How to fo How to fold a paper crane

How to fold
fold a paper crane
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1. Take a paper square.
Ideally one side coloured,
the other plain. Turn the
paper plain side up.
2. Fold in half horizontally.
Open and repeat along the
vertical & both diagonals.
Make every crease sharp
5. Fold only the top layer of both the
left and right flaps along the dotted line
so the left and right corners now meet
along the centre fold so your paper
looks like the picture in step 6.
4. Your paper should now look
like this. Keeping the open end
(C &D) towards you turn the
paper over and repeat step 3 to
create a diamond.
7. Your paper should now look like a
kite. Fold the top of the diamond
down making a crease at the widest
point. Turn over and repeat.
6. Your paper should
now look like this.
Turn the paper over
and repeat step 5.
3. Fold back into a triangle. Lift
up the top sheet at point B and
move to join point A and bring
point C down point D and
8. Undo the folds from
step 7 so you have a
kite once again.
9. Now undo all folds in
steps 5 and 6 so you
have a diamond again
as shown above.
12. Fold the two legs of the
diamond up and in front of the
paper on slight angle, crease
and then fold legs back down.
10. Lift up only the top layer at point C s and carry it up above
point D being sure to fold along crease made in steps 7 marked
by the dotted line. This will also bring points A and B together
in to the centre creating a boat like shape. Flatten to create a
taller skinny diamond then turn your paper over and repeat.
13. Fold the top layer of the whole right side across
on top of the left side. Fold the top leg up along the
crease made in step 12. Fold what is now the top
layer on the left side back to the right side, keeping
the leg folded up so it will be in between the top and
bottom layer. Without turning over repeat this step
to the left side of your paper.
11. Similar to step 5, fold only the
top layer of both the left and right
flaps into the centre crease so the
corners meet. Turn over and repeat.
14. Crease along the length of both legs so
they sit flat. Fold the top of one leg down
to make the head of the crane. Fold out
the wings. Gently pull on the wings and
push down on the back to expand the
body. You now have a beautiful crane to
enter in our competition.
Cut here to create a paper square
Target: 1,000 Cranes Photo Competition
Fold a crane. Take a photo of it. Enter to win at