Terry Bradshaw: bad game is because he can't lick his fingers. He is breaking his habit of doing it because he is  wearing gloves and not being able to do his routine of licking his fingers is the reason he is 

1) Terry Bradshaw: during halftime of the Saints/Seahawks game said the reason Brees is having a bad game is because he can't lick his fingers. He is breaking his habit of doing it because he is wearing gloves and not being able to do his routine of licking his fingers is the reason he is struggling. 2) Flip Saunders: "NBA referees have the toughest job in the world" 3) Phil Simms: defended a Tom Brady overthrow: "Sometimes you throw the ball too perfect and it travels further than it normally does" 4) The Weather Channel: on DIRECTV dropping the Weather Channel from its lineup: "The consequences of removing it from 20 million households are detrimental to public safety" 5) ESPN National Recruiting Director Tom Luginbill: "Jerry Kill might be one of the top 5 coaches in College Football right now." 6) Mike Wobschall: "GM Rick Spielman preaches the importance of taking the best player available rather than reaching and over‐drafting a player." 7) Don Nelson: "David [Stern] deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for globalizing our game in a way that has truly changed the world" 8) Kevin Lynch: "Sometimes it's tough when you're 6'9" or 6'10" to play against those 5'8" guys" 9) Minnesota Vikings: Tweeted "@Vikings: The #Vikings could have a top 10 defense next year. Find out why: http://bit.ly/1cQWV9j " 10) Kain Coulter: on 50‐60 hour work week for players: "I like to think of it like the military/Navy SEALs. They spend months preparing for operations. It's the same thing as football. We spend months getting ready for our operations." 11) Jim Petersen: on Kevin Love, "He could be on the Mount Rushmore of Minnesota Sports Heroes." 12) Paul Charchian: tweeted “Prepping for two days of @KFAN1003 coverage from the NFL Combine in Indy. Amazing that the best 6 hours of NFL talk all year happen in Feb.” 13) Pat Micheletti: on if USA/Russia game had been for Gold Medal, "That would've brought the level of excitement back to what it was in 1980." 14) Jeremy Roenick: said a Russia loss to Finland would be the biggest failure for Russia in Olympic history. 15) Jim Souhan: If the #Twins sign Willingham, within a year or two, "they could field one of the best lineups in baseball." 16) Adrian Peterson: tweeted “@MikeVick would intently make the vikings a playoff team!" 17) Richard Pitino: on Austin Hollins, “He will go down as one of the best Gophers to ever put on that jersey” 18) Jayson Werth (Washington Nationals): “There's nothing harder in the galaxy' than hitting a baseball." 19) John Krawczynski: "reporters treat Olympic athletes different. They’re not as harsh as they are w/ AP or Joe Mauer” 20) Team USA captain John Shuster: says curling vs Russia in Sochi the equivalent of playing the Seahawks in Seattle with the noise 21) Jeff Duncan (Columnist Times‐Picayune): wrote “Sean Payton has talked about finding ways to maximize the Saints’ home‐field advantage. Can you imagine the buzz in the Mercedes‐Benz Superdome if the Saints took the field in all‐black uniforms for a big Sunday or Monday night game?” 22) Mike Wobschall: “Loved Spielman’s honesty” 23) Ben Leber: said "the (NFL) Combine is exhausting" and "remembering which foot to put weight on during 3 cone drill is hard" 24) Vance Worley: blamed the wind for affecting his pitches in a Grapefruit League game. NOTE: 8 other pitchers pitched without giving up a run 25) Devin Hester: said he’s the NFL’s best all‐around player 26) Ron Gardenhire: on Mauer’s dropped pickoff throw, “Joe couldn’t see the ball”, cited white shirts in the stands as the reason 27) Mike Max: “Running a shot clock is very difficult” 28) Rex Hudler: said the unrest in Venezuela made Mike Moustakas a better player 29) Mike Pelfrey: “Worst case scenario, we are .500” 30) AJ Mansour: "The Vikings don't have a spot for [the best WR in the draft] Sammy Watkins" 31) Dennis Allen: said Matt Schaub was "on par" with AFC West quarterbacks 32) Twins Asst GM Rob Antony: We planned for higher payroll than $85M, but FA position players signed elsewhere. "We were trying to give money away." 33) Mike Florio: on Free Agent QB Tarvaris Jackson, “In a league without enough good quarterbacks to go around, Jackson can hold in own when he gets chances to play” 34) Chef Rocco DiSpirito: " Get rid of sugar. It's more poisonous than heroin. If refined sugar were discovered today, it would be categorized as a narcotic like cocaine and heroin; it's as addictive and kills millions more people than all drug overdoses combined. " 35) Kirk Cousins: “The difference between going 3‐13 and 13‐3 isn’t that much” 36) Boomer Esiason: On Mets 2B Daniel Murphy missing first two games of the season because of Paternity Leave, “Quite frankly, I would have said C‐Section before the season starts. I need to be at Opening Day. I’m sorry.” 37) Tim Laudner: On Josmil Pinto, “I really like the way he handled the pitching staff today”. NOTE: Twins gave up 9 runs 38) Kyle Rudolph: his response to name the NFL’s best tight end: “Me” 39) AJ Mansour: “The Vikings don’t have a spot for [the best WR in the draft] Sammy Watkins” 40) Lavelle E. Neal III: said the Twins had to trade Vance Worley because there was no room in the AAA rotation 41) Ohio St. Asst. Coach Jeff Boals: tweeted “Coaching in Final 4 is a lot different with a raised floor. Makes a difference regarding communication” 42) John Bonnes: tweeted “It makes me a Mauer apologist, but I’m happier with a walk there than a home run. Keeps the pressure on.” 43) Jeff Boals (Ohio St. Asst. Basketball Coach): tweeted “Coaching in Final 4 is a lot different with a raised floor. Makes a difference regarding communication” 44) Joe Nelson: tweeted, “It was Morneau & Santana in 2006. In 2014 it's going to be Gibson & Colabello. #CyYoung #MVP #Twins” 45) Tenna‐B: on Wild Fanline, “"I care more about zone time and chances then I do necessarily actually finishing." 46) Gwyneth Paltrow: "You come across [online comments] about yourself and about your friends, and it's a very dehumanizing thing. It's almost like, how in war, you go through this bloody dehumanizing thing and then something is defined out of it." 47) Ron Gardenhire: on Joe Mauer, "He's hitting a lot of balls hard. ... If he were in Boston he'd be hitting .400." NOTE: He was hitting .275 48) Bruce Bowen: compared Serge Ibaka's return to OKC Thunder to Willis Reed coming out limping for the New York Knicks. 49) Gary Bettman: What technology has shown us is that our officials do a remarkable job. 50) Sid Hartman: “With Josh Willingham in lineup and healthy, #Twins can compete with anyone.” 51) Kevin Rand (Detroit Tigers Athletic Trainer): on teenage pitchers being overused, "It's nothing short of child abuse is what it is." 52) Lil’ B: “Last week was my birthday and I didn’t even remember it.” 53) Stevie Johnson: on 49ers WR’s, “We’re all #1 receivers” 54) Josh McCown: “My hope is that one day Mike Glennon is a Hall of Famer” 55) Skip Bayless: “Johnny Football will one day be bigger in Cleveland than his buddy Lebron James ever was” 56) Jon Gruden: “[Blake] Bortles has the perfect mentor in Chad Henne” 57) City Pages Headline: “Odd man out? The Twins suddenly have a glut of outfielders” 58) Cheryl Reeve: “Game 7 actually favors the road team” 59) Chris Webber: “This is the NBA. We’re the toughest league. We don’t wear pads, we fall directly on the floor, we don’t care.” 60) Kevin Gorg: called Jim Dowd a Wild “Legend” 61) Chris Colabello: “The lineup’s so good around me right now. Pick your poison.” 62) Ben Utecht: tweeted “how could any recruit ever want to leave this state to play somewhere else? #ManUp stay home & become #BigTenChamps” 63) Mark Rosen: “I don’t have any money.” 64) Jack Moore (Sports on Earth): “With Kendrys Morales, the Twins will have one of the league’s best lineups.” 65) Jerome Simpson: “I’m worth more than the Vikings are paying me” 66) Pioneer Press Headline: “Give him a break. Yes, Mauer is struggling, but he has been more unlucky than bad” 67) Mark Jackson: during Game 5 of the NBA Finals, “Michael Beasley is a terror on the offensive end” 68) Norv Turner: “I think Ponder played awfully well in a tough situation as a young player” 69) Ben Leber: on Teddy Bridgewater, “He walks like an athlete” 70) U.S. Soccer Player Chris Wondolowski: said replacing Jozy Altidore is like replacing Christiano Ronaldo 71) Lavelle E. Neal III: tweeted “Can’t believe Hicks has changed his mind about switch‐
hitting. But now needs to get locked in and start crushing again” 72) Buccaneers Linebacker Jonathan Casillas: on Josh McCown, “It’s a strong comparison but he reminds me of Drew Brees” 73) Mike Lupica: wrote “During World Cup, United States Men’s National Soccer Team starts to feel a little like “Mircale in Brazil” 74) Paul Stastny: on tough decision in free agency after signing for $28 million, “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone because it’s tough to do” 75) Pierre Lebrun (ESPN NHL Columnist): tweeted, “If I’m an NHL club, would gamble on cheap one‐year deal for Dany Heatley. Will be motivated. 20 goals potential” 76) Glen Perkins: on making All‐Star team, “I think we could have had more. I don’t think there’s only 2 all‐stars on this team. I think there’s more than that” th
77) Richard Shea (Hot Dog Eating Contest Announcer): on if Joey Chestnut won his 8 consecutive hot dog eating contest, “If this happens, it would be the greatest achievement in the history of man” 78) Jay Williams (SportsCenter): tweeted “Spending the last 2 hours with @justinbieber was truly inspiring. He is changing lives. #BELIEVE” th
79) Bert Blyleven: with Twins tied with Yankees 1‐1, Bottom of 8 , 2 men on for Josh Willingham, he said “A home run would be nice, but a base hit would be better” 80)