URBACT III - Call for Proposals for Action Planning Networks

URBACT III - Call for Proposals for Action Planning Networks – Social Inclusion
Name of your organisation: London Borough of Waltham Forest (LBWF)
Brief description of organisation: LBWF is a local government body in London responsible for the
representation of and services for a population of 260,000 people.
Project objectives: The aim of the project is to reduce the risks to sustainable urban development in
European cities posed by urban street gangs, including the risk of radicalisation and involvement in
violent extremism. The objectives will include:
 The development of a network of cities facing the same social policy challenge;
 The development of learning and best practice across the network; and
 The development of integrated action plans based upon inclusion, sustainability and economic
growth targeting those actively involved and those at risk of involvement in urban street gangs.
Project activities: These will be co-produced by the network, but will be based on research, knowledge
exchange, and site visits.
Estimated start date: The first phase approval will be published mid-September, where the partnership
will need to enlarge the consortium and prepare the final proposal. If the last is approved, the project
will start June 2016
Estimated duration: 24 months
Financial details (match-funding requirements?): Depending upon the final partnership make-up there
will be a requirement to match fund of between 15% and 30% of costs of involvement.
What partners are you looking for? Other cities in Europe that are facing the challenge of violent street
gangs and the potential for radicalisation and involvement in violent extremism.
The partnerships need at least two partners from Less Developed Regions
Deadline for receiving declarations of interest: June 3rd
Contact details: Alastair Macorkindale ([email protected])