“To magnify no one but the LORD, to preach nothing but His WORD”
MARCH 23, 2015
Dear Praying Partners/Supporters,
Warm greetings from the Philippines! It is my great JOY to update you concerning the missions and ministries
that the Lord has blessed us to put up and planted! We praise and thank God for using us by His grace, and
giving us souls for our labor. All these are because of your partnership with us dear friends that you are sharing
with us the blessings which God has bestowed upon you so now these are the fruits that abounded in your
accounts because of your liberality that causes us to be thankful to God!
The Grace Sanctuary Baptist Church(Church planted last January of 2013) – God has blessed this Mission
Church tremendously. We celebrated last Jan. 25 our 2nd Foundation Year and the rooftop where we are
gathering for the occasion were packed with people, 4 souls were saved, a young couple, a young man and a
little boy! There were also new families who joined the mission church after being in regular attendance in our
weekly gathering they got saved and are now candidates for baptism. All in all, we have 16 families now with a
regular attendance of 70 people! We are ready to be organized now as a church this coming August of 2015.
Our G.R.O.W Kids Ministry (Gospel Rescue Outreach Winning Kids)– Last month of February as everyone
celebrates the Hearts' Day we had our Hearts' Day Gift Giving as our way of reaching out to the kids in the
outskirt of our community, kids who have no way to go to church, we brought the church to their places and
distributed toys and food to them while at the same time teach them the gospel, we are showing them Jesus
loves the little children, and so we share with all our hearts and teach them how Jesus loves them to save them.
PCTI - Piedmont College of Theology International– (A Training School for Nationals for the Ministry)
Our Bible College continues to train and equip men who shall be able to teach others also. Although this school
year the students were not as many in the previous year yet we rejoice in the fact that this Bible College
continues to make a difference in the life of the men who would want their lives to be used of God in missions!
The Gospel Sanctuary Baptist Church – Cabanatuan City MIssion – Last February 15, 2015 we had the
opportunity to commission Pastor Alfred Eugenio II to start out and plant a new mission church in Cabanatuan
City, Nueva Ecija. I was there with him when they had their first formal Sunday Worship last February 22. We
provided him the money for the two months deposit of the mission house and bought him some thirty new
chairs they can use for their services. There were around 8 souls who got saved, 3 were adults, 4 were teens
and 1little girl that first Sunday service! Hallelujah, Praise God He still saves sinners!
Aim Global Baptist Ministries, Inc. (AGBMI) - This is our church ARM or Association for Relevant Missions.
We are targeting to help support and plant new churches in the Philippines and encourage them to do likewise.
This year 2015 we started supporting Pastor Jerwin Aquino in Catmon, Bulacan in Luzon and ...
Pastor Jonathan Nicor in Lebak, Sultan Kudarat in Mindanao. Please remember them in your prayers also.
Again, thank you so much for your prayers and support to our mission and ministries here in the Philippines.
Please continue to pray for my family and don't forget to pray for my wife Evelyn Marasigan, for her complete
recovery from massive stroke, that she might be able to walk again, move around and be able to serve the Lord
again in her full capacity like before, God willing and for His glory!
OUR EMPOWERMENT CAMP MINISTRY: (EVERY HOLY WEEK) - We started last year with our
Empowerment Camp ministry which was aimed to young people so that they can be discipled and disciplined in
the Lord by guiding them, equpping them and empowering them to be able to find God's will for their lives.
Every year aside from the young people in our church, we are inviting twenty young people that we wanted to
see saved or at least get the chance to hear the gospel. These twenty young people are encourage to join free
of charge, so we are soliciting sponsors for them. Will you help sponsor two for the cost of $50 only?
We covet your faithfulness on this matter of praying. Also our heartfelt gratitude for supporting us with all your
sincerity and love for us! Thank you so much! Because of your generosity and sacrificial offerings toward
missions, we are encouraged to keep on keeping on! May God alone be glorified in our lives!
Serving Only The One Worthy,
Bro. Jes Marasigan and Family