Shape Reclaimed Weight Loss Program

Shape Reclaimed Weight Loss Program
A doctor supervised natural anti-inflammatory weight loss program
designed to reset your metabolism, and literally regain some of your shape back.
Shape Reclaimed is a product developed by Dr. Todd Frisch of St. Louis, Mo. After watching my aunt
and cousin lose over 100 Lbs I decided to attend a certification seminar. I had the pleasure of
meeting Dr. Frisch at the seminar after he spoke about the success of his clinic in treating obesity
This product is a homeopathic all natural drops taken 3 times per day 15 to 30 minutes before or after
a meal. There are no hormones like hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) drops which have been
scrutinized by the FDA because where the product is being made and also who is supervising the
Shape Reclaimed does not contain hCG, but rather glycoprotein complex (sugar + protein) plus a
combination of sucrose, amino acids and a few natural products that mimic hCG. The results have
been outstanding. Our goal is to get sick people well naturally and to give them options that are
better for them in the long run. Obesity is not only stressful to the spine, but your health in general.
You increase your chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, spinal degeneration, arthritis, and
digestive problems tremendously when you are overweight.
What are the health stats for the USA?
The world health organization ranks the USA 37th out of 100 countries in regards to the quality of
health. The USA ranks 49th in longevity. However, the USA ranks number 1 in obesity worldwide,
with the Evansville tri-state area ranking #1 in this country for obesity. That’s right……#1. Not a
good ranking to have when you consider the cost of health care premium and also all the other
illnesses that comes along with obesity.
Does this really work with the drops?
You bet!!! I did my studies and also my clinical trials before I introduced this product to my
patients. My staff member Dawn lost 25lbs in 6 weeks!! We are attacking the yellow fat ( adipose
tissue) where this abnormal fat develops around your belly, butt, thighs and arms.
What are the protocol for these drops and how it works?
Over the years our body changes as we age. Stress, poor diet from processed foods, drinks, lack of
exercise, hormonal changes from puberty to menopause, over eating, poor dieting contributes to one
thing that causes us to gain weight……a poor metabolism.
The brain center that controls our thirst and hunger is the hypothalamus. This hypothalamus also
triggers and sets our metabolism on how we burn calories. If it is set low, you can diet all you want
and barely eat and you will still gain weight. Women are more susceptible to this.
Because fat is inflammatory and immune-suppressive, not only are patients losing weight, they are
knocking down inflammation in their bodies, thus, improving their overall health and improved
immune health.
We are seeing patient’s high blood pressure drop, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides drop, blood
sugar numbers improve, joint pain and achiness decreasing, cognitive improvement, and most of all
resounding joy and self confidence overflowing for all those who have struggled for years with the
battle of the bulge.
There are 3 types of body types: ectomorph (small frame), mesomorph (medium) and the
endomorph (large frame). This is why we are all shaped differently.
Three Kinds of Fat:
Structural fat: supports body tissue and fills the space between organs, protects arteries and keeps
the skin smooth.
Protective: normal reserve of fat localized all over the body. This fat packs the highest caloric value
so this reserve of protective fat can be utilized for muscular activity and maintenance of body temp.
Yellow-Adipose fat: This is abnormal. This is the stored fat from improper metabolism and
overeating. This is where excess calories are stored, inflammation, toxins, arachidonic acid (from
eating excessive omega 6—processed food, fried food, starches, animal fats) which contribute to
weight gain and poor health.
Most diets break down structural and protective fat first. SHAPE RECLAIMED breaks down the
undesirable abnormal fat and uses it for caloric value. The abnormal fat is stored in your belly, butt,
thighs, and arms. Watch the abnormal fat reduce and inches go away.
Three goals achieved by completing the SHAPE protocol:
1. Lose weight, decrease inflammation, immune enhancement
2. Reset/repair/increase base metabolism
3. Implement a sound foundation for your Future Healthy Lifestyle
Basic Procedures on why this is so successful:
Most people diet and can lose weight. Some are naturally thin because of their frame and high
metabolism. When people diet to lose weight, they usually only reduce the normal fat (structural and
protective) and never RESET their metabolism. The yellow fat (adipose) remains, and 6 months or 1
year later these folks have regained all their original weight plus more.
SHAPE breaks down abnormal stored fat only and uses it for caloric value when you restrict your
caloric intake. The patient is living, to a far greater extent on the yellow abnormal fat which he/she is
breaking down, versus what calories he/she is consuming during this course of treatment.
Most regular diets, people will reduce their calories or eat a specific amount of a certain food for a
period of time, and some may be successful. However, they never reset their metabolism rate to a
higher base line, thus regaining their original weight. In some cases you have lowered your
metabolism rate so low that you actually gain weight over the years.
With the SHAPE RECLAIMED drops, when you restrict your caloric intake for 40 or 80 days, depending
on how much yellow fat needs to be lost, preventing your hypothalamus from going into a survival
state. Any extra calories you need are now going to the reserve area, the yellow unhealthy adipose
tissue in order to fulfill your calories for the day. Thus you start to burn this yellow fat and eventually
losing pounds and inches from your belly, butt, thighs and arms.
You have nothing to lose except this inflammatory yellow fat and gaining tremendous health benefits
with a healthier lifestyle.
Call New Life Chiropractic and ask for Dr. Sheena or my assistant Dawn to start your path to a
healthier living. 309-693-3800