Newsletter No 5 – 2 April 2015

Absentee Number: 9301 6270
2nd April 2015
Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Staff
Thank you students, staff and parents for a wonderful term. First term is now
over and we enter into the special time of Easter. Easter is the most important
season in the Liturgical year. Easter is a story of renewal, hope and optimism.
“Let the risen Jesus enter your life, welcome him as a friend, with trust. If up till
now you have kept him at a distance, step forward. He will receive you with
open arms. If following him seems difficult, don’t be afraid, trust him, be
confident that he is close to you, he is with you and he will give you the peace
you are looking for and the strength to live as he would have you do.”
(Pope Francis)
Our strategic focus areas for Term One have been Academic Standards,
Diversity and Excellence, Mission and Identity and Learning Enrichment. I am
delighted to announce the following appointments to four key leadership roles
at our College which will progress these areas of College life:
Director of Academic Standards
Ms Fiona Leck has been appointed to the position of Director of Academic
Standards. Ms Leck is well placed for this role with her knowledge of the
College and her commitment to every child excelling academically.
Director of Diversity and Excellence
Mr Scott Kinner has been appointed to the role of Director of Diversity and
Excellence. Mr Kinner has presented a vision for Prendiville's response to
diversity and now has the opportunity to lead this vision to reality.
Director of Mission and Identity
Ms Karen Black has been appointed to the role of Director of Mission and
Identity. Our College heritage is steeped in a rich Catholic tradition and this
must be maintained and interpreted for our students and community to be
understood, respected and cherished.
Learning Support and Enrichment Coordinator
Mrs Beverly Reed has been appointed to the role of Learning
Support/Enrichment Coordinator. We are blessed to appoint someone with the
experience, commitment and expertise in this area. Mrs Reed has been the
Learning Support Coordinator at Emmanuel Catholic College for the past 15
years. She is an exemplar leader and teacher in the area of Learning Support
and Enrichment.
A highlight of Term 2 is the College Musical, Hairspray. Only 200 tickets are
left. This is a show not to missed and details on how to purchase tickets are in
this newsletter. I encourage parents to bring friends and family to what will be
a most enjoyable show.
Have a safe, happy and holy Easter.
For your children
Mark Antulov
At the recent College Board meeting the board for 2015 was established. The College is blessed to
have the following parents and alumni form the membership of our College Board.
Mark Antulov
Terry Raphael
Heather Downsborough
Michele Walker—Board Chair
Michele has worked in education for 20 years and is currently the Deputy Principal of a large
metropolitan secondary school. Michele has served on our College Board for the past 5 years
and is currently our Board chair. She has a long association with Prendiville having previously
worked as a classroom teacher at the college prior to moving into public education. Michele
currently has two children at Prendiville with a third child in primary school.
Jim Eve
Jim is a Contract Manager and has a commercial background in mining, oil and gas industries
for over 30 years. He has had 3 children attend Prendiville. Jim has been a Board member for
the past 5 years.
Julie Foster
Julie is a Chartered Accountant and has worked for a number of ASX listed companies in the oil
and gas industry. Julie is currently Chief Financial Officer for a private Australian oil and gas
company. Julie has two children who have attended Prendiville.
Andrew Hall
Andrew was a graduate of the College and Head Boy in 2007. Since graduating Andrew has
completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree at UWA and is currently working for
Pricewaterhouse Coopers in the Private Clients Division.
Darryl Kefford
Darryl comes from a professional background of organisational change, program and project
management and service delivery with over 20 years’ experience working with a number of
global organisations across a wide range of industries.
David Villa
David has worked in the fast food industry for the past 25 years including 3 years in Darwin
where he was Chairman of the school board of Holy Spirit Primary School. David has one child
currently at Prendiville and another due to start at Prendiville in 2016.
Denny Piovesan—P & F Representative
Denny has been elected as P & F President for 2015 and currently has 2 children attending
Prendiville with another due to start next year. She has spent 15 years running her own business
consultancy in South Africa specialising in setting up Employee Assistance Programmes. Since
immigrating to Perth she has been chairperson of the Whitfords Occasional Care Centre as well
as secretary and president of the St Simon Peter Catholic Primary School Board.
Brad Harvey
Brad is a Privacy & Security Specialist with experience in agricultural, legal, banking, mining and
services industries. Brad is a strong advocate of the value that education can bring to a person's
life, having experienced first-hand the challenges of being a mature age university student. Brad
currently has three children at Prendiville.
Science Student Portal
A reminder to all students of the Science Student Portal that get information to students on all that
is happening in Science at the college.
Year 7 Science Club Astronomy Night – 24th March 2015
On the Tuesday 24th March the Science
Department held its first major activity
for the year with an Astronomy Night in
the school grounds. Over 50 students
turned up on the night. Activities
included an astronomy presentation by
Starry Nites Astronomy educational
group, learning about Aboriginal legends
found in the night sky with Mr Devlin as
our guest presenter and of course
viewing the night sky using a number of
telescopes. A special thanks to all the
science staff that attended and also to
the Year 10 Enrichment students that
came along and helped out on the
Mars Mission One Lecture
On the Tuesday 17th March over sixty
students from years 7 – 12 with a
number of staff heard a lecture by Josh
Richards in the PAC on the Mars One
Mission. Josh is one of the last 100
candidates from around the world of
which four will be selected to go to
Mars on a one way Mission in 2022. It
was a fascinating talk. A special thanks to Mrs Deidre O’Carroll for organising this event. The
students ask some fascinating questions.
Some of the quotes by the Year 9 students.
“I learnt a lot from this talk, it was very interesting to learn that Mars
isn't actually red it's only the first layer of dust/sediment that is red
and that the rest of the planet underneath is a blueish-gray colour,
also that sunsets from Mars aren't the burnt orange and red colour
we see from Earth, the sunsets are blue. I also learnt that there is a
high radiation level on Mars and that if you stand outside with no
protective gear your blood will boil and then you will freeze.
Jessica Vidot
“I gained a lot of insight into how the lifestyle would be living on the Mars
One colony, as well as the functioning of the colony itself. I also found his
insight into what the future might hold. Very interesting and believable as
well. Knowing how they would entertain themselves and such as well, along
with blue sunsets. I hope I live to the day that Mars becomes a space
Kristian Rados
ACC Swimming
Last Tuesday 105 students represented the College at the ACC B Division carnival. Whilst training
attendance could improve, there were some outstanding individual performances at the carnival.
By the conclusion of the final relay we had achieved our modest goal, comfortably finishing above
Lake Joondalup in 7th place. Next year our goals will include increased training attendance and
commitment to team representation. We are proud of those students who represented the college
in this important carnival.
The following students must be applauded for their efforts at the carnival:
Alyssa Burgess (Year 7)
Aimee Lea (Year 10)
Tristan De Villiers (Year 12)
Maddison Lea (Year 8)
Darcey Brooks (Year 8)
Miesa Grobbelaar (Year 9)
U13 Champion Girl
U16 Champion Girl
Open Boys Runner Up.
U14 Girls 3rd place.
for competing up 4 age groups as an U17 swimmer.
for competing up 3 age groups as an OPEN swimmer.
The following 5 students were named in the Annual ACC All Star Swimming team. Selection
recognises the best performing student in each event from all 65 ACC schools.
Alyssa Burgess (Year 7)
Chelsea Lynn (Year 7)
Jess Barnes (Year 10)
Dylan Lotti (Year 10)
Tristan De Villiers (Year 12)
Kaelena Smith (Year 8)
U13 Girls 50m Butterfly.
U13 Girls 50m Freestyle Division II.
U13 Girls 4x50m Freestyle Relay.
U16 Girls 50m Freestyle Division I.
U16 Girls 4x50m Freestyle Relay.
U16 Boys 50m Backstroke Division II.
Open Boys 50m Breastroke Division II.
Junior Girls 50m Freestyle Inclusive Sports.
Junior Girls 25m Backstroke Inclusive Sports.
I would also like to acknowledge our 2 Junior Swim captains, Luke Richards (Year 8) and Darcey
Brooks (Year 8) on their outstanding commitment to training. Furthermore to our Senior captains
Aimee Lea (Year 10) for her commitment to her school and the determination she swims with and
Tristan De Villiers (Year 12) who has been a stalwart of Prendiville swimming over the past 6
We finished 120 points clear of 8th place. 120 points the other way would have put us a very
narrow 3rd place. This equates to a finish of 1 place better in every race on the program. A place
that could have been made up by the students who didn't nail their dive, a place that comes from a
perfected lunge at the finish. A place that comes from a smoother relay changeover. Or a place
that comes from that little bit of extra fitness from that 1 session of swimming that was completed
each week. This is the beauty of the large scale carnivals….they are inevitably determined by the
smallest of margins that 105 students have the ability to change.
I cannot question the endeavour of our swimmers this year- they swam their hearts out on the day
and I congratulate each and every one of you. But I hope you get the feeling that you have
unfinished business in the ACC swimming arena. Swimming has been and gone for 2015. The
question is how will you respond in 2016?
CAS Sport
What an absolute whirlwind of a term. Congratulations to all students for the contribution they have
made to Prendiville through the CAS Sport program. The participation levels of our students as
players was once again incredibly pleasing, however it is fantastic to see a number of senior
students sourcing opportunities to contribute to the schools sporting program as coaches, scorers
and indeed officials for a number of sports.
We have once again performed strongly in the Summer CAS season. Below are the current
positions of all teams up to round 7 that was played in the final week of school. Pending the results
from round 7 these standings may change.
Year Group
8 Boys
9 Boys
8/9 Boys
8/9 Boys
Senior Boys
Senior Boys
8 Girls
9 Girls
8/9 Girls
Touch Rugby
8/9 Girls
1st undefeated
Senior Girls
1st undefeated
Senior Girls
Touch Rugby
Senior Girls
I would also like to recognise the efforts of the following individuals for the performance and
contribution throughout Term 1. After each fixture coaches award votes on a 3, 2, 1 basis for both
a Most valuable Player and a Coaches Award for commitment, attitude, sportsmanship and effort.
Congratulations to the following students on winning their respective Team awards.
Year Group Sport
Coaches Award
8 Boys
Dean Ferro/ Luke Richards
Tom Hannaire
9 Boys
Tom O'Donnell/ Jess Bator
Jude Campbell
8/9 Boys
Jacob Pidhirnyj/ Kieran Coyne
Jacob Oskam
8/9 Boys
James Waughman
Declan Hart
Senior Boys
Liam Bradley
Curtis Heeley
Senior Boys
Ronald Rixer
Seamus McMillan
8 Girls
Gemma Boothroyd
Ebony Edward/ Abigail Petrofes
9 Girls
Molly Gerrans
Kate Lockhart
8/9 Girls
Touch Rugby
Grace Moran
Sarah Bevan/ Jacqui Stevens
8/9 Girls
Sarah Sharman
Chloe Aylward
Senior Girls
Elena Boothroyd
Georgia Watterson
Senior Girls
Touch Rugby
Georgia Marchesani
Senior Girls
Alyssa Monte/ Sophie Kijak
Brooke Lloyd/ Sophie Barrett/
Laura Leitenbaur-Goldsmith
Emily Olsen
The winter CAS Sign ups have already gone live online for students and there have been nearly
220 individuals register for one of the 14 available sports. Despite this outstanding response
already there are still places available in some teams, particularly the Year 7 Boys AFL and Soccer
teams. Sign-ups shall remain open up until school returns in Term 2 so I encourage any students
who have not already signed up who have experience in any of the sports on offer to do so quickly.
Winter CAS Sign ups
Furthermore I am looking for potential umpires in Basketball and Netball, linesman for soccer and
boundary and goal umpires for AFL matches. Students who are interested in assisting need to
send me a direct message outlining the capacity in which they would like to assist. I am looking to
place a real emphasis on providing training for student officials so they can develop their
confidence and officiate games independently in the future.
100K Club
What an outstanding start to the 100K Club for season 2015 we saw nearly 50 students attend
both Monday and Wednesday morning sessions and it was fantastic to see such a diverse group
of students in terms of both age and running ability. I hope these students will continue to attend
and bring more of their friends along as we build towards the ACC X Country carnival in Week 6
next term. X Country races are not won on the day; they are decided in the weeks prior as a result
of commitment and hard work. There are no tricks that can cover up for deficits in these areas and
I am looking forward to seeing which direction the 2015 team heads in.
2015 Interhouse X Country Carnival
The event is scheduled to commence at around 4:00pm after school on the Friday of week 1 next
term. It is open to all students and represents the best opportunity to contribute to the Interhouse
sports competition. Although it acts as a major selection criteria for the eventual ACC Carnival,
many students participate in a non-competitive fashion and we would love to see an improvement
on the 360 students who participated last year. Registration is not required and all students are
encouraged to wear their house shirt. Parents are also encouraged to attend as spectators. Please
pencil in the date (24th April) and more details will be released closer to the time.
School Sport WA Nominations
Although we have plenty of opportunities for students to participate in organised sporting
competitions at the College we are not able to cater to the interests of all students. The School
Sport WA (SSWA) or champion schools competitions may fill the void for some of these students.
Furthermore they provide opportunities for students to earn selection in representative teams that
compete in nationally based competitions. Nominations are currently open for students interested
in the following interstate sports teams.
Boys and Girls Hockey 12's- nomination due 17th April.
Boys & Girls Hockey 15's- nominations due 15th April.
Boys AFL 15's- nominations due 20th April.
Girls Netball 15's- nominations due 17th April.
Boys & Girls 19's Soccer- nominations due 6th May.
Click on the links above to be taken directly to the SSWA website for more information, selection
criteria and the nomination forms.
Prendiville SPORTAL
Thank you to those parents and indeed students for your feedback regarding the PCC SPORTAL
page on CONEQT. Due to its growing popularity we will be endeavouring to keep this page up to
date with upcoming events, weekly timetables, fixtures, results and other important information
relating to Sport at Prendiville. I would recommend parents and indeed students keep a watchful
eye on this page for updates and please continue to forward feedback to myself about how we
could improve this page to better serve its purpose.
Sporting Excellence
Nikita Evans (Year 9) has recently returned from competing in the Australian Junior Athletics
Championships in Sydney.
Brody Kenney (Year 10) has been selected in the WA Football Commissions KickStart Football
program. The KickStart Program was developed to provide a supported talented player pathway
program that compliments the National U16 Championship and exposes Indigenous players,
coaches, doctors, physiotherapists and trainers to an elite AFL program environment. He will
compete at the National Carnival in April and the Prendiville community looks forward to hearing of
another successful venture by the WA team upon his return.
If your son/daughter has achieved high level sporting success in their pursuits outside school we
would love to hear about them so they can be acknowledged for their achievements. Please
forward any information through to myself at the College.
If you have any queries regarding any of the sporting opportunities at Prendiville please don't
hesitate to contact me via phone (93016255), email ([email protected]) or CONEQT.
Jamie Birrell
Sports Coordinator
The P&F Association wishes to
thank the college staff, students
and parents for their participation
in this year's Easter Raffle. We
raised a total of $1555.35
through the ticket sales and no
less than 144 lucky winners got
some yummy prizes thanks to
your generous donations! A
fantastic result - your support is
greatly appreciated!
Prendiville Dance Company 2015
On Wednesday 11th March around 50
students from Years 8-12 auditioned to
be a part of the Prendiville Dance
Company. The Dance Department
would like to congratulate the 30
successful applicants who are now part
of this elite team. Under the directorship
of Miss Knights, the Dance Company
have their eyes set on winning the
Secondary Dance Shield for the third
time at the Catholic Performing Arts
Festival in late August, where they will
compete against over 40 other Catholic
schools across Western Australia. They
will be rehearsing on Wednesday
afternoons of Terms 1, 2 and 3 to
create, learn and perfect their 7 minute
performance piece consisting of dance styles such as Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Lyrical.
We wish them all the best for their upcoming rehearsals and performances.
A big “thank you” to the P&F Team of volunteers for
organising a wonderful ‘Night on the Green’ last Friday.
It was a great initiative, allowing parents of our Year 7
students to meet with other Year 7 parents. The Tug of
War was a big success, the bouncy castle got lots of use
and the oval scattered with lots of bundles of energy
cartwheeling across it.
The Prendiville Training
Band has made a flying start
to the year, with over 30
Year 7 students on Brass,
Wind, Percussion and String
instruments. These students,
along with 15 other Year 7
students (currently playing in
our Intermediate Concert
Band) were selected from
over 85 applicants for a
Prendiville Specialised Band
scholarship. The progress
phenomenal - well done to
all students selected for this
highly prestigious program.
Prendiville TechSpot
Welcome to our TechSpot for 2015! This section of our newsletter is for
students and staff to share tips, tricks, ideas and apps to do with technology
at Prendiville.
This week, some tips on keeping your iPad safe, courtesy of Jason Mule
(SA6 Year 8).
Jason is a member of our Tech X Perts groups and has some great ideas to ensure your iPad is
safe. Remember, it is your device, and your responsibility is to protect it. Spend these holidays
cleaning it out, ensuring the case does not need to be replaced and keeping it secure (i. e., don’t
leave it on a beach in Bali!)
Happy holidays!
If you need help with iPads or just want to ask a question, feel free to drop into the iPad
Helpdesk in P1 at lunchtimes. We will be happy to give you assistance.
Mrs Melissa Marshall and the Tech X Perts
Careers Information
Please check the following important dates for relevant career information. Many universities
currently have Campus tours and information evenings running. I can be contacted at the school or
in my office at lunchtimes for further information.
Mr Todd
Careers / VETiS Coordinator
--------------------------------------------------------------------------UWA Event:
Campus Tours
These tours are for prospective students who would like to find out more about studying at UWA
whilst taking in the beautiful gardens and buildings at the Crawley campus. The tour will include a
stop at the Admissions Centre & Prospective Students Office, where you will be able to collect
information and course brochures, and find out more about what life is like for UWA students.
Parents are also welcome to attend. Tours run for approximately one hour on the following dates:
Monday 13 April, 10am (school holidays)
Monday 1 June, 10am (Western Australia Day public holiday)
Monday 13 July, 10am (school holidays)
You can register for a tour at:
Curtin Event:
Twilight Campus Tours
Thinking about attending Curtin when you finish school? Later in the year there will be information
evenings that can assist you to decide whether Curtin is the place for you to study. Until then why
not take a campus tour to give you some more information about the Curtin. Twilight Tours involve
Curtin students showing you their favourite spots on the Bentley campus and where they study and
take classes. Future student advisors will also be available to answer questions about applying to
Curtin. Express your interest for the 2015 Twilight Tours and a Curtin representative will contact
you once the event details are finalised. Express your interest by filling in your details at:
Murdoch Event:
Campus Tours
Murdoch has a series of events that can provide information about the courses they offer and what
it may be like to attend their university once you have finished school. While you are waiting for
these events, why not attend a campus tour. For information about campus tours contact:
[email protected]
Campus Tour – Joondalup
When: Thursday 9 April, 11am – 12pm
Where: ECU Joondalup Campus
Register for these event at:
Campus Tour – Mount Lawley
When: Thursday 16 April, 11am – 12pm
Where: ECU’s Mount Lawley Campus
Register for these event at:
Year 12 Parent Information Evening and Pizza Night
When: Tuesday 5 May, 6pm
Where: ECU Joondalup Campus
For more information or to register please visit:
Careers and Employment Expo
Convention Centre, 21 Mounts Bay Road, Perth
When: 14-17th May
This will be held on Thursday and Friday, 9.00am - 3.00pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 4pm.
You can find out more by checking:
The UMAT will be held on Wednesday 29 July. Students who are interested in applying for
undergraduate Medicine or Dentistry interstate; or who think they may be eligible for the
guaranteed pathway into Medicine at UWA, will need to register. At present UWA are advising
students who will have an estimated ATAR of 99 and are interested in Medicine to sit the UMAT.
In order to gain entry into the post graduate Doctor of Medicine, students will need to maintain a
grade point average of 5.5 (equivalent to 75% and above) in each year of their undergraduate
Mini Career and Tertiary Expo
Tuesday 21st April, 2015
2.00pm – 5.00pm
Prendiville Catholic College
Our Lady of the Missions, Whitfords Holy Week Timetable
Riding for the Disabled Capricorn
Volunteers wanted aged 14 +. Half or full day on Saturdays and during school
holidays to help with camps. Help is required with horses and riding lessons.
No experience necessary as training is provided. For more information,
please contact Julie on 9407 4111 or email
[email protected]
Wednesday 22
Monday 20 April - Parent Teacher
Interviews Years 7-9
Tuesday 21
April - Parent Teacher
Interviews Years 10-12
April - Term 2 commences
Wednesday 29 April - P & F Meeting
Monday 27 April - ANZAC Day
public holiday
Thursday 30 April - School Photograph
St Simon Peter Parish,
Ocean Reef
8.00am, 10.00am and 5.00pm
Our Lady of the Mission
Parish, Whitford
8.00am, 9.30am, 11.00am &
St Andrew's Parish,
7.30am, 9.00am and 5.30pm
St Luke’s,
8.00am and 9.30am
St Anthony's Parish,
7.30am, 9.00am and 6.00pm
All Saints Parish,
7.30am, 9.00am, 10.30am &
Banksia Grove
Catholic Community
(in the school hall)
(Mon - Sat)