minutes - Princeton Public Library

March 17, 2015
Barack Bar-Cohen, Andrew Erlichson, Robert Ginsberg, Audrey Gould, Mayor Liz Lempert,
Ruth Miller, Kevin Royer, Pam Wakefield
Erica Bess, Leslie Burger (on phone), Susan Chernik, Karen Rackley
Amani Ahmed (Teen Rep), Phil Curran (Princeton Packet), Jade Levine (Teen Rep), Melanie
Stein (Friends of PPL)
Not Present: Kiki Jamieson
At 6:02 PM Mr. Ginsberg called the meeting to order and asked if proper notice of the meeting was given as
required by the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act (N.J.S. 10:4-6 et seq.). Notice was sent to the municipal
clerks, the Princeton Packet, Town Topics, and Trenton Times, posted in the Library, and distributed to the
standard distribution list.
Consent Agenda
Mr. Ginsburg asked the Board if they had any questions concerning the items within the consent agenda.
There were no questions or requests to move items from the agenda.
Ms. Wakefield moved approval of the Consent Agenda. Ms. Miller seconded the motion. Ms. Lempert
was not present for the vote. The motion passed unanimously.
February 17, 2015 meeting minutes
February 2015 Bills
o 2015-13: Princeton Energy Working Group
o 2015-3: Designated Signatures for Bank Accounts (revised)
Foundation Board Appointments
Old Business
Second Floor Project – Focus groups, revised timeline, next steps
Ms. Bess referred the Board to the summary of the focus groups that was included in their packet. Each
group was presented with the same open-ended questions. The questions elicited responses regarding:
Today’s Customer Experience, The Future Customer Experience, Attracting New Customers, Use of Other
Community Spaces, Plan Preview, and community reaction to investing resources in renovating the 2nd
floor. Ms. Bess noted that overall the results were aligned with the staff’s and architects observations and
There was discussion about the results of the focus groups.
Ms. Burger noted that the architect for the 2nd floor renovation has been put on hold until Ms. Bess, Ms.
Burger and Ms. Simon discuss fundraising for this project. Ms. Burger will report on fundraising at the
April meeting.
Phone Recycling
Mr. Erlichson inquired about recycling phones. Ms. Burger noted that the sustainability group was looking
into options.
Friends of Princeton Public Library
Ms. Stein, President of the Friends, noted:
The Friends are searching for an administrator. The position would be on the library payroll
funded through the Friends.
The Benefit date is set for Sept 26 featuring Frank Rich speaking at the Nassau Presbyterian
Church and a reception at the library. She suggested that anyone interested in working on the
benefit attend the Friends meeting on March 25.
There will be an Evening with Friends on April 30 with Julian Zelizer, and a Book Lovers Luncheon
with Ruth Reichl on May 15. Note: The April 30 Julian Zelizer event has been cancelled (4/14)
New Business
There was no new business.
Meeting Schedule/Adjournment
The next Board meeting is scheduled for April 21, 2015 at 6 pm.
Ms. Gould moved to adjourn the meeting; Ms. Wakefield seconded the motion. The motion passed
unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 6:51 PM.