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Project Egypt 2016
Grow Your Business on Solid
Egypt is laying the foundation for regional and
international investors and developers to address
some of the country’s most pressing needs, from mega
infrastructure projects, to public sector facilities as well
as large scale urban developments. Billions of dollars
worth of mega projects are in the pipeline ready to
transform Egypt’s future skylines.
Diverse infrastructure and development projects
planned by the government and announced after the
successful investment summit this year in Sharm El
Sheikh, include building a USD 45 billion worth of
satellite developments outside Cairo which will entail
the construction of a “New Capital City,” and the USD
37 billion construction of one million new homes are
but a few of the mega projects to be launched with the
start of the flow of investments.
Show Name: Project Egypt
Venue: Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Fair Type: International
Frequency: Annual
Open to: Trade Only
Business Sectors: General Building & Construction, Stone,
PMV, Energy, HVAC
Organizer: IFP - International Fairs & Promotions
Today, there are more
than USD 104 billion
worth of projects planned
and un-awarded
Project Egypt, The Ideal
Platform to Meet with
Decision Makers from
Egypt and other African
Countries in One Place
Embracing Egypt’s strategic geographical location as an
ideal platform to access neighboring African markets,
the Egyptian government is seeking to enhance its
position as an international business hub for the African
continent, by bringing together decision-makers and
standard setters in the construction sector from all over
the world, to boost technology transfer and exchange
expertise while meeting the challenge imposed by
Egypt’s large-scale projects.
To meet the demands of Egypt’s new burgeoning
expansion, Project Egypt, The International Trade
Exhibition for Construction Technology, Building
Materials & Equipment for Egypt and Africa, held from
February 11-14 2016 at Cairo International Convention
and Exhibition Centre (CICC), will host prominent
building material and equipment manufacturers from
around the world, to showcase their latest technologies
and innovations and help fulfil Egypt’s need to meet the
enormous construction demands through creative and
efficient solutions.
Project Egypt 2015
Construction Sector in Egypt
Growing Needs Build Growth Momentum
With a GDP of more than USD 270 billion and a population of more than 90 million, Egypt has always been an important
market, where construction is one of the most active sectors of the economy accounting for 15% of GDP. Following a
period of low growth, the sector is picking up momentum with an increasing demand for infrastructure projects, social
housing to cope with the increasing population estimated at 2.5% annually, and active demand for office spaces by
international customers.
Major projects to be
implemented on a PPP basis
Value ($ bn)
Ayaat City
Alexandria-Luxor High Speed
Alexandria Refinery
Dairout Power Plant
Safaga Port Expansion
Abu Rawash Wastewater
Treatment Plant
Why Exhibit
With stability returning, Egypt will witness
a sharp increase in project activity, offering
a multitude of new project opportunities for
contractors, consultants and suppliers alike.
Access more than USD 104 billion planned and
un-awarded project opportunities
► Understand the challenges and opportunities
the market presents
► Launch to new markets and establish new
business connections
► Meet new prospective buyers and suppliers
and present your new products to existing
► Position your business amidst the greatest
concentration of buyers in one place
► Sign contracts and agreements with buyer
groups on location
► Find a reliable agent or distributor
► Gain increased visibility in the African Market
Projects Market in Egypt
A Multi-Billion Dollar Pipeline
Powered by billions of dollars in foreign investment,
Egypt has announced diverse new projects to develop
and upgrade transport networks, sewage and drainage
infrastructure, build new homes, schools, hospitals
and generate thousands of megawatts of energy to
meet the enormous local demand. Today, there are
more than USD 104 billion worth of projects planned
and un-awarded.
Upcoming Multi-Million Dollar Projects
New capital city - a USD 45 billion worth of satellite
developments outside Cairo which will entail the
construction of one million new homes
Expansion of lucrative ports in Port Said, El-Sokhna
and Arish a Safaga.
International industrial and logistics centre in Suez
In urban areas the government is focusing on
developing and modernizing business centres,
museums and public facilities,
The Egyptian American Medical Centre covering
38,000 square meters.
The Mall of Egypt, a maxi-center covering 165,000
square meters, is already being built.
The construction of a multi-purpose centre near the
international airport is also in the works.
In Cairo, major port work, road and hospital projects
are in the pipeline.
About 20 percent of investments will be allocated
to meet Egypt’s housing needs, which at 3.5 million
housing units currently in demand, are immense.
Project Egypt 2016
A Gateway to the African
Construction Market
Located in the northeast corner of Africa, on the Mediterranean and
Red Sea, Egypt is a country marked by its strategic geographical
location in the center of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region,
which constitutes an 800 million people market. Besides being the main
gateway to the whole African continent, Egypt’s ideal location grants it
distinct access to key global markets in Asia and Europe. Egypt also enjoys the
existence of the Suez Canal, making it the hub for the world’s maritime traffic with
other commercial ports on the Mediterranean and Red Seas.
Egypt is signatory to many regional and international free trade agreements which
reduce or wave completely the custom duties on exported or imported goods, and
provide access to large key markets, securing benefits to Egyptian-based producers and
re-exporters supplying these markets.
African Construction Market
th Africa (%
North Africa
$6 715
$49 869
West Africa
$15 296
ntral rica (%)
Central Africa
$67 688
$83 199
Development finance Institutions (DFIs)
contribute 36% of all funding on the continent
and as such are doing most of the funding
Energy/Power sector is contributing 36% of
all projects collected followed by 25% in
Over USD 222,767 Million in construction
projects underway
Over 322 different collected construction
projects are underway
Europe/US are building 37% of all projects
while the Chinese building 12%
Construction companies building on the African continent
Project Egypt 2016
Promising Stability Raises Growing Hopes
The improved political and economic stability in Egypt has created new confidence. Economic growth has recovered on
the back of fast-rising government consumption and a pick-up in investment. The government is planning notable fiscal
reforms which are likely to regain investors’ confidence. Overall, the Egyptian economy has shown signs of recovery
in recent months, and IMF expects growth to rise from 1.8% in 2013 to 2.8% in 2014, and to 4% thereafter, as the
Egyptian economy increasingly modernize, with the private sector taking a more dominant role.
“We plan to invest USD 14.5 billion
in developing our refining and
petrochemicals sectors over the next
five years.”
H.E. Eng. Sherif Ismail
“The Ministry of Communications
and Information Technology plans
to tender five projects to construct
technology parks across the country
at the cost of USD 2.8 billion.”
Minister of Petroleum & Mineral
H.E. Eng. Atef Helmy
“We have plans to build up 3,200
km of new roads, including 15 new
roads across the country, costing
USD 5 billion, as part of the national
developmental plan.”
“We have put a USD 11.54 billion
aggressive plan targeting increasing
domestic electricity production by
8.38 GW in the next five years.”
H.E. Eng. Hany Dahy
Minister of Electricity & Renewable Energy
Minister of Communications & Information
H.E. Dr. Mohamed Shaker
Minister of Transport
“The government has planned to
build 1 million low cost houses at the
cost of USD 40 billion over five years
for poor communities.”
H.E. Dr. Mustafa Madbouly
Minister of Housing, Utilities & Urban
“Egypt raised USD 8.5 billion to fund
expanding the Suez Canal project
which involves the development of
76,000 sq. km around the canal into
an industrial and logistics hub.”
H.E. Hisham Ramez
The Central Bank Governor
Exhibits’ Profiles
Building Materials
Adhesives & Sealants
► Aluminum Frames & Structures
► Architectural Finishing Products
► Ceramic Tiles
► Concrete Products & Precast Structures
► Construction Systems & Technologies
► Construction Tools (Air, Hand & Power)
► Doors & Windows
► Engineering & Design Services
► Facades & Cladding
► Glass & Glazing
► Gypsum Products
► Interior Decorative Products
► Landscaping & Garden Ornaments
► Locks & Handles
► Masonry - Bricks, Block work & Cement
Nuts, Bolts, Screws & Hinges
► Props & Beams
► Protective Coatings & Powder
► Pumps
► Safety Tools
► Sanitary Fixtures & Appliances
► Scaffolding, Formwork & Shuttering
► Security & Safety Systems
► Stamped Concrete
► Steel Products
► Street Furniture - Signage & Signs
► Timber - Frames, Beams
► Wall covering - Finishes (Internal & External)
► Water & Heat Insulation
► Wood Products
Construction Vehicles & Equipment
Cranes & Tower Cranes
► Formwork & Scaffolding
► Heavy Machinery Technology & Equipment
Lifting Appliances & Conveyors
Loaders & Skid Loaders
► Machines & Plants
► Mining Machines & Tractors
Cleaning & Restoration Products
CNC Machinery for Marble, Granite & Stone
► Discs & Blades
► Granite Blocks, Tiles & Slabs
► Granite Bridge Saw
► Grinding Machinery
► Lead & Slate Roofing
► Marble Blocks, Tiles & Slabs
► Marble Finished Products
► Mosaic
Multifunction Milling & Cutting Machinery
Natural Stone
► Polishing & Protection Products & Machinery
► Quarrying, Processing & Installation
► Stone & Reconstituted Stone Products
► Stone Blocks, Slabs & Finished Products
► Stone Veneer
► Tools for Cutting, Polishing & Handling
► Transport, Hoisting & Packaging Materials
Cables and Wiring
► Diagnostic Equipment
► Distribution Networks
► Electrical Engineering
► Electrical Supplies
► High Voltage Transmission
► Monitoring & Control
► Onshore & Offshore Wind Energy
Photovoltaic Solar Energy
Portable Generators
► Power Plant Equipment
► Power Protection
► Power Stations
► Solar Energy
► Subsoil Heat Energy
► Switches & Controls
► Switchgear Products & Transformers
Antique Fittings
► Concealed Fittings
► Display Lighting
► Flood Lighting
► Fluorescent Lighting
► Garden Lighting
Central Units
Components & Spare Parts
► Ducting Systems
► Engineering Cooling
► Industrial Fans
Large Area Lighting
Modern Fittings
► Ornamental Fittings
► Outdoor Lighting
► Residential Lighting
► Security Lighting
► Street Lighting
► Switches & Controls
Instrumentation, Switches & Controls
Process Cooling Systems
► Refrigeration and Cooling
► Ventilation Systems
► Vents & Grills
The Leading Regional Organizer OF
Construction Trade Events
For nearly 30 years now, IFP (International Fairs
& Promotions) has been the leading organizer
of construction trade events in the region, a
position that now sees IFP staging more than 5
specialized international construction exhibitions
and conferences every year, bringing together
thousands of suppliers from around the world and
tens of thousands of buyers from the Middle East,
and facilitating billions of dollars in business.
> www.saudibuild-expo.com
The longest running event of its kind in the region
with 27 consecutive editions till date.
> www.projectqatar.com
The largest international gathering of construction
professionals in the region for 13 consecutive
editions with 2100 exhibitors from 47 countries.
> www.projectlebanon.com
The launching point of choice for International
exhibitors to enter the regional markets for more
than two decades.
> www.project-iraq.com
The only construction trade event in Iraq (Erbil &
Baghdad) with international participation from 30
countries in all of its 6 editions till now.
General Information
Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center (CICC)
Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center is Egypt’s leading business events venue.
Superbly located in Cairo adjacent to the bustling central business district, just 5 minutes away from
Cairo International Airport, the Center comprises three major buildings, including Convention halls,
Banquet hall and the Exhibition Center. This world class venue is the perfect location for meetings,
conferences, exhibitions and special events, offering five exhibition halls with a total exhibition space
of 20,000 SQM.
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