic removers should not be used.
They are much easier and safer to work
with while still being able to achieve
your goal of removing paint.”
McLean of Savogran.
users follow the rec“Time is money for
ommendations of inthe contractor and
store personnel, Walthe homeowner has a
ters added. “By being
weekend to complete
educated, paint stores
a refinishing project.”
can assist consumers
Savogran developed
by giving guidance
Strypeeze® in 1938.
on which products are
“SuperStrip®, a methybest for which particulene chloride-based forlar stripping job.” mula is our best seller
Sell Eco-Friendly
with contractors and the
homeowner who wants
a fast-acting product,” Zip-Strip Premium Paint & Finish
“Quite simply, there
McLean said.
Remover from Absolute Coatings. are two types of paint
However, because
removers available,
different projects have different reharsh toxic strippers and eco-friendly
quirements, Savogran also offers other
strippers,” said Jason Davenport, marEffective And Quick
choices under the Savogran label, inketing manager for Franmar Chemical.
“The most effective and quickest
cluding removers using NMP, DBE and
“Today’s eco-friendly strippers genermethod for removing paint is to use
benzyl-alcohol formulations. “Products
ally work just as well as the old harsh
a methylene chloride-based product,”
include our Strypeeze Biodegradable
petroleum strippers—they just work a
said Rob Josephson of Absolute Coatand Savogran Industrial Removers,”
little differently.”
ings. “Zip-Strip is not only methylene
McLean reported.
Davenport noted that retail store perchloride-based, but it still uses the forsonnel can easily sell an eco-friendly
Educate Yourself About Choices
mula created in the 1940s that sets it
stripper by stressing the value of being
apart from all competitors. Zip-Strip is
“Not all strippers are alike,” said
friendly to the user and to the earth.
the brand of choice for painting profesHolly Kay Walters, associate brand
“Most eco-friendly strippers have little
sionals because it has not cheapened
manager at WM Barr, manufacturer
to no odor, will not burn the user’s skin,
its formula or reduced the amount of
of Klean-Strip® strippers. “Paint stores
uses a renewable resource such as soy or
methylene chloride.” need to understand this and need be
citrus, are 100-percent biodegradable,
Josephson invited retailers to see a
educated on exactly which products
and are easily cleaned up.”
product comparison at http://lastnlast.
are needed for specific projects. The
Understand the Differences
internet and company’s websites are a
great way to become knowledgeable
Trimaco, LLC stressed the imporThe Need for Speed
about specific products.”
tance of understanding the different
“Speed is essential when it comes
When it comes to decision-making
types of paint strippers, explaining that
to the remover category,” said Steve
at retail, 61 percent of paint stripper
they generally fall into four categories:
those containing methylene chloride,
which while fast-acting are also associated with health hazards; “safe”
strippers, usually soy-based and thus
not chemically abrasive and toxic, but
having the disadvantage of taking up to
24 hours to work; so-called “slash and
burn” strippers that are highly caustic
and just as likely to burn the wood underneath as they are to strip the coating;
and finally, water-based strippers that
contain solvents and surfactants that
gently dissolve the coating and don’t
harm the surface underneath.
According to Trimaco, this latter type
Old Masters paint removers include TM-1 Liquid Remover, TM-3 Semi-Paste Remover
and TM-4 Heavy Duty Remover.
of stripper is ideal because it can work in
September 2012 P D R
as little as 10 minutes, but does not contain the harsh fumes or slash and burn
dangers associated with other strippers.
Know How They Work
“We believe it’s important that the
retailer know how the various strippers work and how they are different (unique)—i.e., water-based versus
solvent, citrus and soy-based,” said
Gregg Motsenbocker, president of
Motsenbocker’s Lift Off. “Solvent,
citrus and soy-based products melt the
paint. Water-based products break the
molecular bond between the paint and
the surface. What this means is that
melting paint creates a toxic compound
that requires Hazmat guidelines for
safe disposal.”
Conversely, Motsenbocker explained,
water-based Lift Off strippers break the
bond between the paint and the surface,
creating an inert compound that allows
for safe, trash disposal.”
Apply Enough Material
“Be sure to apply an adequate
amount of paint stripper and test to
determine proper dwell time for the
type of coating being removed,” advised
John Bennett of Eco-Safety Products.
“Whether you have one coat at 1-mil
thick or 30 coats at 30-mils thick, you
have to apply enough material that allows the chemical to work through the
layers in order to release that coating
from the substrate it is
are easily determined,”
applied to. Let the chemhe said. “Furthermore,
ical do the work.”
dwell times for the speAfter stripping is
cific project are concompleted, Bennett
cluded, meaning PEEL
stressed that it is imAWAY® 1 Heavy Duty
portant to do a final
Paint Remover can
cleaning or degreasing
safely remove 32 plus
to ensure all residue is
coats of paint in a sinremoved. “Otherwise,
gle application within
you will leave a bond
a predetermined time
breaker for any new
frame. This is criticoating material that
cal information that is
may be applied,” he
needed throughout all
phases of the project
from Eco-Safety Products.
Bennett added that
that includes planning,
it’s important to strike a balance of
estimating, and managing the project
cost, sustainability and performance.
once the work begins.”
Conduct Test Patches
Streamline for Profitability
“In order for professional painting contractors and end users to be
successful with any form of paint
removal, they need to properly train
their employees (product knowledge),
demonstrate products, and be willing
to conduct a test patch to determine
the optimal removal system for any
given project,” said John Petroci, president/CEO of Dumond Chemicals Inc.,
manufacturer of PEEL AWAY® Heavy
Duty Paint Remover.
“Once the testing is completed, the
end-user clearly understands the removal process and both material and
labor cost associated with the project
“Carry key products that will work
in a majority of situations,” advised
Chas Wolfson of Samax. “Two or three
of our products will cover 80 percent of
the paint stripping situations. If you’re
able to cover 80 percent of the problems out there, you’ll be profitable.
And for the other 20 percent, give us
a call and we’ll direct you to the right
product. We have about 25 products.
You don’t need to stock them all.”
In the case of Samax’s product line,
Wolfson recommended that dealers
stock Original Rock Miracle Universal Paint Remover, a fast-acting, superstrong semi-paste that removes all types
John Petroci of Dumond Chemicals Inc. stressed the importance of test
patches. For the pictured project, test patches determined that Smart
Strip and Smart Strip PRO, with and without the use of Peel Away Paper,
were needed to successfully removed 12-plus coats of various solid color
stains in a single application.
September 2012 P D R
SOY•Gel Paint Stripper
from Franmar is a safe,
low-odor biodegradable
paint stripper.
of coatings; Multi-Coat Liquefier, a
paste that removes up to 30-plus coats
in one application; Upta 6, an environmentally safer formulated gel stripper;
and perhaps ProStrip 1, an environmentally safer formulated paste.
“In those three to four products,
you will cover the majority of situations,” Wolfson said. “I understand
why some companies encourage you
to carry a larger selection—more
products means more shelf space.
However, it’s better for the retailer to
sell more of fewer products than less of
more products. We believe in carrying
a streamlined selection. The retailer
makes more profit, and what’s the point
if you’re not making a profit?”
Let the Stripper Do the Work
“I think one misconception consumers have is that there is a lot of work in
stripping paint and stain from a piece
of wood, metal, etc.,” said Michele
Margotta Neary, public relations director of United Gilsonite Laboratories.
In reality, Margotta Neary observed,
“If a dealer carries a stripper they really
believe in, they know that the stripper will do all of the work. If you let
a stripper sit on a surface’s coating for
from five to 30 minutes, depending on
the coating and number of layers being
stripped, a consumer should easily be
able to remove the softened finish. If
a second coat is necessary, it is best to
apply over the first coat of remover.”
Promotional Advice
Manufacturers also had advice to
share on how to sell, merchandise,
September 2012 P D R
market and promote paint strippers.
Saras urges retailers to use social
media and other resources to spark
their customer’s imaginations. “With
the advent of Pinterest and HGTV,
customers are itching to get their hands
dirty and try something daring,” she
said. “Customers have thousands of
ideas about projects they can tackle. It’s
the retailer’s job to arm them with the
products and knowledge they need.”
With the growing popularity of Pinterest, Saras advised, “It may be a good
idea for the retailer to cruise around Pinterest and find some really great project
ideas. Make a ‘pin board’ in the store
of ideas and change it out frequently.
Customers, especially woman, will be
drawn to this type of marketing.”
Motsenbocker recommended positioning Lift Off products in the provided display cases, which holds four
to six units. “National retailers have
experienced upward of a 55-percent
increase in sales with the display cases.
We also recommend the retailers cross
market the other products necessary for
stripping paint and varnish, including
wire brushes, towels, Scotch-Brite™
pads and other supplies necessary to
complete the job,” he said.
According to Motsenbocker, recent statistics show that upward of 80
percent of paint sales are latex-based
products. “Therefore, highlighting and
cross-marketing latex-based paint and
Lift Off’s Latex-Based Paint Remover
should be a part of the in-store promotional program.”
Davenport stressed marketing the
eco-friendly cleaners. “We believe that
retailers should promote any green
product over a petroleum product, just
for the fact it’s more safe for the user/
consumer and for the earth. For promoting SOY-Gel, retailers can easily
promote the product being made from
soybeans, is easy to work with and will
not burn or harm the user.”
To become familiar with the products, Davenport stressed the importance of trying them. “If a retailer or
salesman ever has the opportunity to
try SOY-Gel or the products they sell,
they will become believers of using
SOY-Gel and can more easily sell
the product. Just being able to talk
from experience of using the product
is a sure sale. We have also had some
retailers have great success having a
demonstration day in their stores. They
set up a time usually on a weekend,
and will use SOY-Gel to strip down
a piece of furniture right in the store
and customers can stop by and see the
product in action.”
Josephson recommended that independent retailers focus on a strong brand
with a good/better/best offering that is
not available in big boxes and mass merchants. “This helps retailers make the
shopping experience simpler, easier, and
more understandable for their customers—both pros and consumers alike,”
he said. “It will also improve inventory
turns and increase sales.”
“I believe Savogran has made major
contributions to the remover category
with innovative packaging and merchandising ideas specifically,” said
Savogran’s Steve McLean. He noted
the importance of add-on sales opportunities.
In order for paint dealers and end
users to be successful within the re-
moval category, they need to properly
train their employees, demonstrate
products and be willing to apply difference removers to customer projects
to determine the right stripper for the
job, Margotta Neary said.
“This is especially important when
dealing with a historic renovations
and larger paint removal projects,” she
said. “Paints, shellacs, varnishes and
polyurethanes are all different when
you travel through history. Determining the best product is really an area
independent dealers can excel over the
big boxes.”
Margotta Neary also stressed the
importance of product packaging.
“The main information about any
stripper product needs to be conveyed
on the product packaging,” she said.
“Features and benefits must be easily
comprehended by the consumer. The
stripper category is not one that is typically explained via POP brochures or
detailed signage.”
Take time to work with the customer
to make the sale, Margotta Neary further advised. “Most DIY customers
are not going to know which specific
coating is the on their project. So, to
know that they are going to have your
guidance will really make them secure
with their purchase.”
Petroci likewise stressed the importance of education in order to succeed
in this category, noting that Dumond
had placed strong emphasis on training
in recent years.
“Dumond sales and product training continue to serve as the bridge
between the company and our distribution network. Training immediately
enables both store personnel and sales
representatives to increase sales simply
through solution selling,” Petroci said.
“Our breadth of line solves problems,
achieves proper surface preparation to
ensure the success of recommended
coating systems, enhance aesthetics,
and reduces labor cost associated with
our respected product categories.”
According to Petroci, paint stores
and painting professionals who have
embraced Dumond’s training programs are positioning their business
for rapid growth. “Our distributors and
end-users are highly encouraged to
view Dumond as an extension to their
business when facilitating the sales
process,” he said.
In addition, Petroci urged retailers to
use in-store displays and effective sales
and marketing tools to promote sale of
the PEEL AWAY line. He also advocated product demonstrations. “Product
demonstrations are a powerful sales tool
because ‘seeing is believing,’ ” Petroci
said. “Furthermore, a first-hand testimonial spawns both confidence and
credibility during the sales process.”
Walters’ advice for the Klean-Strip
line is to merchandise all the products.
“Consumer education materials should
be available to guide the consumer to
the correct products,” she said. “It is
also recommended to have the necessary project tools, like scrapers, cloths,
etc. near the section.”
Newman, meanwhile, recommended
a dedicated section in the store for environmentally friendly or “greener”
products with literature and helpful
POP to educate the consumer. “Store
personnel should also be educated as
that is extremely important,” Newman
said. “Some of these products may be a
little higher in price, but can also save
you a lot of money in the long run.”
Wolfson also stressed the importance of education and promotion. “We
have a lot of information on our website,” he said, advising retailers to use
their suppliers as extensions of their
own knowledge and to never hesitate
to ask for their advice.
“Don’t overreach your knowledge,”
Wolfson added. “Keep it simple. If
you go beyond your knowledge, that’s
the quickest way to get in trouble. If
you’re not sure of the best way to remove a coating, don’t guess. Rely on
your suppliers’ expertise. We’re here
to help. That’s why we have a customer
service department. If you’re not sure,
it’s always best to ask.” n
A Sampling of Your Stripper Options
Below is a cross-section of many of the top products available on the market.
Absolute Coatings’ Zip-Strip line
of paint and finish removers features
the right remover for every job. “Our best-selling Zip-Strip Premium (in the familiar yellow and black
cans) is now even better, because it is
water-rinsable,” Josephson said. “It
is asked for by name more than any
other brand.”
The Zip-Strip line also includes
Zip-Strip Industrial, featuring a higher
September 2012 P D R
level of methylene chloride; Zip-Strip
Trigger Spray, the premium formula in
a spray version; Zip-Strip Contractors
Plus, a value-priced stripper for jobs
with fewer coats; Zip-Strip Brush &
Roller Cleaner; and Zip-Strip Premium
Green, which has a water-based environmental formula.
Dumond Chemicals Inc. has been
manufacturing and supplying innovative and environmentally safe paint
removal systems under the Peel Away®
brand to paint retailers since 1981. The
introduction of Peel Away® 1 was the
industry’s “first” safe paint removal
system and an effective alternative to
open flames, heat guns, sanding and
traditional blasting methods while
minimizing or eliminating containment procedures.
Peel Away 1 Heavy-Duty Paint Remover is an industry leader for historic
restoration and lead abatement. Peel
Away 1 has been the No. 1 choice of
professionals and a category leader
for more than 30 years, offering brand
equity and market share that equates
to increased sales and margin dollars
for the paint stores.
This environmentally safe “complete” removal system includes CitriLize™ Neutralizer, pH Test Kit, Peel
Away Paper, Peel Away Tool and simplified instructions. Remove up to 30
coats of paint in a single application
with the water-based, non-flammable,
no-odor and zero-VOC formulation.
This user-friendly “complete” paint removal system is appropriate for all customer types (DIY, pro and industrial).
It addresses and solves environmental
challenges while complying with the
April 2010 EPA RRP lead-safe laws.
Also from Dumond Chemicals,
SMART STRIP Advanced Paint Remover is the safest, most effective and
environmentally friendly method to
remove virtually any coating from any
surface. SMART STRIP removes up
to 15 coats of paint in a
main objective with our
single application withtechnology is to quickly
out requiring neutralizapenetrate and release the
tion or use of the Peel
coating from the substrate
Away paper, outperformwithout leaving oily resiing competitive brands
dues that are difficult to
and offering cost savings
clean thoroughly.”
when comparing labor and
Franmar Chemical
material cost per square
Inc. sells two primary
foot. Formulated without
paint strippers. SOY-Gel
methylene chloride, causand SOY-Strip. “SOY-Gel
tic or toxic chemicals, this
is our most popular paint
100-percent biodegradstripper and is sold world
able, non-flammable and
wide,” Davenport said.
water-based product offers
“SOY-Gel is great due to
easy one-step brush, roll SuperTuff™ Renew Deck its neat features and being
Stripper from Trimaco.
or spray application.
it is made from soybeans.
Eco-Safety Products
Most consumers find it remanufactures EcoBest GEL Paint
ally interesting that soy can strip paint.
Stripper (consumer brand) and EcoFast
So we receive the ‘wow’ factor all the
(professional brand) line of paint striptime at trade shows when we demonpers. “We utilize organic and bio-based
strate the product.”
(soy ester) solvents to replace methylene
SOY-Strip is SOY-Gel’s “big
chloride and other hazardous solvents,”
brother,” intended for tough-to-remove
said the company’s John Bennett. “The
paints, especially in the marine boating
Off® PVR will remove
the varnish and stain
down to the raw wood.
The product removes
solvent- and waterbased paints, varnishes
and lacquers from
wood, metal, brick and
stone surfaces.
“Antique refinishers
like the gel formula because it holds to the surKlean-Strip’s line of methylene chloride-based strippers include Premium Stripper, Strip-X Stripper,
face, especially scrolled
Premium Stripper and KS-3 Premium Stripper.
and carved, detailed
world for removing antifouling paint
WM Barr also offers Citristrip Safer
furniture and stairwells that may reon the bottom of boats. “Both strippers
Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel, which
quire vertical as well as horizontal
are made from soybeans, have virtucontains no methylene chloride and
applications,” Motsenbocker said.
ally no odor, remove multiple layers
has a pleasant orange scent. It removes
Lift Off® Spray Paint & Graffiti Reof paint in one application, will not
paint, varnish and polyurethane from
mover can be used on factory-finished
burn the skin, can be used indoors or
wood, metal and masonry. The product
surfaces to remove overspray and tags.
outdoors, feature easy degreaser or
works in 30 minutes but stays wet and
Utility boxes, waste receptacles, garage
water clean-up,” Davenport explained.
active for up to 24 hours.
doors and vehicles are some of the
WM Barr offers Klean-Strip®
Motsenbocker’s Lift Off® has three
surfaces that are frequently removed
methylene chloride-based strippers,
different products that fall into this
of graffiti with Lift Off Spray Paint &
the number one line of strippers. The
category: Lift Off® Paint & Varnish
Graffiti Remover. Non-painted, porous
line includes:
Remover. Spray Paint & Graffiti Resurfaces, such as brick, concrete and
• Klean-Strip® Premium KS-3 Stripmover and Latex Paint Remover. All
stucco, can also be cleaned of spray
per, a powerful, paste formula that
three products are patented, waterpaint and graffiti.
removes paint, epoxy & polyurethane
based, and have earned certification by
“For these applications we recomfrom wood, metal and masonry in 15
Oakland-based Scientific Certification
mend applying Lift Off Spray Paint &
minutes or less.
Systems as biodegradable in the bottle
Graffiti Remover, then using a wire
• K lean-Strip Premium Sprayable
and after application.
brush to agitate the porous surface,”
Stripper, featuring all the strength
Non-flammable Lift Off® Paint &
Motsenbocker said. “The final step
of Premium KS-3 formula but in a
Varnish Remover (PVR) works on wood
(another Lift Off patented process) is to
sprayable form to remove finishes
furniture, floors and window and door
use a high-pressure water system that
from intricate detailing, grooves and
trim. With a couple of applications and
helps lift off the paint. The paint chips
the use of a scraper and wire pads, Lift
that will be the result of this process
• K lean-Strip ® Premium Color
can then be safely discarded.”
Change Stripper, which combines
Finally, Lift Off® Latex Paint
the strength of methylene chloride
Remover eliminates low-, semi- and
with a patented, color change techhigh-gloss paints, as well as waternology that tells the user when it is
based sealers and latex stains. It can
ready to strip.
be used on hard surfaces, including
• K lean-Strip® Strip-X® Stripper,
concrete, brick, tile and stone, as
which removes stain from wood
well as carpeting and clothing that
and removes varnish and paint
is stained with overspray.
from wood, metal and masonry in
Old Masters has divided its paint
30 minutes or less.
removers into three categories based
•K lean-Strip® Klean-Kutter Reon strength. “TM-1 Liquid Remover
mover, a liquid formula that disis a fast-acting remover in a liquid
solves clear finishes—i.e., varnish,
form,” Saras said. “It is strong but
lacquer, polyurethane, shellac,
gentle enough to remove old finishes
etc.—from all types of wood in
from furniture and antiques, and also
30 minutes or less.
Strip-Tox from Sunnyside’s Back to Nature.
ideal for dipping and soaking.”
September 2012 P D R
TM-3 Semi-Paste Remover is a professional quality remover, allowing
it to quickly penetrate and dissolve
old finishes—great for vertical and
horizontal surfaces. A long wet edge
makes it ideal for large projects
TM-4 Heavy Duty Remover, meanwhile, is one of the strongest removers on the market today. As Saras
explained, “It remains a contractor
favorite as it easily strips paint, varnish, epoxy, stain, marine alkyds, and
clear finishes. Like TM-3, an extended
wet edge makes large projects easier.”
Samax Inc. features more than 25
paint removers in its line-up. The workhorse is Original Rock Miracle Paint
& Varnish Remover, available since
1936. This stripper speedily removes
all types of varnish, enamel, lacquer,
epoxies, vinyls, phenolics, acrylics,
urethanes, vinyl and linoleum tiles.
Another key product in the Rock
Miracle line is Multi-Coat Liquefier,
which removes up to 30-plus coats in
one application. A selection of environmental safer strippers from the lineup
include ProStrip 1, a paste formulated
for removal of lead paint from wood,
metal and masonry surfaces, and Upta6, a multi-layer stripper that removes
most projects in one step and is also
well-suited for lead paint removal.
Savogran continues to manufacture
chemical removers. Strypeeze was developed in 1938 and remains the “original” when it comes to paint strippers in
the category. SuperStrip, a methylene
chloride-based formula is a best seller
with contractors and homeowners who
wants a fast-acting product. The company offers removers using NMP, DBE
and benzyl alcohol formulations. Products include Strypeeze Biodegradable
and Savogran Industrial Removers.
Sunnyside Corp., has several different removers under its Back To Nature
name, including the Ready Strip brand.
This brand encompasses Multi Strip,
Ultra Strip, Strip Tox, Clean-n dip,
among others.
“We’ve taken the guessing game
out of when to remove paint with our
patented ‘color-changing’ system in
ZAR Paint & Varnish Remover from UGL.
our Ready Strip and Ready Strip Pro
products,” Newman said. “With its
unique cling ability and the products
being virtually odorless, you can strip
paint in the comfort of your own home
or tackle any exterior project.”
Multi Strip and Ultra Strip are
two staples for the commercial market. “They’re both environmentally
friendly, yet capable of removing 15
to 25 layers of paint and varnish, twopart epoxies and tougher urethanes,”
Newman said.
The line also includes Strip Tox,
The original Rock Miracle Paint &
Varnish Remover from Samax.
featuring patented pretox 2000™ technology that will render lead paint nonhazardous for disposal. Finally, Cleann-dip is a liquid-based remover used
to clean and remove paint from spray
equipment also using safer chemicals.
Trimaco offers SuperTuff™ Renew
Deck Stripper, a highly concentrated,
alkaline formulation manufactured to
quickly remove old and worn stains
and sealers from wood surfaces prior
to the application of new finishes. Onegallon concentrate covers more than
2,000 square feet.
SuperTuff Renew Deck Stripper is
thickened so that it stays put, unlike
many other strippers on the market
that run away from the substrate soon
after being applied. This means the
product reacts with the substrate on
a continuous basis, even in hard-toreach areas. The consistency allows
the user to choose how to apply SuperTuff Renew Deck Stripper. It is thick
enough to be applied by painting it on
the surface or thin enough for it to be
applied through a pump up sprayer.
While some strippers remove the
coating by burning it off, which means
there’s a risk of also burning what is
underneath, SuperTuff Renew Deck
Stripper removes the coating without
damaging the substrate underneath.
First, the combination of alkaline
materials used in the formula “jump
start” the removal of oils, greases and
ultimately the coating by softening the
top coat. Then, the low-VOC solvents
and surfactants, rated environmentally
friendly and biodegradable by the EPA,
remove the coating and clean the substrate beneath. What’s left is a clean,
finish-free surface, prepped for your
new stain or paint job.
United Gilsonite Laboratories
makes ZAR Paint & Varnish Remover.
“This is a semi-paste formula that is
super strong and fast-acting at removing multiple layers of paint, varnish,
shellac, synthetic and polyurethanes,”
Margotta Neary reported. In addition,
it is non-flammable, with a semi-paste
formula that makes it ideal for vertical
and horizontal surfaces. n
P D R September 2012
Looking Sharp
from Start to Finish
Painter’s Tape Keeps Edges Clean, Sharp
While Dropcloths Offer Ultimate Protection
sing quality painter’s tape
and other masking products
get a project off to a good
start. They protect the surfaces you
don’t want painted and give a clean,
sharp dichotomy between the newly
painted surface and the surroundings.
A quality dropcloth, meanwhile, offers
necessary protection during the course
of the painting project, ensuring that
the product has a successful finish.
By selling these product categories
effectively, you can help ensure your
customers’ ultimate satisfaction. Just
make sure they don’t leave your store
without purchasing these products because in virtually every circumstance,
they’ll be glad they did.
The family of ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape from 3M.
ing tape,” said Laetitia Kasl, senior
category manager for Painting Tapes
at ShurTech Brands, which markets
FrogTape® brand painter’s tape as well
as other do-it-yourself tapes, office and
housewares products.
There are a variety of traits you
should look for in selling a painter’s
tape. “Trimaco recommends choosing
tapes specifically designed to leave
a clean straight line and no bleedthrough as well as a clean release,”
stated Nicola Rushin, marketing manager for Trimaco, LLC. “This means
no wasted time touching up at the end
of a job, saving the end-user time and
Trends in Painter’s Tape
The key to the painter’s tape market
is to offer quality choices that enhance
the final look of the project.
“No matter how small or large a
paint project is, the end goal is to have
the finished product look professional
and polished. To accomplish this, it
is important to select and invest in
the appropriate tools such as paint-
IPG’s Bloc-It™ with edge-blocking technology and Pro-Mask ® Blue.
P D R September 2012
money—a reason why many choose
Easy Mask® KleenEdge® Painting
Jerry Szpotek, ScotchBlue Brand
Manager from 3M, noted a trend toward higher-quality tape. “Painting
projects continue to be the primary
low-cost house renovation for DIYers,”
he said. “DIYers are continuing to shift
away from beige, general-purpose
masking tapes to premium painter’s
tape and are accepting tape products
with edge coating in order to achieve
professional results.”
Wade Bowman, 3M Marketing
Manager, reported that reducing cleanup time is another popular trend. 3M
FrogTape ® brand painter’s tape includes both Multi-Surface and Delicate versions.
has many products that can help in
Tape Original Multi-Use #2090 with
this arena, he said, including the 3M™
25 years of proven performance; for
Hand-Masker™ Advanced Masking
use on walls, trim, woodwork and
Film, which can be a time saver over
glass; ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape
standard plastic or paper since it is
Multi-Surface with Edge-Lock™
flake-resistant, creating less mess,
Paint Line Protector #2093EL, offerand the 3M™ Hand-Masker™ Floor
ing super sharp paint lines for use on
Gripper Anti-Slip Runners, which probaseboards, trim, metal and glass;
vide leak-proof, puncture and solventand ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape
resistant protection. “This product
Delicate Surfaces with Edgeuses a non-adhesive, non-damaging,
Lock™ Paint Line Protecrepositionable technology to grip
tor #2080EL, offering super
floors and other surfaces while
paint lines for use on
reducing the risk of slipping,” he
walls, cabinets, wood floors
and freshly painted surfaces
Among the advancements in
(24 hours old).
the tape category are products with
Trimaco’s Easy Mask painter’s tape lineup includes
3M™ Hand-Masker™
edge-coating technology to prevent KleenEdge® Perfect Edge™ and KleenEdge® Low
bleeding, reported Timothy Brown, Tack™ painting tapes, designed to help create a clean, products include 3M™ HandMasker™ M3000 Dispenser,
Vice President of Sales—Consumer/ straight line and no bleed-through.
featuring easy grip handle,
HVAC/Building & Construction for
tape hub, tracking pin,
IPG . IPG addresses this advanceremains
tack-down tape disment with Bloc-it™, a fine structured
demand for tapes designed for use on
penser mount, recrepe paper with special edge-coating
delicate and specialty surfaces will
inforced molded
technology designed to prevent paint
plastic, backlash
“bleed,” one of the most common problems with painter’s tape.
Tapes & Masking Products
“Products with edge-coating techProduct selection in the painter’s
nology to prevent paint bleeding still
category ensures that every cusonly account for 20 to 30 percent of
type, both DIY and professional,
the tape market, so there is plenty of
has the right product for the job at
headroom for further growth in this
hand. Whether masking baseboards,
area,” Brown said. “All indications are
ceiling lines, newly painted surfaces,
that the market will continue to evolve
wallpaper or other surfaces, there is
in this direction.”
a tape for the job at hand.
Brown also noted that trends back a
3M offers ScotchBlue™ Painter’s
Vibac Group brand of masking tape.
more delicate-touch tape. “Wallpaper70
September 2012 P D R
arm. This masking tool also comes
in a kit that consists of a dispenser,
cutting blade, pre-folded masking film
and masking tape that allow a single
painter to quickly and easily mask a
According to 3M, flexibility is
key to choosing a masking system. It
should work with a wide array of both
tapes and films and allow contractors
to easily switch out the tape and film
based on the job at hand. It’s also best
to work with components that are designed to work together. For example,
3M tapes are engineered with a smooth
and consistent unwind for easier dispensing from the masking tool.
Also from 3M is 3M™ HandMasker™ Advanced Masking Film,
which is ultra flake-resistant, provides
multiple coat applications, maximizes
paint anchorage and minimizes flaking;
3M™ Hand-Masker™ Painter’s Plastic
Plus, which has static cling to stay in
place, offers high density, flake-resistant
film, is lacquer and solvent-resistant, and
available in two sizes, 9- or 12-feet; and
3M™ Hand-Masker™ Floor Gripper
Anti-Slip Runner, which is leak-proof
and puncture-resistant, reusable and
lightweight, non-adhesive technology.
The FrogTape® brand, meanwhile,
features a premium
painting tape that is
great for creating designs and patterns on
walls. “Treated with
PaintBlock® Technology, FrogTape® prevents paint bleed and
helps deliver crisp,
sharp lines,” Kasl
said. “This revolutionary technology allows
users to obtain professional results even if
they are not a paint
contractor by trade.”
When choosing a
painter’s tape, it is important to choose the
right grade, Kasl said.
FrogTape® comes in two
different adhesive tech72
September 2012 P D R
3M Hand-Masker M3000
features easy grip handle, threepoint tape hub, tracking pin, tack-down
tape dispenser mount, reinforced molded
plastic and backlash arm.
nologies to accommodate
a multitude of painting
surfaces. FrogTape ®
Multi-Surface has a medium adhesion that can
be used on cured painted
walls, wood trim, glass
and metal. FrogTape®
Delicate Surface has a
lower adhesion to prevent
damage on surfaces such
as fresh paint (at least 24
hours old), wallpaper and
faux finishes.
ZipWall introduces the ZipDoor kit, the company’s newest
“One trend that seems dust-barrier product designed to speed door coverage.
to be growing in popularity is experimenting with paint to incoat of paint or an intricate design.”
expensively transform a room,” Kasl
Kasl added that FrogTape® is the
said. “FrogTape brand painter’s tape
only painter’s tape treated with Paintcreates­clean, crisp paint lines,
Block® Technology. PaintBlock® is a
ideal for decorative paintsuper-absorbent polymer that reacts
ing techniques that will add
with latex paint and instantly gels to
color and personal style to
form a micro-barrier that seals the
any room. It’s often used to
edges of the tape, preventing paint
paint stripes, trendy zig-zag
bleed. The result is sharp paint lines
chevron patterns and even
and less time spent on touch-ups.
wall murals. Because it can
Charlie Reaves, Vice President of
be used on multiple surface
Trimaco, LLC, noted that flat-back tapes
types, FrogTape® is also
are gaining in market share. Flat-back
being used to decorate furtapes are included in Trimaco’s Easy
niture and accessories such
Mask painter’s tape line. There are
as vases, lamps and rugs.
a total of four choices of Easy Mask
FrogTape® gives DIYers
painter’s tape.
the ability and confidence
KleenEdge® Perfect Edge™ and
to bring their ideas to life
KleenEdge® Low Tack™ Painting
whether it’s with a simple
Tapes are flat paper tapes specifically
designed to help create a clean straight
A display for
line and no bleed-through. “They allow
ScotchBlue™ from 3M.
a clean release, which means no residue
left behind to clean up at the end of
the job,” Rushin said. She added that
KleenEdge® Perfect Edge™ Painting
Tape is for use on a variety of surfaces
and KleenEdge® Low Tack™ Painting
Tape is specially designed for delicate
Also part of the Easy Mask painter’s
tape line is KleenEdge® Painting Tape,
a pre-taped kraft paper tape with an
uncoated portion to catch spills. “It helps
the painter create straight lines while
providing extra protection. It is quick
and easy to apply and remove and comes
in a variety of widths,” Rushin said.
Rounding out the line is BluEdge®
Painting Tape, a premium crepe paper
tape that removes cleanly and easily,
even if exposed to direct sunlight.
The Easy Mask® line from Trimaco
also includes high-quality hand maskers,
blades, plastic sheeting, masking films
and papers, as well as pre-taped masking
films. For convenience, there is also the
QM5000 PRO™ Starter Kit—it comes
with everything needed to start masking.
Trimaco has observed that masking
film products in general are trending
up as more people realize their many
uses and benefits. Rushin talked about
the importance of using a masker with
a comfortable handle to reduce fatigue,
such as the Easy Mask® QM5000.
“Choose a masking film that clings
to most surfaces, attracts overspray
and withstands multiple coats without flaking,” Rushin advised. “When
masking windows, select a film that
will let in plenty of light. As well as
providing these characteristics, Easy
Mask® Premium Masking Film has a
wide lip at the top of the roll, which
makes unfolding it quick and easy.”
IPG features a full range of painter’s
tape. The aforementioned Bloc-it™ is
treated with IPG’s proprietary PST 16
formulated to prevent paint seepage
under tape edges.
“The tape eliminates messy lines
and the need to go back and touch up
rough spots with a brush,” Brown said.
“Bloc-it also delivers easy-on, easyoff clean release technology with UV
resistance for performance of up to 14
days of direct sunlight and much long­er
indoors. Its conformability around
difficult areas such as light switches,
moldings, window sashes and door
frames also results in clean paint lines
that require little to no touch-up.”
Also in the IPG line-up is ProMask®
Blue, a blue fine crepe paper masking
tape with a specially formulated, pressure-sensitive synthetic rubber adhesive
designed for exposure to sunlight for up
to 14 days. “Its smooth backing is designed to reduce fingertip abrasion and
deliver superior paint lines, tear strength
and conformability,” Brown said.
Coated for excellent resistance to
UV rays up to 14 days, ProMask® Blue
can be used on lacquered or polyurethane coated surfaces; unfinished
wood; wallpaper; new, unpainted, or
freshly painted wallboard; wherever
which provide superior flexibility around edges, corners
and irregular surfaces. They
are manufactured from synthetic rubber adhesive, which
provides stronger holding
power, superior draping ability and better outdoor UV
Serving a broad range of
applications with its lineup
of masking products is Vibac Group Inc. With more
than 40 years of experience
in the manufacturing of different kinds of adhesive tapes,
Vibac has three categories
in its masking product line:
The Paint Stopper from Mutual Dropcloth is endorsed general-­purpose masking
by Kimberly Lacy of HGTV.
tape, painter’s masking tape
and automotive masking tape.
masking is exposed to weather/outIn the case of painter’s masking
of-doors conditions; and for interior
tape, Vibac’s products are natural
masking of windows (where adhesive
rubber masking tape for painting apwill be directly exposed to sunlight).
plications. Their advantages include:
Other tapes from IPG include:
no bleed, sharp lines after removal,
• PG-29™, a beige, fine crepe paper
available in several colors to match
masking tape with a low-tack, presdifferent consumers’ needs, ideal for
sure-sensitive synthetic rubber/resin
DIY, very competitive quality/price
adhesive and non-printable­release
ratio and a natural rubber adhesive that
coat. Ideal for interior masking
for new home construction and
home improvement, PG-29 is a
premium-grade masking tape that
has lower adhesion for easy removal without damaging delicate
surfaces. “Smooth to the touch and
easy to work with, it resists paint
flaking upon removal and provides
a straight, clean paint-break line,”
Brown said.
•PG-5™, a beige premium professional-grade masking tape, featuring smooth crepe paper with a
pressure-sensitive natural rubber
adhesive. This three-day tape offers an excellent balance of quick
stick, panel adhesion and holding
properties. It is recommended for
most paint masking applications
where excellent cornering with
clean removal is desired.
One Tuff™ Professional Grade Dropcloth from
All of the above products are made Trimaco is absorbent, tear-resistant, durable
in the USA. They are fine crepe tapes, and reusable.
September 2012 P D R
is environmentally friendly.
“The majority of masking tape
manufacturers are offering thinner
products. A thinner masking tape is
user-friendly and more environmental
friendly,” said Younes Hajoui, MBA,
who serves as marketing coordinator
for the firm.
Hajoui also sees a trend toward
new colors. “A couple of years ago,
the majority of masking tapes were
ivory. Nowadays, all the manufacturers
have a wide line of colored masking
tapes—blue, green, yellow, etc.”
Ever-Expanding Offerings
The world of masking products
is ever-expanding. ZipWall, which
manufactures and sells ZipWall Barrier System Products designed to aid
dust containment in painting and other
types of projects, recently added two
new products to complement its existing product lineup.
One of the products, the ZipDoor
kit, is ideal for residential or commercial applications, particularly with
high numbers of doorways. Featuring
ZipWall’s new double-sided tape and
heavy duty, glued-in zippers, the ZipDoor installs in under one minute
to provide a complete dust barrier.
Made of 4 mil plastic sheeting, the
ZipDoor is available nationwide
in standard and commercial sizes.
The commercial door is also fireretardant.
“Doors are obviously one of the
most problematic areas for dust
containment, especially at sites like
hospitals and commercial buildings,”
said ZipWall President Jeff Whittemore. “Because one person can
install it in less than a minute, the
ZipDoor can save time and money
on every job.”
The ZipDoor’s two pre-installed,
heavy-duty zippers are glued on for
maximum sheer strength. Sewn-in
zippers perforate the sheeting and
can tear when pulled. The zippers
also extend to the floor, eliminating
the tripping hazard of a hatch-style
door. When open, the door flap rolls
up and stows easily in the provided
flap hooks.
“Because it’s so quick to install and
because it’s a zipper door, we expect
the ZipDoor kit to outperform the door
coverage specified in the EPA RRP
Rule,” said Whittemore. “Compliance
will be easier than ever with the ZipDoor, especially on jobs with lots of
doors to be covered.”
Attaching the ZipDoor to the doorframe is accomplished with another
new product, ZipWall’s new proprietary double-sided tape. ZipWall tape
uses a paper carrier, so it tears easily,
no scissors or utility knife needed.
The new ZipWall Tape is doublesided, with one side performing like
painter’s tape while the other side has
an adhesive specially designed to hold
plastic sheeting and can be repositioned
for up to an hour after placement. This
is a lower-cost alternative compared
to using traditional tapes with plastic
sheeting and is more secure.
Advice for Selling Tape
Selling tape is more than a matter
of putting the products in a bin and
letting customers help themselves. You
need to carry a good mix of products
and display them well.
Kasl had several ideas to help retailer sell the category. “Dealers first
need to make sure they have the right
mix of painting tapes,” she said. She
suggested that this mix include: (1) a
small selection of basic beige tapes
for durable surfaces; (2) some colored
tapes for multi-surface applications;
and (3) FrogTape® Multi-Surface and
Delicate Surface for applications with
very sharp paint lines.
“One of the best ways for dealers
to increase their tape sales is through
proper education of their paint associates and customers,” Kasl said. “Helping customers select the right tape for
the right project and providing painting tips will build trust and loyalty. It
will also give dealers an opportunity
to trade their customers up to betterquality tapes, therefore increasing satisfaction and sales.”
Kasl recommended that retailers
feature their best product beyond the
paint set to encourage questions and
trial—for example, on an endcap by itself or cross-merchandising with other
paint tools by the paint counter.
She also suggested that retailers
place educational signage and brochures by the product and on the paint
counter, integrate inspirational imagery near the paint counter showing the
end results of using product, and also
organize how-to seminars.
“Another way to increase tape sales
is through promotional offers on higher
quality tape to encourage trial,” she
Szpotek recommended the following merchandising ideas: secondary
placement, including standalone and
countertop displays, particularly those
featuring Edge-Lock™ products, as
well as proper assortment of painter’s
tape SKUs so that the consumer has
the right product for their particular
Brown urged retailers to educate
consumers about the tapes available. “With the wide variety of different tapes available at many paint
retailers, more consumer education
is needed at the point of sale, so
customers aren’t pigeonholed into
buying only certain kinds of tape.
The onus is on both manufacturers
and retailers to help explain through
customer training and POS materials Poly-Coated Canvas Dropcloth from Galaxy Inc.
which tapes are best suited for the
their “value for performance” options
application at hand.”
can lead to upselling.”
It’s also critical to help customers
Hajoui stressed the importance of
understand the balance between price
and product knowledge as a
and performance, Brown added. “Not
means of selling tape effectively. “We
all customers need or can afford a prealways work to completely satisfy our
mium tape, but there are some who
customers; therefore, the training of the
want better performance than a lowcustomer service employees is a key
value tape affords, and are willing to
element so that they can offer the right
pay for it. Helping them to understand
product for each use—also, POP
material that educates the consumer
and explains the different uses of our
masking tapes.”
To promote its Easy Mask®
KleenEdge® tapes, Trimaco offers
a countertop display. “The three
types of Easy Mask painting tapes
are organized in a sturdy counter
display box, allowing your customers
to select the right tape for the job at
hand,” said Reaves.
Drop Cloth Options
Turning from the world of painter’s tape to the world of dropcloths,
the selection is equally as diverse
and comprehensive in terms of offering
the protection that your customers will
need to complete a job.
Mutual Dropcloth offers the wellknown Paint Stopper, now endorsed
by Kimberly Lacy, host of the popular HGTV show “Curb Appeal (The
“At Mutual Dropcloth, the key focus
is to protect the painter from costly
spills and leakage,” said Lance Dunn,
president of the company. “This is
achieved by using ‘The Paint Stopper’
(cotton material with butyl backing).”
Dunn reported that The Paint Stopper is absorbent, tear-resistant, prevents leakage and is reusable. Traditionally white in color, the product is
manufactured in the USA. In addition
to The Paint Stopper, the company’s
canvas (cotton) dropcloths are also
very popular, according to Dunn.
According to Dunn, there are several key characteristics to look for in
a dropcloth, among them: durability,
reusability and competitive pricing. “For this reason, I strongly recommend
‘The Paint Stopper.’ It is simply the
best when it comes to coverage whether
used or outdoor, and the price can’t be
beat,” he said.
As Dunn explained, a canvas drop
cloth will give you the needed splatter protection, but the Paint Stopper
with its triple coating prevents penetration. “For example, a canvas dropcloth
will protect you from a paint spill, but
if you constantly walk over the spill,
it will soak through.”
To avoid this problem, Dunn stressed
that The Paint Stopper is a must.
“It traps the paint spill between the
cloth and butyl backing. It is the correct
coverage for all your needs.”
The keys for selling the Paint Stopper is found in the name of the product
itself, Dunn added. “It does just what it
says—it stops the paint from leaking.”
Because the product is absorbent
and reusable, Dunn noted that it is
long-lasting. Another advantage is that
it is competitively priced. “Also, we
can private-label the product, and for
more exposure to your company, we
print your logo right on the dropcloth,”
Dunn reported. “We also have pointof-purchase swatch samples available
so people know that the made in USA
‘Paint Stopper’ is the best.”
Also well-known in the dropcloth
market is Chicago Dropcloth & Tarpaulin Co., which has been in business
since 1948 as a manufacturer of canvas
and butyl dropcloths.
“Our name is recognized throughout the industry for excellent and consistent quality,” said Brad Mangurten,
the company’s director of sales and
Unlike plastic dropcloths, canvas
and butyl dropcloths are reusable and
far more dependable, Mangurten explained. “Critical to the performance of
the product is that the material be tightly
woven. Spilling paint on a loosely woven
dropcloth defeats the purpose of putting
down the product. Purchasing a dependable product can protect a contractor’s
profits and reputation.”
Mangurten added that Chicago
Dropcloth also does many specialty
items, including the very popular vinyl
mesh “Catch-All” Dropcloth—ideal for
catching debris while pressure wash-
ing. “This allows for quick and
easy clean-up,” Mangurten said.
“With our unique, color-coded
packaging, the dropcloth category
in any store will make a strong
presence,” Mangurten said. “Inventories can be very simple with
one or two weights and three or
four sizes. While most contractors will think about applicators
and paint, store personnel should
remind their customers how important new, clean dropcloths can
be to the success of their job.” Speed Drops™ from Zibra, LLC are offered
At Galaxy Inc., premium qual- in both floor and stair versions.
ity dropcloths are part of the Paint
drips, thereby avoiding any paint
Essentials brand of paint sundries.
tracking as the paint drips do not
Naveen Goyal, president of Galaxy,
transfer as much to your feet.”
explained that the canvas dropcloths
Paint Essentials canvas dropin the Paint Essentials lineup offers
cloths are made of tightly woseveral advantages.
ven fabric—an important trait
“Canvas dropcloths offer superior
to trap paint spills and debris.
protection and safety as they stay put,
First-quality, virgin cotton yarn
especially on carpets and over furniis used to weave the fabric instead
ture,” Goyal said. “They soak the paint
of recycled yarn for better absorption
and durability. It also traps dust and
debris and cleanup is much easier.
“Poly-coated drop cloths provide
better protection against paint spills as
canvas absorbs, and polyethylene backing prevents any paint leaks,” Goyal
further explained.
counter. “The bright yellow fabric is
hard to miss by anyone and always
stimulates customers to ask and learn
more about the drops,” he said. “Zibra ships the Floor Drop™ and Stair
Drop™ in case-cut shelf cartons that
make it easy to add them to any existing gondola shelf.”
A dropcloth is a vital product for
protection on the jobsite. Thus, it’s
important to steer your customer to a
quality selection.
Chicago Dropcloth’s products are
recognized for consistent quality.
Goyal added that canvas dropcloths
are excellent add-ons to the paint sale
and all the sizes should be clearly displayed on the shelf with paint sundries.
“The shelves must be replenished regularly,” he recommended. “Sales personnel should try to find out the application
and recommend heavier dropcloths for
heavy-duty jobs or poly-coated or butyl
drop cloth for leak-proof protection.”
An innovative type of dropcloth
comes from Zibra, LLC. The product
is know as Speed Drops™, an innovative product using structured panel
technology to take the hassle out of
using conventional canvas, paper or
plastic drops.
Thanks to this structured panel
technology, the product is super fast
to set up and pack. Straight edges fit
snug along base trim. It has a nonskid underside, and it’s 100-percent
leakproof and also reusable.
“Conventional canvas, paper or plastic are time consuming to set up, and yet
often pull away from base trim, leaving
unprotected gaps,” said the company’s
Scott Pyle. “They also tend to bunch
up causing a tripping hazard. Speed
Drops™ are made with a uniquely
straight edge to fit snugly against base
trim. They eliminate taping and prep setup time, and anything that saves time on
the job saves money for the user. The flat
surface fabric top eliminates tripping.”
To promote Speed Drops, Pyle
recommended laying one out like a
welcome mat in front of the paint desk/
“For assurance that paint, stain and
solvent spills won’t leak through to the
floor or other surface being protected,
we recommend using a good quality,
durable dropcloth that offers the full
protection package and will stand the
test of time,” said Rushin. “Look for
one that is absorbent on top to reduce
paint tracking and that provides a slipresistant, leakproof backing to protect
the floor from spills, splatters, dirt
and dust.”
Rushin stressed the need to make
sure that the dropcloth you choose has
a backing that won’t delaminate, tear or
wear thin under normal working conditions. “Once a backing delaminates,
you no longer have leakproof protection,” she said. For reliable leakproof
protection, Trimaco recommends using
One Tuff™ and Eliminator™ Dropcloths, which both come in a variety of
sizes. Since they are drapable, they can
do double duty protecting furniture.
Trimaco’s selection of dropcloths is
quite diverse. “No matter what characteristics a customer is looking for in a dropcloth, whether they are leakproof, drapable, slip-resistant, reusable, absorbent,
disposable, environmentally friendly or
even padded, Trimaco has something to
meet their needs,” Rushin said.
Among the Trimaco dropcloth
choices are premium canvas (6 ounces
to 12 ounces), coated dropcloths such
as Eliminator™, One Tuff™, Old
School Heavyweight Butyl and Butyl
II, paper, paper/poly and plastic, as
well as other innovative options, such
as Stay Put™ Vinyl and EcoDrop™
Biodegradable Plastic Dropcloths.
Recently, Trimaco introduced the
One Tuff™ Quick Drop—perfect for
jobs where a full-sized dropcloth isn’t
needed, including touch-ups and hardto-reach spaces. “This easy-to-use folding mat employs the same technology
as the larger One Tuff™ Dropcloths
but in a convenient 2-by-7-feet size,”
Rushin said. “The slim folding design
makes it extremely portable.”
For those who want to protect the
environment as well as the jobsite, Trimaco offers environmentally friendly
options, including the EcoDrop™ Biodegradable Plastic Dropcloth.
Trimaco also offers a wide variety
of floor protectors in a roll, many of
which can also be used to protect other
A new product from Trimaco that
can be used to cover floors and mask
off just about any other area on a jobsite is CX3™ Revolutionary Surface
Technology. “This innovative surface
protector is a pressure-sensitive tacky
film that works on any floor or surface and leaves absolutely no residue,”
Rushin said. “With no adhesive added
to the film, there is no risk of leaving
it on too long—it still comes off clean.
It works on a variety of surfaces so,
in essence, it will cover all areas of
the jobsite: floors, walls, countertops,
windows, walkways and carpet.”
You can see this product in action
at www.cx3film.com.
Promoting the sale of dropcloths is
a matter of communicating their value
to the overall painting project.
“Emphasize that all of these products contribute to not only protecting
the jobsite but also save time, thus saving money,” Reaves said. “Everyone
knows that labor costs are huge and
masking properly saves a ton of time
and money.” n
SuperTuff™ Cleaning & Paint Prep Products
New technologies in chemistry were the impetus behind
Trimaco’s new product line that’s both
tough and eco-friendly
SOMETIMES, being the new kid
has its advantages.
Not that Trimaco, LLC is a new
company. Far from it. With more than
100 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying paint and textiles
sundries, it’s more a great-grandfather
than a newcomer. But the addition of
cleaning and paint prep chemicals in
2010 to the company’s product line
was a different story. It left many in
the industry scratching their collective heads.
That was the year Trimaco partnered with Solar Chemicals to create
its SuperTuff ™ line with products like
SuperTuff™ House Wash & Paint Prep
and SuperTuff™ E-Z Lift™ Wallpaper
Why this foray into the chemical
side of the industry?
Charlie Reaves, a vice president of
Trimaco, gets that question a lot.
“When we examined the paint prep
market with our manufacturing partner,
we realized there was an opportunity
to provide contractors and homeowners
with an alternative to the traditional
paint prep cleaners and degreasers that
are currently on the market. Today’s
paint prep products are either bleachbased or contain additives—often undeclared pesticides—to remove mold
and mildew stains.
“As we know, bleach is not a great
cleaner,” Reaves continues. “It’s effective on mold and mildew stains, but it’s
not a good cleaner on oils, grease and
grime. It doesn’t remove paint chalk
either. It’s just not effective on the typical soils that should be removed from
exterior surfaces prior to painting.”
Reaves adds: “We also thought about
the homeowner. Why would any homeowner want bleach or pesticides sprayed
all over a home, deck, patio, outdoor
furniture or shrubbery where the bleach
or pesticide could come into contact with
sensitive areas, people or family pets?”
With this in mind, Trimaco’s paint
prep products are highly concentrated
bleach-free and pesticide-free cleaners
and degreasers formulated to quickly
and effectively remove paint chalk,
grease and oils that are commonly found
on most home exterior surfaces.
Trimaco’s SuperTuff ™ House Wash
& Paint Prep and SuperTuff ™ Deck &
Roof Cleaner are both compatible with
bleach. The user simply adds bleach
to the mix for areas where mold and
mildew stains are an issue, so bleach
is only spread on the necessary areas
and not all over the home.
The SuperTuff ™ Cleaning & Paint
Prep products are also a great value.
Says Reaves: “Contractors in particular want to know two things: how
effective is it and what kind of value do
I get for my money?” Trimaco’s new
chemical line is a champion when it
comes to both.
P D R September 2012
Trimaco’s DfE-approved products meet the stringent standards established by the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, making them safer for people, pets and the
“By utilizing different chemical
tive and utilizes the newest technology.
technologies, we were able to provide
Trimaco’s SuperTuff ™ Cleaning
concentrated formulas that provide bet& Paint Prep products include:
ter coverage,” says Reaves. “In labora•S
uperTuff ™ House Wash & Paint
tory testing, and in the field, we found
Prep: Removes dirt, grease, oils,
our SuperTuff House Wash & Paint
paint chalking, mold/mildew stains
Prep, for example, covered more square
(with the addition of bleach) to get
footage than many of our competitors’
any home paint-ready; works on
products. It’s a great product and it
brick, vinyl, stucco or wood siding.
works. We really did our homework
uperTuff ™ Deck & Roof Cleaner:
and were quick to implement the latest
Water-based, this concentrated fortechnologies.”
mula removes oils, grease and dirt as
For homeowners and do-it-yourselfwell as mold/mildew stains (with the
ers, the eco-friendly properties also
addition of bleach). Can be used with
stand out.
pressure washer or pump sprayer.
“We use friendlier solvents and
• SuperTuff ™ Renew Deck Stripper:
surfactants than other
products on the market,”
says Reaves. “They are
Inhibits Mold and
newer chemicals that
Mildew for Jobs
maybe weren’t available
Large and Small
30 years ago. Other products on the market have
RIMACO’S EPA-registered
been the same for years
Mildew Control Mildewcide/
and years. Basically, we
Fungicide for Paint is much
just took advantage of
to mix into paint than conwhat was available.”
ventional pastes. No more squeezThis is where the newing to get out that last drop; simply
kid advantage comes in.
pour the liquid formula into your
Reaves compares it to
coating, mix and apply. So regardgoing to the same physiless of how big—or small—the job,
cian for decades because
it’s easy to utilize this add-in milof his experience only to
dewcide that inhibits mold, mildew,
find that a new doctor, alalgae and fungus on dry film.
though with less experi-
ence, has a fresh perspec82
September 2012 P D R
Removes oil, latex paint or stains from
deck surfaces. Water-based formula.
uperTuff ™ Foam Degreaser and
Latex Paint Remover: Water-based,
this latex paint and stain remover cuts
through dirt and grease in minutes.
• SuperTuff ™ Cleaner & Degreaser:
A non-butyl, low-odor formula
quickly and easily removes dirt,
grease and grime from painted walls,
stainless steel, carpet and tile.
uperTuff ™ Miracle Spot & Stain
Remover: Works in minutes on most
carpets to remove grease, paint, oil,
ink, crayon and more.
• SuperTuff ™ Mold & Mildew Stain
Eliminator: Cleans mold, mildew
and algae stains on the spot with no
scrubbing. Good for both interior and
Trimaco’s SuperTuff ™ line also includes eco-friendly products. Trimaco
already was headed in that direction
before the line debuted, with products
such as its EcoDrop™ Biodegradable
Plastic Dropcloth and the EcoDrop™
Paper Dropcloth. “We were definitely
in that mindset,” says Reaves.
Reaves says it’s the homeowners
who often put a higher priority on true
eco-friendly formulas. Although the
entire SuperTuff ™ line is gentler on the
environment, Trimaco was dedicated to
producing effective products in compli-
SuperTuff ™ Degreaser Latex Paint & Stain Remover is a water-based blend of
biodegradable surfactants, detergents and emulsifiers formulated to cut through dirt
and grease in minutes.
The left side of this house is
paint-ready after an application
of SuperTuff ™ House Wash &
Paint Prep; dirt, mildew and paint
chalking didn’t stand a chance.
ance with federal standards. Today, the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
recognizes true eco-friendly products
with its DfE (Designed for the Environment) logo, helping professionals
and retailers choose products that use
safer chemistry for people, pets and
the environment and also follow strict
adherence to EPA guidelines.
Trimaco’s DfE-approved products include:
• SuperTuff ™ Eco Friendly House
Wash & Prep Paint: This hydrogen
peroxide-based cleaner tackles dirt,
paint chalking, mildew and algae
stains without bleach or acids. Works
on vinyl siding, painted or stained
wood siding, brick and stucco.
• SuperTuff ™ Multi-purpose Exterior
Eco Wash: Safe for plants and animals while cleaning mold, mildew and
algae stains as well as dirt and grime.
Cleans with the safe bleach alternative,
hydrogen peroxide.
uperTuff ™ Eco Friendly Deck &
Patio Cleaner: Still no bleaches or
acids, this ready-to-use product removes tough dirt, mold and mildew
stains through the power of hydrogen
peroxide, a safe bleach alternative.
uperTuff ™ E-Z Lift™ Wallpaper
Remover: This low-VOC remover requires no scoring, making wallpaper
removal easy and fast.
• SuperTuff™ Eco Friendly Brush Wash:
Removes latex paint, varnish, lacquer,
shellac and polyurethane with ease; the
new formula is water-based, non-toxic,
non-flammable and biodegradable.
Two years and 14 products later, Trimaco is relishing its role as the new kid
in this product category. “We realized
we had a double-hitter,” says Reaves.
“A great product line that appeals to
both contractors and homeowners, two
demographics. So being the new kid is
just fine because the products continue
to speak for themselves. The formulas
are both tough and eco-friendly and
get the job done.” n
For more information about the
Trimaco SuperTuff ™ line, visit
P D R September 2012
One Tuff™ Quick Drop
Trimaco’s new One
Tuff™ Quick Drop is a twolayer, easy-to-use folding
mat that employs the same
innovative technology as the
company’s larger One
Tuff™ dropcloths but in a
convenient, easy-to-maneuver 2-by-7-foot size.
The top layer of the mat is
The Paint Brush Cover
The Paint Brush Cover is
made of a clear, hard, durable plastic to ensure that the
bristles are protected. A
clear plastic allows users to
see not only what size brush
is being stored, but also if
September 2012 P D R
tear-resistant and completely
leakproof to paints, stains
and solvents. The One
Tuff™ Quick Drop is perfect
for protecting any surface,
including vinyl, carpet, tile
or hardwood. It’s also absorbent to prevent tracking.
Slip-resistant, tough foam
padding makes up the second
layer, giving the knees a
much-needed break. When
the job is done, fold up the
One Tuff™ Quick Drop and
store it conveniently away
for the next job. The slim design makes it extremely portable.
The One Tuff™ Quick
Drop is perfect for punch
lists, touch-ups, countertops
and hard-to-reach spaces.
it’s a wet brush full of paint
or a dry brush. The unique
design allows for easy storage. It’s recommended to
“spin” the brush dry (either
by hand or mechanical spinner) to ensure optimal
shape. This also prevents the
brush from getting moldy.
The Paint Brush Cover
creates an air-tight seal during usage. Even if the user
needs a break, the brush is
placed in the cover and the
lid is closed with a secure
locking mechanism. The
brush is ready upon return.
With the unique foam seal
around the handle, the Paint
Brush Cover fits a 1-inch
brush just as snug as a
3-inch brush. Reducing the
amount of paint washed
down the drain and the number of brushes thrown away,
The Paint Brush Cover is
great for the environment.
The Paint Brush Cover
2 New Additions To DunnEdwards Acri-Hues Line
Dunn-Edwards has introduced two new finishes to
its popular Acri-Hues line.
The new offerings include
Eggshell and Semi-Gloss
finishes, joining the existing
Acri-Hues Exterior Flat
Paint, which are designed
for painting professionals
and specifiers.
The two new additions to
the Acri-Hues line are ultralow VOC, acrylic paints that
provide dependable performance when used on properly prepared exterior wood,
masonry, stucco, concrete
and metal surfaces.
Like all other Dunn-­
Edwards products, Acri-Hues
Exterior Paint is eco-friendly,
ethylene glycol (EG)-free and
produced in the world’s only
LEED® Gold-certified paint
manufacturing plant. AcriHues Exterior Paint is ultralow VOC at 50 grams per liter, and has very low odor
both during and after application. Dunn-Edwards paint
also is tinted with zero­-VOC
SureStep Ladder Stabilizer
From Safer Ladder Gear
The SureStep Ladder
Stabilizer is SureStep’s flagship product and is an essential safety accessory for anyone using a ladder. It is ideal
for builders, painters, decorators, window cleaners,
DIY enthusiasts, firemen
and roofers.
It is a cost-effective ladder
stabilizer, which requires no
other tools for attachment,
and it fits to all sizes of aluminum ladders.
The SureStep Ladder
Stabilizer works on all surface types and on uneven
ground. Plus, it is easy to
Made of solid steel for
extreme durability, the Sure­
Step Ladder Stabilizer will
help save lives and reduce
Safer Ladder Gear