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Project Pinwheel 2015
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Child Abuse Prevention impacts us all:
Often seen as a private matter, research shows the impact of abuse and neglect
extends far beyond the home. The ripple effect of abuse and trauma impacts everyone
from the faith community to our health care system but has a particular impact on our
schools. In fact, 56% of children who tested “not ready” on 3rd grade standardized tests
were victims of documented abuse or neglect. Those children are likely to fall behind, to
drop out of school, to be unable to support their families, and to abuse children of their
own--creating a cycle of poverty and abuse that is preventable.
What is Project Pinwheel?
Project Pinwheel is a collaborative community project to promote the protective factors
every family can adopt to help keep children safe and secure. The purpose of Project
Pinwheel is to help spread the good news of work being done in our community, and to
promote the little things every family can do to help keep children safe and secure.
Project Pinwheel features a broad coalition of over 300 partners across the upstate
including childcare providers, nonprofits, businesses, and our incredibly engaged faith
community. The project is coordinated with leadership provided by Greenville First
Project Pinwheel Features
Pinwheel Gardens—Over 45,000 pinwheels planted across the upstate symbolizing
healthy, happy childhoods
Walk for Prevention—Annual gathering to walk together in support of prevention
efforts and plant South Carolina’s largest pinwheel garden
Pinwheel Tales—A children’s compilation CD featuring stories and songs told by local
artists and community leaders
Week Of the Young Child—National celebration of children 0-5 years of old featuring
family events and childcare staff trainings
Resource Guide—Provide print and online information to the community about what
everyone can do to protect children
Celebration Sunday—Area churches take time to celebrate families and talk about
child abuse prevention to their congregation
Protective Factors
Protective Factors are conditions in families and communities that, when present, increase the health and well-­‐being of children and families. Parental Resilience No one can eliminate stress from parenting, but building parental resilience can affect how a parent deals with stress. Parental resilience is the ability to constructively cope with and bounce back from all types of challenges. It is about creatively solving problems, building trusting relationships, maintaining a positive attitude, and seeking help when it is needed. Social Connections Friends, family members, neighbors, and other members of a community provide emotional support and concrete assistance to parents. Social connections help parents build networks of support that serve multiple purposes: they can reinforce positive norms around childrearing, provide assistance in times of need, and serve as a resource for parenting information or help solving problems. Concrete Support for Parents and Access to Services Parents need access to the types of concrete supports and services that can minimize the stress of difAicult situations, such as a family crisis, a condition such as substance abuse, or stress associated with lack of resources. Building this Protective Factor is about helping to ensure the basic needs of a family are met in times of crisis. Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development Having accurate information about raising children and appropriate expectations for their behavior help parents better understand and care for children. It is important that information is available when parents need it and that it is relevant to their life and their child. Nurturing and Attachment A child’s early experience of being nurtured and developing a bond with a caring adult affects all aspects of behavior and development. When parents and children have strong, warm feelings for one another, children develop trust that their parents will provide what they need to thrive, including love, acceptance, positive guidance, and protection.
Pinwheel Gardens
During the month of April, Greenville
takes it’s turn to prevent child abuse.
Nonprofits, churches, schools, and
businesses come together as Pinwheel
Partners and plant 45,000 pinwheels in
over 250 Pinwheel Gardens across the
The national symbol of prevention of
child abuse is a blue and silver pinwheel.
The pinwheel stands for the chance at
the healthy, happy and full lives all
children deserve.
In 2015, the 45,000 pinwheels will be
planted across the upstate of South
Carolina in Greenville, Pickens, and
Spartanburg Counties.
Garden Information
Pinwheel gardens are available for
$1/pinwheel in increments of 25
(standard size ~ 100 pinwheels).
Thanks to sponsors and our
generous business community,
churches, nonprofits, and schools
will be given 100 pinwheels at no
cost to these organizations.
Additional pinwheels can be
How you can help?
• Sign up to have a Pinwheel Garden
(form included in packet)
• Recruit other partners and
organizations to become garden
• Volunteer to help distribute and
plant pinwheels at other locations
(youth and family friendly activity)
Walk for Prevention
On April 12th, the 2nd Annual Project
Pinwheel Walk for Prevention will take
place. Last year, 500 participants took a
stand to support prevention efforts in our
community. We will meet at First Baptist
Church of Greenville and walk down the
Swamp Rabbit Trail to the Julie Valentine
Memorial in Cleveland Park. Once the
walkers arrive, everyone will plant a
pinwheel in the largest pinwheel garden
in South Carolina.
Registration Information
April 12th, 2:00pm
First Baptist Church of Greenville
Register as an individual or team at
A minimum donation of $10 is requested
as a registration fee. All donations
support prevention efforts in the upstate.
Pre-registration is now open and will
close April 10th at noon.
Walk-up registration will be available.
Every participant will receive two
pinwheels to plant and pre-registrants
will receive a Project Pinwheel t-shirt.
How you can help?
Register yourself or a team to walk
Recruit walkers/organizations to participate
Provide volunteers for the event
Spread the word about the walk to your contacts
Pinwheel Tales CD
Think about the countless hours you
spend in the car riding with your family.
Pinwheel Tales CDs Volume III can help
turn these hours of monotony into
learning opportunities. The Pinwheel
Tales CD project features recorded
stories, songs, nursery rhymes and
parenting tips recorded by community
leaders and pinwheel partner
10,000 CDs will be distributed throughout
the community through Project Pinwheel
Partners. This year’s CD cover will
feature space for informational content
for families including parenting, health,
safety, activities, and literacy tips.
Past volumes have featured artists such
as Doug Jones of Cravin’ Melon, Traysie
Amick of the SC Children’s Theater, and
Furman University’s a cappella group,
the FUTones.
Again this year, Project Pinwheel will
feature the audio tracks and even some
bonus material online for families to be
able to access the files at any time.
Sample Songs & Stories
• Disney Mashup performed by Furman
University’s a cappella group FUTones
• The Ugly Duckling performed by Dr
Desmond Kelly of Greenville Health
• B-I-N-G-O by 11 year old Anna Knobel
• Hush Little Baby performed by Dawn Van
Lew of Greenville Health System
• The Ants Go Marching by Nancy Halverson
of the Children’s Museum of the Upstate
• Three Little Kittens performed by Megan
Heidlberg of Your Carolina
• This Little Light of Mine performed by the
Christ Church Episcopal Children’s Choir
How you can help?
• Provide suggestions for artists and
story tellers to be featured on future
• Agree to distribute an allocation to
families your organization serves
• Identify local businesses willing to
sell CDs for a donation to Project
• Share links to online stories and
Week of the Young Child
Nationally, childcare advocates celebrate
April 11-18 as “The Week of the Young
Child.” Statewide partners like Childcare
Resource and Referral, the South
Carolina Association for Educators of
Young Children, and First Steps have
planned a variety of events aimed at
raising awareness about our youngest
learners. In Greenville County, Week of
the Young Child includes:
• Kids’ Fest at Heritage Green
• Family Nights at local restaurants
• Childcare staff trainings
• Picnic in the Park
Kids’ Fest
at Heritage Green
When: April 11th, 10:00am-1:00pm
Where: Heritage Green downtown
Kids’ Fest at Heritage Green is a
wonderful family oriented event hosted
by the organizations on Heritage Green.
This free event will feature activities,
games, and learning all geared to the
youngest members of our community
and their families.
How you can help?
• Identify and promote partners and sponsors
• Participate in the events throughout the week
• Promote WOYC to families served in your community
Other Components
Project Pinwheel Resource Guide
Project Pinwheel 2015 will feature a
20 page weekly journal insert to be
published on April 10th. This
publication will serve as a resource
guide that includes prevention
awareness, partner spotlights, and
events for families.
The Project Pinwheel Guide will be
published in the Greenville Journal
distributed to 38,000 homes as well
as to 8,000 families served by
community partners.
Ad space for the Guide is available.
Celebration Sunday
Faith Organizations are taking their turn
to help prevent child abuse. Again this
year will be a “Celebration Sunday” on
April 12th to kick off Child Abuse
Prevention Month that will allow faith
based organizations the opportunity to
spread the word about child abuse
prevention to their congregation.
There will be a celebration packet
provided to local faith-based
organizations with valuable resources to
assist in educating members. Included
will be sermon ideas, devotions, bulletin
inserts, and sample prayers.
We ask organizations and individuals to
help us spread the word about what each
of us can do to prevent child abuse. Be
sure to “Like” Project Pinwheel on
Facebook, on social media use
#SCPinwheels, and send us pictures of
your pinwheels. Share our posts so more
people can know how to protect the
upstate’s children.
To get your church involved, please
email us at [email protected]
Social media provides a great way for
getting the message out about preventing
child abuse and promoting well being.
Project Pinwheel will provide organizations
with ready made social media posts,
pictures and links to websites and content.
Important Dates
January 29 Project Pinwheel Unveiling Mee2ng (Augusta Heights Bap5st Church @ 10:00am) January 29 Walk for Preven2on Registra2on Opens January 29 Pinwheel Garden Recruitment begins February 20 ALL JOURNAL CONTENT DUE -­‐ All partners, sponsors, and garden loca2ons due *Materials, content, logos and info due for resource guide March 26-­‐27 Pinwheel and Material Distribu2on (Greenville Chamber @ 9:00am-­‐3:00pm) *Pinwheels, brochures, resource guides, CDs
April 10 All pinwheel gardens planted! April 10 Project Pinwheel Resource Guide published in Greenville Journal April 11-­‐18 Week of the Young Child April 11 WOYC Event -­‐ Kids’ Fest at Heritage Green (10:00am-­‐1:00pm) April 10 Walk for Preven2on Registra2on closes at 12pm April 12 Celebra2on Sunday April 12 2nd Annual Walk for Preven2on (First Bap5st Greenville, 2:00pm) April 25 Pancakes for Preven2on (Pelham Road Bap5st Church, 8:30am) April 30 Pinwheel Gardens unplanted For more informa2on, visit or contact Anne Lee at [email protected] Company/Organization: __________________________________________________________________ Contact Name: __________________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________________
City: ___________________________________________________ State: ___________ Zip: ___________
Phone: ________________________ Email: ___________________________________________________
Company Website: ______________________________________________________________________
We want a Pinwheel Garden!
Sign us up to have a Pinwheel Garden! Please indicate the garden size you would like:
Small (~25 pinwheels)
Standard (~100 pinwheels)
Large (~250 pinwheels)
Other ___________# of pinwheels
*Pinwheels are available for $1/pinwheel in increments of 25 (standard size is ~100 pinwheels),
and additional pinwheels may be purchased for $1/pinwheel. Schools, churches, and
nonprofits will receive 100 pinwheels at no cost. *
We encourage every organization to make planting pinwheels an event celebrating your commitment to the prevention of
child abuse. If your organization is unable to plant pinwheels, we may have some volunteers who could assist. Please contact us
at [email protected] if you may need this service.
We want to advertise!
We would like to purchase an
advertisement in the 2015 Project Pinwheel
Resource Guide
Full Page ad
½ Page ad
¼ Page ad
1/8 Page ad
Donations to Project Pinwheel
Pinwheel Garden* $_____________________
Advertisement $________________________
Total*: $________________________________
We would like to learn more about being a
Superhero Sponsor
Contact Me
Please submit completed forms to [email protected] by February 20th and payments 1 can be mailed to Greenville First Steps, 24 Cleveland Street, Greenville, SC 29601 We have an event!
The Project Pinwheel Resource Guide will include a comprehensive list of events and
activities that promote the protective factors of prevention and highlight local events geared
towards families. Please provide us with information on any events, classes, meetings,
trainings, and family friendly activities your organization is offering in April 2015.
Name of Event: __________________________________________________________________________
Date of Event: ____________________________________________________________________________
Brief Description of Event: _________________________________________________________________
Website for more information (if applicable): _______________________________________________
Name of Event: __________________________________________________________________________
Date of Event: ____________________________________________________________________________
Brief Description of Event: _________________________________________________________________
Website for more information (if applicable): ______________________________________________
We want to get more involved!
We would also like to help with:
2 Awareness
Project Pinwheel Walk
Week of the Young Child
Project Pinwheel CD
Pinwheel Garden Recruitment
Faith-Based Engagement
Other ideas: ____________________
Please submit completed forms to [email protected] by February 20th and payments can be mailed to Greenville First Steps, 24 Cleveland Street, Greenville, SC 29601