July 21, 2014 Travel Agency Appreciation Program for qualifying travel agents

Travel Agency Administration
P.O. Box 36611, HDQ -6AA
Dallas, TX 75235-1611
(214) 792-6777
July 21, 2014
Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways is pleased to provide details of our
Travel Agency Appreciation Program for qualifying travel agents
Details of our travel agency nonrevenue standby program include:
Program is available to ARC accredited agencies in good standing with ARC,
Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways. The agency must not have any
outstanding debit memos, over 90 days.
Travel Agent must self-ticket using ARC paper ticket stock. Ticket must be
reported through the weekly ARC Report. Agent must provide a valid IATAN card
(blue background) at ticket counter. Once issued, tickets are valid for 90 days and
are non- refundable. Tickets must include two diagonal lines across each coupon
from bottom left to top right on ticket indicating ticket is nonrevenue. If you only
use Worldspan, you must issue a handwritten paper ticket. Handwritten paper
stock is available thru ARC. Form of payment must be cash or check.
Fare Basis code on tickets is YL. Ticket designator is AD60 (YL/AD60). City Pairs
must be included on ticket. Flight number is Open. To change city pairs the
tickets may be exchanged only at the issuing agency as an even exchange. The
expiration date will remain as 90 days from the original ticket issued.
Baggage Liability does not apply to reduced rate travel. Travel Agent is allowed
to check two bags for free on either airline. Please note that oversized or
overweight baggage is subject to standard fees at the ticket counter.
Domestic US travel (excluding Puerto Rico) is $60.00 USD one way. This rate
includes segment taxes, and applicable AY fees which must be listed on the ticket.
Please note the ticket must be carrier specific meaning travel is all on AirTran or
all on Southwest Airlines.
International travel (including Puerto Rico) is $100.00 USD one way. This rate
includes segment taxes, AY fees but DOES NOT include any international
taxes. Any international applicable tax must be added to the price of the ticket.
Travel Agent must call at least 24 hours in advance of flight to make a
nonrevenue listing for the flight. For Southwest Airlines flights call (866)359-7967.
For AirTran Airways flights call (800)799-5401.
Any travel agent who is found to have made a confirmed space reservation
anywhere in the system will be required to purchase a full-fare ticket to travel.
Agency is subject to debit memo for confirmed reservation. Cancelled reservations
are NOT an exception. Agents who once held confirmed seats and have since
cancelled will not be able to travel nonrevenue on the day of confirmed
Reduced rate passengers are to be neatly dressed and present a clean, wellgroomed appearance. Business attire is preferred however some casual clothing
will be acceptable. Additional information regarding appropriate dress code for
non revenue travel can be found at www.southwest.com/travelagency,
www.airtran.com, or in the Sabre DRS
Questions regarding our Travel Agency Appreciation Program can be found at
www.airtran.com, or in our WN Sabre DRS. Additional questions can be answered
by calling our travel agency help desk Monday-Friday 7:30 am until 5:00 pm CST
at 214-792-6777 or emailing them at [email protected] or
[email protected] .
This program is for qualified travel agents only, companions do not qualify.
Effective March 22, 2014 – we will no longer allow nonrevenue international
tickets to be issued for AirTran Airways. Nonrevenue international tickets issued
prior to March 22, 2014 will still be accepted for travel within 90 days of issuance.
This change only effects international nonrevenue travel. Domestic nonrevenue
standby travel (including San Juan), is still allowed with qualifying restrictions.
Please contact our Travel Agency Help Desk at 214 792 6777 for additional
Do not issue any AirTran plated tickets after August 1, 2014. Or you may not
have the full 90 day ticket validity.
Please note that southwest Airlines has a permanent embargo on all international
nonrevenue travel (excluding San Juan).
Domestic One way
Base Rate = $55.50
US Tax = $4.50
AY= $5.60
ZP= $4.00
Grand total $69.50
Fare breakdown
Effective July 21, 2014
Connection One way
Base Rate = $55.50
US Tax = $4.50
AY = $5.60
ZP= $8.00
Grand total $73.60
San Juan One Way:
Base Rate-$97.50
US Tax=17.50
Grand total $120.60
Effective July 21, 2014 AY tax is $5.60 per one way trip.
The last date to issue AirTran international nonrevenue standby tickets are
no longer available as of March 22, 2014.
Do not issue any AirTran plated tickets after August 1, 2014. Or you may not
have the full 90 day ticket validity.
This does not pertain to San Juan itineraries.
In Sabre you will need to phase 4.
In Apollo you will need to Fill-in-Format (see “HELP PRICING RECORD” in Apollo)