Dear candidate for the EVS in Slovakia!

Dear candidate for the EVS in Slovakia!
We are very happy that you are interested in the EVS program and you are now considering
where the right place is and what are the best activities for you! This booklet wants to provide
you with informations about our orgnization and the activities we do, so you can decide whether
or not we are the one for you and you are the one for participating on our project. Please take
few minutes of your time to read it through!
Nadácia BADEN - POWELLA (NBP foundation)
works with young people and involves them in
keeping cultural heritage and development of
social skills. We have several years of
experience with EVS projects and we want it
to be useful and beneficial for both - us and
our volunteers. We try to engage young people
in activities being useful to society, but they
sould also help them to development their
personalities and gain new experiences.
NBP foundation is situated in youth hostel
below an old castle
Our main project is the revitalization of Calvary
in Banská Štiavnica –, but we
are also running a youth hostel and a big scout
camp in Stiavnica montains. We often
collaborate with the town of Banská Štiavnica,
signed in UNESCO, on many intereresting
projects regarding its cultural heritage. Our
workers together with our volutneers are
involved in all these activities.
The Calvary above the town
Banská Štiavnica Calvary Complex
represents a unique architectural and landscape
complex. It is the most outstanding baroque
Calvary complex in the territory of the Slovak
Republic. The complex itself is made up of 25
buildings including three churches and chapels
decorated with valuable paintings. The chapels
and churches are built on a steep slope of a
dormant volcano called Scharffenberg (Sharp
our boss Martin explaining basic security
rules to group of volunteers 
In June 2007 Banská Štiavnica Calvary Complex was included in the World Monuments List of 100
most endangered sites announced every other year by the World Monument Fund.
In recent years we have been, together with hundreds of volunteers, succesfull in changing this
status and Calvary is becoming popular place for torists from all around the world (40 000
visitors per year). The mission 
of our organisation is to preserve its religious, cultural, historical, scenic and ecological values for
the society, organize volunteers who are comming for workshops and to run exhibition about the
complex. Our role is to find volunteers who have interest to be involved in these activities. Each
year we host 3-5 foreign volunteers.
Slovakia is a country
from an area slightly
larger than
Switzerland. The
capital is Bratislava
which is situated only
60 km from Vienna.
The population is 5,5
Slovakia is
surrounded by
Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and
Hungary. It belongs to the group of post-communist
countries. When you say Slovakia, many think of
Czechoslovakia, which follows a longstanding
federation with the current Czech Republic. Slovakia
is an independent state since 1993 and therefore
one of the youngest European countries. We have
joined the EU in year 2004 and from 1st January
2009 we use the single European currency Euro (€).
The national language is Slovak, but people often
(mainly young generation) speak English, German or
some other languages.
Banska Stiavnica – historical center
Slovakia is located in moderate climate zone and
during the year there are 4 seasons. In
summer, the temperature may climp up to 35 °C, in
winter it sometimes drops to -20 ° C and autumn is
often rainy so you may need all kinds of clothes.
Slovakia is quite a mountainous country with the
highest peak at an altitude of 2655 m. There are 9
Summer markets in Banska Stiavnica
national parks with rich fauna and flora.
The national dish is dumplings with sheep cheese, but we also love traditional Slovak sausage with
beer or Hungarian goulash. In generall, the cuisine is varied and you can buy all kinds of food in
Bread 500 g +/- 0,80 euro
Beer 0,5 ltr +/- 1,00 euro
Softdrink 0,25 ltr +/- 1,00 euro
Milk 1 l
+/- 0,70 euro
Dish of the Day +/- 3,00 euro
Water (1,5 l in shop) +/- 0,50 euro
We are placed in historical town Banská Štiavnica
in central part of Slovakia with 10 000 inhabitans.
The town belongs to the triad of historical mining
towns in central Slovakia, which were famous in
the whole Austro-Hungarian Empire for plentiful
resources of gold, silver and copper. It still keeps
its medieval character and the town centre has
been added to the World Heritage Fund of
UNESCO. Nowadays, it is a district town of app.
25 000 inhabitants with several secondary schools
(polytechnics, forestry, etc). The town still
breathes history which is mostly due
Ski resort in Stiavnicke muntains
to the number of historical
monuments and cultural events taking place here during the year.
Banska Stiavnica is situated in hilly terrain (600-1000 m) with forests, many hiking trails and
about 10 artificial lakes suitable for swimming, which makes it a popular target of tourism in
summer. In the summer period, the town with its surrounding area is a place of plenty of art,
music, film, poetry, photo, sport and other traditional festivals and happennings, but out of
season, during autumn and winter, it falls asleep
covered by snow and fog which might be depressive
for someone.
The closest bigger city is Banská Bystrica - 50 km
away, which takes about an hour by bus to travel
there. The capital – Bratislava – is 170 km from the
town, which takes around 3 hours of travelling by
bus or train as the connection is not direct.
There are 2 disco clubs, few pubs, fitness center,
cinema, swimming pool, bowling center, many
restaurants in the town and several shops (clothes,
One of the lakes around the town
shoes, souvenirs ect.)
Some activities are more general (eg services at an the Calvary exhibition) in which we engage
each volunteer, others are more specific, requiring some experience or qualities.
In generall, after a year spend in our organization, you should become more independent, flexible,
open-minded and initiative person with clearer vision of your further professional carieer.
In addition , as it is a group EVS project, you will gain experiences in the field of communication
with different personalities, foreing languages and other social skills which might be usefull for
your personal development.
Activity # 1: Information service at the
Calvary expozition and other activities
connected with Calvary
During the EVS, you will mostly be involved in
activities at the Calvary outside in a fantastic
nature environment. One of the activities is the
service at the expozition for the visitors. The
is opened daily from spring to autumn and on public
holidays from 10.00 to 17.00. During the service,
you will be responsible for opening the churches,
providing informations to the tourists and selling
souvenirs. Coordination of the shifts taken during
week will be case of individual agreement so you can
have comprehensive leisure time.
The exhibition of Calvary
Other main tasks are related to the maintenance of
the whole area and restoration works such as
mowing, cleaning, raking, and you will be also one of
the leaders of big volunteering workcapms which we
reguraly organize.
Activity # 2: Activities connected with Scout house – Youth hostel
Our office and your
accomodation is situated in
the premises of the Scout
House, so many activities
are taking place right
there. Scout house is
visited by thousands of
tourists every year from
works on the garden of Scouthouse
different parts of the
world and it also provides facilities for local community activities. A
large part of the activities include things like small works in the
house and the garden, preparing things for social events, cutting wood for the winter ect.
You'll be also involved in service at the reception desk from time to
Monika – EVS from Hungary - is
time providing information to guests and tourists and if you are
painting wood
willing to work with children, you can prepare special program for
small children in our mother center.
Staff meeting
Volunteer´s seminary in the hostel
Activity # 3: Scout campsite:
In the summer, we are running International scout
camp in the mountains, about 10 kilometers from
Banska Štiavnica. Groups of campers are coming to one
or two weeks of camping and we are helping them with
food and service supply. The main role of volunteers is
to prepare whole area before the campers come and
support them during their stay. Volunteers could also
prepare special programs which we offer to campers.
In close environment of the
camp is one big artificial lake suitable for swiming so you can freshen up yourself after work.
# 4: Personal project and other, non-permanent activities:
During the project you will have the chance to develope your specific
skills and to make your own personal project. After first months of your
stay, we can discuss and make plan for it. It is up on your intiative and
creativness what it could be.
Our last group of volunteers were responsible for example for renovation
of old jewish cemetery or restoring local toristic trails.
We started cooperation with the town in cooperation on cultural events
and we are designing program for the biggest winter event – witer games
for families and children.
Turkish volunteer playing game
with children
We expect from you the ability to speak English or German or Slovak at least on basic level, so
you can understand us and provide touristical and organizational information to visitors from
around the world.
We expect your willingness to work in a team and ability to independently perform certain tasks.
We welcome experiences of working with youngsters, positive relationship to cultural history, and
As manually work being a great part of our daily work, it is important that you are not affraid of
You will live with other EVS volunteers and share the same flat and rooms, so tolerance is very
Still, your initiative and creativity is welcome and you should be open to unexpected things.
Even thought we try to reduce it as much as possible, it is important that you are flexible enough
as your schedule might change quite often.
You will live with a group of around 4
volunteers together in a flat directly in
the youth hostel in the city center. Your
food needs and pocket money are
covered by the project (230 € per
month). We are funding courses of
Slovak lessons (or other language) and
optionally other courses as well.
Your free time and free days depends on
agreement and the season. Work week is
usually around 35 hours with 2 free days.
Scouthouse from front side
Longer period of holiday is possible during winter season, because our activities are limited due to
snow and the cold, but still, during summer short trips are also possible. We try to balance
leisure time and activities by the rules of Erasmus+ program.
Duration is 6 - 12 months or upon agreement.
In case you think this is challanging for you, please send us your motivation letter and CV to
[email protected] or call +421 905 360 307
More informations are also available on and