Facial care Clarity Peeling Gel

Facial care
Clarity Peeling Gel
This is the amazing Clarity Peeling Gel. I will spread a thin layer on your hand
and leave it on for a minute. What the Peeling Gel does is deep exfoliation, do
you know what exfoliation is? (removes dead skin and cells). It exfoliates all
the dead skin and dead cells. It removes all the dirt, pollution and toxins from
inside your face. It opens your pores and cleans everything from the inside.
This Peeling Gel contains: Chamomile Extract that relaxes your skin, Aloe
Vera gel that is used to heal irritations and wonder-working Dead Sea
This combination gives an amazing treatment for black heads, white heads,
spots on the face, discoloration, oily t-zone, dry skin, rozeisha and acne
O.M.G! Take a look what comes out of your hand! (well, don't be
embarrassed, it happens to everyone ). This is all the dead skin and cells,
all the dirt, pollution from inside your skin.
Look at the difference, isn't that amazing?
Optima Hydrating Day Cream
The pores are still open, if we leave it like that all the dirt and the pollution are
going to get inside again. To close your pores I'm using the amazing Optima
Hydrating Day Cream.
‫נמרח מעט מהקרם ונעסה היטב‬
This highly concentrated day cream is based on a combination of nourishing
natural oils, Shea butter, Dead Sea minerals and the revolutionary
RENOVAGE™ patent (have you heard about it?) RENOVAGE™ is an active
ingredient that is known to work through human D.N.A to prolong skin cells
lifespan and grow new skin molecules. The RENOVAGE™ can smooth lines
and wrinkles and make the skin much more elastic.
This formula nourishes your skin, enriches it with moisture and helps your skin
to fight the aging in the best way. Now look at your new skin, feel it and just
imagine these results on your face!
It comes like this. This is the Clarity Peeling Gel and this is the Optima
Hydrating Day Cream, Both of them are Paraben free & SLS free.
Use the Peeling Gel only once a week. Spread a thin layer on your face, leave
it on for two minutes and then rub it off. Wash your face with warm water, dry
your skin and finish the treatment by applying the Day Cream. The Day
Cream is very concentrated so use just a tiny amount every morning. This is
a year supply treatment. The Optima Hydrating Day Cream costs XXX and
the clarity peeling gel is XXX that is an amazing price for a year supply.
Milky Facial Scrub
Now, we complete the treatment with the amazing Milky Facial Scrub for daily
use. I will put a tiny drop onto the back of your hand and massage it well. The
Milky Facial Scrub does a gentle exfoliation. It cleans all the dirt and the oils
that are stuck on the surface skin. It is based on Dead Sea minerals, Aloe
Vera, Chamomile and vitamin E. it help to reduce and prevent skin problems
and it acts as an excellent as a make-up remover as well.