P&D Father-Daughter Recital Dance Don`t Miss Out!

P&D Father-Daughter Recital Dance
Don’t Miss Out!
All P&D dancers age 6 and over are invited to participate in the Father-Daughter dance routine! Grab dad (or
uncles, grandpas, friends, etc. welcome in dad’s place) and get ready for a fun routine! You will need to provide
your own costume for this number. We are currently finalizing music selection, so we will let you know what the
theme is soon!
There will be three practices for this routine.
Sunday, May 31st
Ages 6 – 8
Ages 9 – 11
Ages 12 and over
All participants
Monday, June 1st
Ages 6 – 8
Ages 9 – 11
Ages 12 and over
6:30 – 7:05 pm
7:05 – 7:40 pm
7:20 – 7:55 pm
Tuesday, June 2nd
Ages 6 – 8
Ages 9 – 11
Ages 12 and over
All Ages
6:30 – 7:05 pm
7:05 – 7:40 pm
7:40 – 8:05 pm
8:05 – 8:30 pm:
All studio picnic in the parking lot
Sunday, May 31 6:00 pm
Everyone is welcome, even if you aren’t in the routine! Bring your own plates, utensils, lawn chairs and
beverages and a dish to share! Last Names A-F bring side dish, G-P bring main dish Q-Z bring dessert.
Performance date of the Father-Daughter routine is on June 4 at the annual recital at the Music Hall. Dress
Rehearsal will be at approximately noon and the performance will be in the evening. (If “Dads” can’t make it to
dress rehearsal during the day, it is ok! Daughters should plan on being there!)
As previously mentioned, a male friend or family member can stand in for dad; the only requirement is that “dad”
is 18 or older. The fee per couple is $30; please make checks payable to the studio. For families with multiple
siblings, it is $10 per added sibling.
To participate, simply complete the bottom portion and return with your tuition payment to the front desk. Be
sure to keep the top portion so you have the practice times. The deadline to register is Thursday, May 21.
Join the fun!
Daughter’s Name _________________________________________________________
Daughter’s age as of 6/1/15 _____________
“Dad’s” Name __________________________________________________________