Coracoat Skydrol Datasheet April 2015 - Pro-Res

Monepox® Coracoat Skydrol Resistant Coating
Product Description
Hard wearing Epoxy based seamless flooring
system for use in the Aviation Industry.
Can also be used as a coating for walls.
Areas of Use
Aviation Industry (Skydrol Resistant Version)
Bund Linings
15 kg + 600kg
MONEPOX® SG Primer - component A: 10kg
MONEPOX® SG Primer - component B: 5 kg
Excellent wearing and chemical
Can be applied horizontally and vertically
Easy to clean
Easy to apply
Decorative colours
Surface Preparation
Surfaces should be Shotblasted to remove the
laitance. Monolithic screeds do not need to be
shotblasted. All surfaces must be dust free.
The surface must be dry, clean and free from
grease, dust and oil. New concrete must have a
minimum age of 28 days and the moisture
content in the concrete must be lower than 5%.
MONEPOX® Coracoat Skydrol Resistant
Pigmented 15kg and 30kg
Un-Pigmented 14.5kg and 29kg
Apply the Monepox® Coracoat with a trowel
or rake onto the primed surface.
Colours: - Available in different colours
Apply a final layer of Monepox® Coracoat with
a squeegee and back-roll with a paint roller
Monepox® Coracoat Skydrol Resistant Coating 04/15
System Build-Up
Specialist Contractors
Day 1: -
All Monepox® Coracoat Skydrol Resistant
Systems must be installed by RPM Belgium N.V
approved Contractors.
Monepox® SG Primer @ 0.4kg / m²
Quartz Broadcast 0.3mm – 0.8mm @ 0.3kg / m²
Technical Service
Day 2: -
For technical advice please contact:-
Monepox® Coracoat Skydrol Resistant @ 2kg / m²
Pigment 7001 @ 0.06kg / m²
Quartz Broadcast 0.3mm – 0.8mm @ 4kg / m²
RPM Belgium N.V: -
+32 51 40 38 01
RPM Belgium UK: -
07990 645557
Day 3: -
Email: - [email protected]
Monepox® Coracoat Skydrol Resistant @ 1kg / m²
Pigment 7001 @ 0.03kg / m²
Health and Safety
Suitable protective clothing, gloves and safety
goggles must be worn during the mixing and
application of the Monepox® Coracoat Skydrol
For further information please refer to our Material
Safety Data Sheet.
The RPM Belgium Group warrants all good to
be free from defects and will replace materials
proven to be defective but makes no warranty
as to appearance of colour. The information
and recommendations herein are believed by
the RPM Belgium Group to be accurate and
The information on this data sheet supersedes all previous
data concerning this product and its application. The
application instructions and the technical data concerning our
products are indicative. The buyer is responsible for the
application, also in respect of third parties. RPM BELGIUM
Monepox® Coracoat Skydrol Resistant Coating 04/15