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Dynaroll Corporation
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Dynaroll Corporation was established in 1988 as a supplier of miniature and
instrument ball bearing systems and has been a long-term preferred
supplier to a leader in the field of surgical robotics. In 2005, Dynaroll
approached the customer with a strategic offer to take on a variety of their
simple to more complex advanced component and electro-mechanical
assemblies. Based on their extensive knowledge of bearings and machining
of precision components, Dynaroll felt they could provide value to the
customer by producing tighter tolerance components and sub-assemblies
to compliment and diversify their existing bearings business. This in turn,
benefitted the customer by reducing part numbers and inspection times,
while streamlining their supply chain and increasing yields to 100%.
Dynaroll continues to partner and grow with this leader in medical robotics.
From the early stages of design and development, Dynaroll lends
engineering design for manufacturing (DFM) recommendations for the
correct designed-in bearings systems, as well as tolerance and torque
recommendations to assure greater manufacturability and cutting edge
technological advancements.
Today Dynaroll manufactures numerous critical assemblies consisting of
over twenty components, inclusive of machined parts with tolerances as
small as .000050 of an inch. Dynaroll assembles, tests, and ships these
products directly to the customer as a certified Dock-to-Stock supplier.
Additionally, Dynaroll has recently added a New Product Introduction (NPI)
work cell dedicated to producing prototype assemblies’ to supplement
customers’ new product developments. This dedicated space assures
turnaround times of 1-3 weeks, thereby speeding time to market.
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Increased customer yields to
Dynaroll is an approved
Dock-to-Stock Supplier
Dedicated prototype cell with
1-3 week turnaround times