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Danica Patrick excels at acceleration
“The following exposes
the phoniness, contrived
anger and made-up
outrage of President
• May 15, talking about
the IRS scandal on the
tea party: It is inexcusable
and the Americans have
a right to be angry, I am
• The Obamacare rollout:
Nobody is madder than
me that the website wasn’t
• The fast and furious: It
is very upsetting to me
that someone used such
bad judgment to allow
something like this to
• The Secret Service
scandal when the men
were drunk: It turns
out that if some of the
allegations that have been
made are conirmed, then,
of course I will be angry.
• The Gulf Oil spill: I
am furious of the entire
situation. I would love to
spend a lot of time venting
and yelling at people.
• The IRS: We are going to
hold the responsible party
• May 21 regarding the
VA: I will not stand for
it, not as commander-inchief, it is dishonorable;
it is disgraceful. I will not
tolerate it, period.
This is the latest socalled outrage about the
VA issue and now the
Democrats are asking
for the president to show
more anger, resolve and
ho are the best drivers? Men or
women? The question remains unanswered; the debate continues.
Regardless of the gender, a driver
must be a responsible person who gives total concentration to the activity. Race car driving requires
absolute concentration plus nerves of steel.
points standing in the 2009
season was the highest inish by an American driver at
that time.
On Aug. 25, 2010, Patrick
and her sponsor, GoDaddy, announced that she was
leaving the Indy car series to
compete full time in the NASDanica Patrick happens to River Raceway in Brodhead, CAR Network Series in 2012
be a woman who has excelled Wis. At age 16, she moved to with teammates Dale Earin race car racing. She is con- Milton Keynes, England, to
hart and Cole Whitt. Patrick
sidered to be the most sucadvance her racing career in won the pole for the DRIVEcessful, professional female
British national series events. 4COPD
race car driver in history. She During a three-year period,
300 (Daytona) in Februis a ground breaker with the she raced in Formula Ford,
ary, only the second woman
speed of 196
Formula Faux- to do so in NASCAR history.
mph, achievchall and Brit- She closed out her full-time
ing the highest
ain’s Formula season with one pole, (an adlevel of perFord Festival, vantageous, starting posiformance in
achieving the tion on the inside of the front
highest inish row) four top 10’s and the 10th
Sprint Cup
by an Amerplace in total points position.
Series. Patrick
ican in the
During her NASCAR rachas become
ing career, Patrick ran 61 raca role model for other young
Patrick’s Indycar Series
es over ive years. Her NASwomen.
career spanned seven years
CAR/ARCA career started
Patrick was born March
with 115 races. Her irst race
on Feb. 13, 2010, at Daytona.
25, 1982, in Beloit, Wis., the
was Toyota Indy 300 (Home- Her irst race ended when
daughter of Beverly Ann (nee stead) in 2005. Her irst win she was caught up in a 12-car
Flaten), a snowmobile mewas Indy Japan 300 (Moteaccident. Her second race
chanic, and Terry Jose Patga) in 2008, and her best in- was on Feb. 20, 2010, in the
rick, Jr., a racer of snowmoish was in 2009. Patrick beStater Brothers 300 at the
biles, motorcross and midget came the irst female driver
Auto Club Speedway in Foncars. Danica began go-karting to lead the race at the Indiatana, Calif., inishing 31st place
at the age of 10 at the Sugar
napolis 500. Her ifth overall in the JR Motorsports Chev-
In her third Nationwide
race, she crashed into Michael McDowell inishing
36th place. On March 5, 2011,
Patrick made history inishing fourth in the Sam’s Town
300 Nationwide Series race at
the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. On July 7, 2011, she inished 10th in the Subway Jalapeno Nationwide 250 Series
race at Daytona after leading
a total of 13 laps during the
race before being involved in
an incident coming to the colored lag on the last lap.
Patrick’s NASCAR Sprint
Cup Series covered a span of
three years with 54 races.
The irst race in this series
was the Daytona 500 in 2012.
In 2013 at 27th position, she
had her best inish. Patrick’s
last race in the Sprint Cup Series was in 2014 in the Bojangles’ Southern 500 (Darlington). She had zero wins, one
top 10 and one pole.
Patrick’s awards are impressive: 2005 Indianapolis
500 Rookie of the Year, 2005
IndyCar Series season Rookie of the Year, IZOD Indy Car
Series Most Popular Driver
2005-2010, nd 2012 NASCAR
Danica Patrick prepares before
practice for the NASCAR Sprint
Cup series Coca-Cola 600 auto
race at Charlotte Motor Speedway
in Concord, N.C., May 22. [The
Associated Press]
Nationwide Series Most Popular Driver.
Danica Patrick is to be admired for her courage and for
her determination to achieve
her racing goals.
• Women’s Watch is a cooperative
writing effort of the local chapters
of the American Association of
University Women, the League of
Women Voters and the National
Organization for Women.
Solving the VA’s
I have been an advocate to
make major changes in the
Veterans Administration for
a long time. Finally, the VA
has brought public attention
to itself and its disgraceful
treatment of veterans.
I hope this will bring about
the major changes necessary to get the VA back on
track where it can accomplish its mission of actually treating and helping veterans. Several suggestions
have been forwarded as to
how this should be done.
Issuing IDs to veterans so
they can go to non-VA treatment facilities to get treatment is an excellent start.
Building more VA facilities, whether clinics or hospitals, is another good one,
especially in areas where
veterans have to travel several hundred miles for treatment.
Funds for building these
facilities and the medical personnel to staff them
must be appropriated. The
Secretary of the VA must
have the authority to ire
any VA employee for substandard performance on
their job. To do this effectively, it would be necessary
to end unions in VA facilities. And inally, real veterans should be the only ones
hired to work at the VA. Bureaucrats have a stranglehold on VA operations and
should be done away with
whenever possible until they
are all gone.
If you are an employee of
the VA and you do your job
in an honest and satisfactory manner, you should have
nothing to worry about.
Thank you for helping our
Barry Nordell