Sample Digital Taps Chris Chen as CTO

Sample Digital Taps Chris Chen as CTO
Veteran technology executive to steer dax platform expansion
of film & TV industry’s leading production workflow company
Hollywood, CA – February 20, 2012: Sample Digital, the leading provider of production
workflow applications for Film and TV production, has appointed Chris Chen as Chief
Technology Officer.
Chen comes to Sample Digital from senior CTO/CIO posts at digital media company Tokyopop,
Wheels Financial Group, and QubeMedia where he was a founding member of the team building
a prototype for delivering video to home devices in alliance with TV manufacturers to embed the
software created in a partnership with Reality Check Studios (interfaces for the NFL, FOX
Sports, NASCAR, and DIRECTV graphics). With expertise in streaming media, content
management and delivery systems, Web security and e-commerce, Chen has served as senior
consultant to Microsoft, handling the software giant’s engagements with companies such as,, and DVD Express. For Grammy-winning artists and Oscar-winning actors
he has designed and built digital post-production platforms customized to enhance the creative
process. Chen is a UCLA graduate with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.
“Chris comes aboard as our new iPad app is extending our dax platform to the mobile world,”
said Patrick Macdonald-King, CEO Sample Digital. “Chris is a seasoned IT professional and the
perfect team leader to oversee the expansion of our services due to overwhelming demand from
top film and TV producers and distributors for tapeless digital workflows. We will continue our
growth further upstream into the studio ecosystem and Chris’s experience and vision we will get
there faster.”
Sample Digital has seen 50% growth over the past year due to an increase in demand for
automation of the production process and the launch of dax|Mobile™ with iDailies®, a
subscription service exclusively for Apple’s iPad. The new iPad app, available on the iTunes
App Store, is an innovative collaborative workflow tool for professional film/TV production,
post-production and marketing creatives and executives who require working access 24/7 to inprogress content.
Sample Digital’s enterprise level customers include such companies as Warner Bros., 20th
Century Fox, CBS, A&E, Showtime and Lionsgate. Shows currently using DAX include: CSI,
Two and a Half Men, Dexter, Glee, The Mentalist, How I Met Your Mother, Terra Nova, NCIS,
Person of Interest and Mad Men. Recent feature film productions include Ides of March, Rise of
the Apes, Dolphin Tale, Alice in Wonderland, Iron Man and Immortals. Sample Digital’s
customers include most major Hollywood studios and network/cable channels.
Sample Digital’s patented dax|D3™ system is a media production workflow accelerator and
content management application platform. The new dax|Mobile with iDailies® service enables
authorized users to connect via their iPads and securely stream media and navigate between
titles, projects, dailies reels, photos, and documents (such as scripts and production reports) via
Sample Digital’s secure network.
About Sample Digital Holdings LLC
Hollywood-based Sample Digital delivers production workflow and media management
applications and services to companies who produce, distribute and license audio-visual and rich
media content.
Sample Digital’s suite of applications, including dax|D3™, Digital Dailies® and iDailies®,
optimize business process in content production and distribution management for such creative
leaders as 20th Century Fox, CBS, Warner Bros., Showtime, Lifetime Television, Summit
Entertainment, and Lionsgate. Our clients have found using Sample Digital’s platform reduces
production and distribution expenditures, improves time to market and minimizes risk – both
creatively and financially.
Sample Digital’s core platform, dax, is a highly secure web-based environment where users can
share ideas, information and content created throughout the production or campaign lifecycle, or
as required for trafficking and distribution of final product. dax incorporates media production
workflow and collaboration, transcoding, distribution and security services into one robust,
extendible solution available via desktop, set top box and mobile applications.
dax|D3™ and dax|Mobile™ are trademarks of Sample Digital Holdings LLC, the makers of
dax, the production workflow accelerator, and Digital Dailies®. Digital Dailies® and iDailies®
are registered trademarks of Sample Digital Holdings LLC.
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