Possible Written Outcomes or 1. Responding to the text

Possible Written Outcomes or
Incidental Writing Opportunities
How to Train Your
Dragon (Cressida
Non-chronological report on an invented
dragon for a Dragon-Spotters’ Guide
Instructions - How to trap a dragon (Book)
Adventure narrative for Hiccup with
invented dragon (Book)
Visit to Yorvik Viking Centre
Dragonese morning
Video clips – film and trailers, Literacy Shed
Myths & Legends, Harry Potter and other
similar films
2. Capturing Ideas
Make Top Trumps game based on invented
Debate - Could dragons have ever existed?
Explore the names of the characters and how they
reflect a character trait. Invent names for class.
Book talk: what clues are there that the book is set in a
different time and place?
Book talk: what are the themes in the book? Find
evidence for them.
Compare how the dragons are introduced in the film and
the book. Why do you think it has been done differently?
Day in the life of a Viking boy (History)
Concept map for invented dragon-appearance,
habitat, nutrition, behaviours.
1. Responding to the text
Sentence Games
Topic sentence game - give topic sentence.
Children suggest contents of paragraph.
Reasons game. Give point of view - Unicorns exist.
Children give reasons - I believe this because…,
Due to…, As a result of…
Chain writing with focus on expanded noun
phrases and precise word choices
Improve a sentence- focus on the grammatical
elements that need consolidation or review
Hot seat / distributed hot seating of characters at
different points in the story and plot how they
change during the book using conscience alley.
Guided Reading Possibilities
Role play interview with a dragon expert.
Viking (Kevin Crossley-Holland)
Writer talk: The writer uses many different text types within
the book. Why? What is the effect?
3. Contextualised Grammar Teaching
Use of subjunctive to express possibilities in
discussion text/debate/comparative report – If dragons
were to exist…, If a person were to be born a hero, he/she
Generalisers and cause and effect adverbs to link
sentences within and between paragraphs or stretches of
spoken language
Use of colon to construct sentences giving description:
4. Modelled Writing
Shared Writing
Guided Writing
Independent Writing
To be incorporated into each teaching sequence
for the genres being covered: non-chronological
report, instructions and descriptive / narrative