Chronic Pain Solutions Since 1990

Chronic Pain Solutions Since 1990
Corrective Care Specializes in the Diagnosis and Trea
hen looking for relief from an ongoing pain problem, you may be
faced with many treatment alternatives. Traditional treatments—
including medication, hot/cold therapy and other therapeutic
techniques—only offer limited relief.
The key to long-term pain relief is to correct the underlying cause of the
problem. This is the Corrective Care difference. Since 1990, Corrective Care
has successfully treated thousands of patients with a wide variety of acute and
chronic pain issues.
A Successful Blend Of Traditional And
Progressive Procedures
By bridging the gap between mainstream and complementary
medicine, we have successfully blended traditional medicine
with progressive treatment procedures. This unique blend
produces consistently positive results—often reducing the need
for additional, more costly treatment options.
Once the cause of the pain has been identified, we select
treatment procedures that enhance the body’s natural ability to
heal. Every treatment plan is designed to help the patient achieve
these important objectives:
A Holistic Approach To Chronic Pain
Pain problems can affect an individual at any age. It can be a
result of a recent injury, an old injury that never healed properly,
a surgical procedure or changes in the body as a person ages.
The professionals at Corrective Care take the “whole person”
approach to diagnosing and treating a pain problem. Instead of
just focusing on a symptom, we regard the body as an integrated
whole. We approach each case with an understanding of how an
injury or pain in one part of the body can affect other parts of the
body as well.
We treat a wide variety of pain problems, including:
Eliminate pain
proper range
of motion
Decrease fatigue
Restore strength
and mobility
Improve overall
health and physical
Arm and leg
Ligament sprains
Poor recovery
after an injury
Back and neck
Muscle spasms
Posture related
Extremity pain
Myofascial pain
Pre-natal and postpartum pain
Nerve pain
joint pain
General pain and
Pediatric problems
(including asthma,
chronic ear infections,
stiff neck and colic)
sports injury
Intercostal pain
Personal accident
Tendon injuries
Joint pain
Physical weakness
in muscles or
There are cases where pain is caused by deficiencies in the
body, including hormonal or chemical imbalances, or food
sensitivities. Corrective Care offers comprehensive evaluations
in these specialized areas.
atment of Difficult Pain Problems
Progressive Treatment For Pain-Free Living
Did you know that weak ligaments and tendons are two of the greatest sources of chronic pain?
Weak ligaments can cause joints to become unstable and cause pain. Injection therapy has proven
to be an effective, long-term solution.
Corrective Care provides a variety of progressive injection therapies to treat specific pain
problems. Injection therapy has been used to successfully treat conditions such as:
•Achilles tendon tear
•Ligaments and cartilage (torn)
•Low back pain
•Carpal tunnel syndrome
•Musculoskeletal problems
•Degenerative arthritis
•Neck pain
•Degenerative disc
•Rotator cuff tear
•Foot and ankle pain
•Hip pain
•Tennis elbow
•Knee pain
•Wrist pain from repetitive motion
Med-X machines provide an effective means
of isolating, testing and strengthening the
muscles in the lower back and neck.
•Ligaments and tendons
(partially torn)
Injection therapy is often combined with physical
therapy and/or postural re-training. It is critical
to re-train muscles that have been weakened and
injured so they can once again move joints properly
during normal activities.
Injection therapy options include:
•Facet joint injection
•Fluoroscopic-guided injection
The DRS System™ is a non-surgical solution proven to be 78%
effective in relieving low back pain.
•Nerve blocks (including intercostal,
median, occipital and suprascapular)
•Ozone injection
•Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injection
•Sacroiliac (SI) joint injection
•Tendon and ligament injections
•Trigger point injection
•Ultrasound-guided injection
Pilates-based exercise offers specialized treatment options. Gentle low weight bearing movements
help enhance flexibility, improve circulation and strengthen muscle mass without stressing joints.
Corrective Care offers a variety of treatment procedures that successfully
link physical medicine and physical rehabilitation for consistent, positive
results. Patients receive individual attention every visit.
Physical Therapy Center Services
The Physical Therapy Center at Corrective Care provides
treatment procedures that successfully link physical medicine
and rehabilitation for consistent, positive results. With a variety
of innovative rehabilitation services and equipment available, a
strong emphasis is placed on the role of the bones, muscles and
joints. Individualized therapy programs are designed to:
Our protocol emphasizes restoring normal movement patterns
first, regaining normal flexibility and finally building strength
and endurance. Corrective Care provides one-on-one attention
for every patient at every visit.
We offer a comprehensive range of physical and manual therapy
services to help relieve pain and restore proper function for
conditions such as:
•Build strength and endurance
•Decrease pain
•Chronic headache, neck and shoulder stiffness
•Educate the patient on body mechanics of injury
•Fibromyalgia and chronic pain condition
•Establish postural awareness
•General pain and fatigue
•Improve motor control
•Imbalance and falls
•Increase range of motion and flexibility
•Joint and soft tissue injuries
•Increase soft tissue strength
•Orthopedic issues
•Increase work capacity of the spine
•Personal injury or accident
•Integrate proper muscle firing patterns
•Pre- and post-surgical conditions
•Regain mobility and normal function
•Pregnancy and post-pregnancy issues
•Restore and re-educate proper movement and balance
•Sports-related injuries
•Restore functional muscle and joint systems
•Workplace injuries
For Additional Information
For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (574) 271-8646 Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and
Friday, 8:00 a.m. to noon. We accept most insurance.
Dr. Mark Cantieri, D.O., F.A.A.O.
Dr. Cantieri received a bachelor of arts in Psychology
from Creighton University, and completed his medical
school training at the University of Osteopathic Medicine
and Health Sciences in Des Moines, Iowa. He is board
certified in osteopathic manipulative medicine. He is a
member of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA),
American Academy of Osteopathy (AAO), Indiana
Osteopathic Association (IOA) and American Association
of Osteopathic Medicine (AAOM). For over 27 years,
Dr. Cantieri has served on numerous local and national
medical association committees as a member, officer
or chair and has participated on task forces related to
education and osteopathic practice guidelines.
He has acted as a consultant to hospitals in Michigan,
Ohio, Iowa and New Jersey, and has lectured nationally
and internationally teaching medical students, residents
and physicians non-surgical pain management for over
20 years, and injection therapy techniques for over 10
years. He has written several articles and co-authored
Principles of Prolotherapy, the authoritative textbook on
prolotherapy used throughout the medical world.
Dr. Cantieri has received the George Northrop Writing
Award (AOA), the T.L. Northrop Lecturer Award (AAO)
and the Dr. J.B. Kinsinger Award (IOA) for outstanding
service to the profession.
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