YOU can spot "a bad boy" the second he enters

Quote by: Zondra Hughes
YOU can spot "a bad boy" the second he enters
the room. He has a rhythmic sway to his stride,
walking as if the whole world's a theme song,
being played over and over just for him. He's
overly confident, somewhat aggressive, and
eternally cool, at least in his own mind. Your gut
instinct tells you there's nothing good about him,
and no good can come from him--so why are
there butterflies dancing in your stomach? You
know the answer: You've made the fatal mistake
of falling for the "bad boy."
Main Points
The different types of ‘BAD BOYS’
What draws a girl in to the ‘BAD BOY’
What happens once the girl gets the ‘BAD BOY’
The realistic facts of hanging with a ‘BAD
Girls, what type do you look for?
And guys, which type are you?
The true
‘BAD’ boy
a.k.a the
Boys with
The Looker
The Criminal, Boys with toys, and The
The girl is usually attracted to the criminal just
for the fact that he’s dangerous and rebellious.
Girls like a boy who can protect her, (boys
with guns) if someone messes with her…
he will take care of it.
Of course any girl wants a guy who ‘looks
good’ and feels confident about himself.
She may also want everyone to be jealous
of her man.
The Rockstar, and yes, even the Wife
Girls may fall in love with a rockstar once they see him on
stage. They want him, basically because all the other
girls do. They may also want to be the girl that he writes
the songs about, and everyone would know it.
--Girls may be attracted to ‘the wife beater’
They may do it for attention, they want people to feel
bad for her
In other cases she may feel that she deserves it and
needs someone to shape her up a bit
Why are girls typically attracted to these
different types?
Dr. Barton Goldsmith had to say…
Bad boys can bring out the inner desires of a woman
the opposite of doing what your parents wanted
She may also be encouraged to dress, speak and act more
provocatively, which is something she may have always wanted
to do
A woman may feel she gets to do things she's never done before,
(and I quote) like going to bars, gambling or even having sex in
the back seat of a car
What real people have…
-- these answers were taken from a chat forum, and these
are what the girls had to say when asked ‘so why do you go
for the bad boy?’
Some say opposites attract
Well at first it was because his rep, nobody messed with me
he made me feel safe in all situations
I guess for me, its that I like craziness, and risk takers
Once the girl gets the ‘bad boy’
Lets face it… bad boys treat others badly
He may cheat, lie or hurt you
The girl may not be able to be true to herself
May never get intimacy with him
The realistic facts of hanging with the ‘bad boy’,
and when is it time to be moving on?
the girl may start to be ashamed of her ‘bad boy’ boyfriend, and not
want to bring him home to meet the parents
If the "bad boy" is angry and is a substance abuser or doesn't have
the ability to be truly intimate, the woman will eventually be hurt
and/or abandoned
Psychotherapist Patricia Carmalt, who has extensive experience in
this area, says: "It's when she can no longer be true to herself,
when his behaviors cross with the values and beliefs that are
important to her.”
The different types of ‘BAD BOYS’
What draws a girl in to the ‘BAD BOY’
What happens once the girl gets the ‘BAD BOY’
The realistic facts of hanging with a ‘BAD
It all comes down to…
On the surface, bad guys appear to be the
ultimate ladies' man: A suave gentleman
who knows how to charm a lady. But in
reality, most of these men are immature,
irresponsible and inconsistent ‘
Ending quote by:
Zondra Hughes