It’s a fact, your skin always look better with regular... removal treatments. We take pride in offering the best...

It’s a fact, your skin always look better with regular facials, professional exfoliation and hair
removal treatments. We take pride in offering the best aesthetician skin care treatments
available anywhere; treatments unmatched for their effectiveness, safety, and ability to
address even the toughest skin types.
Dr. Bailey specifically developed each of our aesthetician treatments with therapeutic results
in mind. They’re scientifically sound, highly effective, and delivered by our caring and well
trained aestheticians. Trust that you’re receiving the highest quality professional skin care
services that are as luxurious as they are effective…you can’t find better anywhere else...
and, you can have them done right here in our safe, hygienic and professional setting.
You’re in for a treat, and your skin will look great too. Our services are available to patients
and non-patients. Keep your skin bright, well groomed and attractive every day, all year.
We invite you to schedule an appointment and we welcome your referral of family and
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Acne Facial
60 minutes/ 80 minutes with microdermabrasion
This is professional acne treatment that’s highly effective for acne prone skin.
Exfoliation, manual extractions and deep pore cleansing remove pore clogging, dirt and
oil to treat blackheads. Our special deep cleansing masque reaches deep into your
pores to treat acne and help prevent new breakouts. Your at-home products will work
faster too. Calming antioxidants enhance healing. Products are customized for your
skin type. Includes a neck, shoulder and hand massage. Add a chemical peel to ‘jump
start’ results. Recommended at 1 to 4 week intervals until your acne is controlled and
then at 6 week intervals to maintain results.
Price 75
Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Facial
60 minutes/ 80 minutes w.microdermabrasion or chemical peel
A unique facial customized for your anti-aging needs and skin type. Improve skin texture
and color while softening wrinkles. Professional glycolic acid exfoliation is followed by
skin toning, extractions (optional) and a deep cleansing mask. Specially formulated
vitamins, botanicals and antioxidants are applied to repair and sooth stressed skin.
Gentle facial massage improves circulation and lymphatic drainage. Includes neck,
shoulder and hand massage. Look and feel instantly better with this relaxing facial.
Good for everyone. Combines well with a chemical peel or microdermabrasion
Price 90
Deep Cleansing Facial
60 minutes/ 80 minutes w. microdermabrasion or peel
Pores and surface skin naturally hold debris, leaving your skin looking dull and
congested. Periodic exfoliation and deep cleaning leaves your skin bright, fresh and
renewed. It also enhances the penetration of your at-home skin care products and
extends results between peels and laser/light treatments. Ideally done at 6 week
intervals or alternated with one of our other facials to optimize your skin’s daily
appearance and therapeutic results. Customized for your skin type. Includes a relaxing
facial, neck, shoulder and hand massage.
Price 90
Calming Facial
60 minutes/ 80 minutes w. microdermabrasion
Calm sensitive skin irritated from rosacea or other rashes, sun damage, strong products
or procedures. Inflamed skin is soothed with the combination of antioxidants and deeply
hydrating mask. Blood and lymphatic drainage is improved with gentle facial massage.
Even sensitive skin can be deeply cleansed and gingerly exfoliated to brighten skin
texture and tone. The treatment restores your skin’s natural health balance and optimal
hydration level. Includes facial, neck, shoulder and hand massage. Good for anyone
with sensitive skin. When combined with microdermabrasion this is the ideal
professional maintenance treatment for sensitive skin types.
Price 90
Mini Custom Facial
30 minutes
Let our aestheticians give your skin a ‘quickie tune up’. They’ll customize this mini
facial for your specific skin care needs. In this 30 minute treatment your skin will be
hydrated and loaded with antioxidants. Extractions are done and a hydrating mask is
applied. Includes a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Add this facial to your
microdermabrasion or chemical peel treatment to instantly boost skin tone, texture and
Price 45
Specialty Facials
24k Gold Collagen Facial
80 minutes
This luxurious anti-aging facial is based on 24 Karat Gold and collagen, giving your skin
a bright and luminous glow. Skin texture and tone is improved with customized
exfoliation. Extractions and gentle facial massage are performed to help detoxify the
skin and improve circulation. A treatment mask is then applied to the skin containing
24K gold powder, collagen, and silk extract, which will help to hydrate, brighten, and aid
in cellular regeneration. This mask will lift and firm your skin, reduce the appearance of
fine lines and wrinkles, as well as help with melanin reduction. This potent anti-aging
formulation will rejuvenate and nourish your skin, giving it a long lasting youthful glow.
Includes neck and shoulder massage, and aromatherapy hand treatment.
Decadent Chocolate Facial
80 minutes
Hydrate and nourish even the most dehydrated skin with the softening and anti-oxidant
properties found in chocolate. Skin texture and tone are improved with customized
exfoliation. After extractions and gentle facial massage, a chocolate mask rich in
hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidants is applied to the skin. This treatment mask will infuse
the skin with nutrients that help smooth away uneven skin texture, as well as promote
firmness and elasticity. Your skin will feel lifted, silky, and deeply hydrated. Includes
neck and shoulder massage, and aromatherapy hand treatment.
Exfoliating Back Treatment
30 minutes/ 50 minutes w. microdermabrasion or chemical peel
Treat this hard to reach area with professional cleansing, exfoliating, toning, extractions
and a deep pore cleansing masque. Tackle tough to treat back acne by adding a
chemical peel or microdermabrasion.
Price 75
30 minutes
Bring immediate luster back into your skin with professional microdermabrasion. This
non-invasive treatment removes dull texture leaving skin vibrant. Repeated treatments
wrinkles and improves uneven skin texture. Skin is instantly radiant.
Exfoliation is one of the basic elements of optimal skin care and professional
microdermabrasion does it perfectly. Regular treatments combined with a good at
home program will keep your skin looking great everyday. Microdermabrasion can be
done alone or added to any of our facials. Treatments are best done at 1 to 2 week
intervals until results are achieved (typically in 6 sessions). Maintenance treatments are
recommended every 6 to 8 weeks and can be alternated with light facial peels for the
ultimate sustained healthy glow…all day, every day, all year!
Price 90
Chemical Peels
30 minutes/ 20 minutes added to a treatment
Chemical peels are offered in two different formulations to help achieve you anti-aging,
acne, and photodamage treatment goals. A series of 6 treatments every 2-3 weeks is
recommended for optimal results. Maintain results with peels performed every 6-8
weeks. Peels can also be alternated with microdermabrasion or laser/light treatments.
Price 80
Obagi Blue Peel Radiance
Salicylic Acid/ Beta Hydroxy Acid Peel
This peel delivers instant results have brighter, tighter, and smoother skin after just
one treatment. Great for all skin types. Improves a wide range of skin concerns from
photodamage to acne. Regular treatments result in an overall improvement in texture
and tone.
Glycolic Acid/Alpha Hydroxy Acid
Exfoliates and brightens the skin, as well as helps soften wrinkles and dissolve
blackheads. This level of glycolic acid can stimulate collagen formation with regular
Treatment Combinations
Add a peel for an additional
Add microdermabrasion for an additional
Add extractions for an additional
Add a hand treatment for an additional
Cosmetic Packages
Call (707)829-5778 and speak with one of our staff members for more information about
our cosmetic packages.
Have our aestheticians analyze your skin type, tone and texture, discuss your specific
aesthetic goals and recommend products and treatments that maximize your skin’s
health and appearance. They can also demonstrate and color match you for Dr.
Bailey’s super fine mineral makeup and monitor your Obagi Nu Derm treatments.
Price 25
Brow Wax
Lip Wax
Chin Wax
Full face Wax
65 +
Brow Tweeze
Lip Tweeze
Chin Tweeze
Sideburns/Cheeks Tweeze
Full face Tweeze