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MAY 2015
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Karyn Tank reports there
were 2 meetings at the
PCDP’s Headquarters in
March with approx. 90
persons attending.
Thanks again to all the
persons who made the
building ownership possible.
Photo by Jerry Ugland
“Burn The Mortgage”
A grand occasion and a remarkable accomplishment.
By Nichole Lysne
The Capital Campaign Committee is proud to announce
that the “Burn the Mortgage” party with Art Stevenson and
Highwater was a huge success! The evening of the event
we raised over $4,000 with over 200 people attending,
including students that were sponsored by people who
could not attend that evening. The funds gathered that
evening did not include the money that was sent in prior to
the event by those that had provided sponsorship. In total
the event collected $10,550 not including our minor
expenses. What a Success!
The event was held at Smiley’s Bar and Grill in Plover, WI on
Thursday, April 9, 2015. The Committee thanks Smiley’s for
their friendly and willing staff and for the use of their great
facility. We also thank Art Stevenson and Highwater for the
high-energy music that they played which made the
evening one to remember.
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Success continued…
The evening’s event was sponsored by Jack & Leigh Allgaier, Cindy Eagon, Char Figge, Kent &
Sue Hall, Wes & Karen Halverson, Bernie & Mitzi Hlavac, Congressman Ron Kind, Lois Lawler,
David & Trudy Pederson, Earl & Lillian Spangenberg, Jerry Ugland and Jan & Dave Way. Thank
Senator Julie Lassa and Representative Katrina Shankland attended the event and provided
their perspective about recent events in the state and nation.
At the event, two names were drawn to actually burn copies of the mortgage. The lucky two
chosen independently, ended up being the married couple of Larry & Anne Graham. After a
bit of difficulty, Larry and Anne were able to burn the copies.
At the April 14th meeting of the Portage County Democratic Party after the “Burn The
Mortgage” event, a motion was passed to pay off the building land contract. The final
decision for payment will be made at the next Executive board meeting.
Efforts to raise funds to pay off the mortgage began in 2011 with the creation of the Capital
Campaign Committee (CCC). Through the years the CCC included Michelle Bjella, Cindy
Chelcun, Kent Hall, Sue Hall, Wes Halverson, Tim Hanley, Lois Lawler, Nichole Lysne and Jan
Way. The goal of the CCC was to pay off the land contract that the PCDP signed with the
Teamsters for $60,000 plus interest.
The CCC’s first fund raising event highlighted Senator Russ Feingold at Smiley’s in November
2012. It was a great evening with about 200 persons attending. The event netted $14,000
towards the purchase of the PCDP Headquarters. The CCC held a couple rummage sales to
raise funds in 2013. The first sale was held in May in Park Ridge at Ray Cal’s home and raised
$560. The second rummage sale was held in September in Darlene Todd’s yard and raised
In November 2013, the CCC held a fund raising event that was titled “An Evening With Kelly
Jackson”. Kelly is a member of the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians
and a gifted musician. Just prior to our event, Kelly had won the Native American Music
Award for “Best Folk/Americana Recording” for her debut album, “Spirit of a Woman”. It was
a lovely evening and successfully raised $6,700 toward the mortgage payment.
The CCC also held two more rummage sales in 2014. The first was held in May in Park Ridge
and raised $870. The second was in September, again at Darlene Todd’s home, and raised
another $700. A lesson learned is “never under-estimate the value of your rummage”.
The CCC thanks all the people that helped through the years, including sponsors of the events,
donors at the events, attendees of the events, volunteers at the various events and those that
provided monthly donations. The CCC would also like to thank the PCDP treasurers, Jerry
Ugland, and Jack Allgaier who acted as treasurer while Jerry was on vacation, for managing
the PCDP money over the last four years as the CCC worked to raise the $60,000. Jerry Ugland
is commended for the hours he spent recalculating the land contract after each payment
was made to the Teamsters.
In the weeks to come, the CCC will hold final meeting to finish sending thank you notes to
sponsors of the “Burn The Mortgage” event and clean–up items that the committee created
through the years of fund raising.
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Elections For Democratic Party State Chair
By Jack Allgaier
The future direction of the Democratic Party in Wisconsin will depend on who is elected
Chair in June. The current chair, Mike Tate is not seeking re-election. There are five
candidates vying for the position, some of whom have visited PCDP already.
The five candidates are: Martha Laning, Jason Rae, Jeff Smith, Stephen Smith, Joe Wineke.
The election will be held at the State Convention June 5 & 6th at the Potowatomi Hotel &
Casino in Milwaukee.
This is where YOU come in. To vote for state chair, one must be a member of the State
Democratic Party, must be elected as a delegate by the County party and must be
registered to attend the Convention. Contact Gary Hawley (715-321-0111) if you are
interested in a delegate position. Portage County is eligible for many delegate positions
because the number of delegates is based on the number of Democrats in the County
Party and how many votes the county casts for Democrats. We are a strong Democratic
County and Party. Please plan on attending if you wish to have an impact on the future of
the Party.
As a personal comment, it is unfortunate that this essential election occurs far from Portage
County at a hotel that is probably the most expensive for a room in the history of the Party
elections. I am sure that Portage County would take it’s full compliment of delegates were
the convention being held closer to Middle Wisconsin – say Stevens Point?!
At our next general meeting, May 12, the delegates to the 3rd CD Convention (May 2nd –
LaCrosse) will share their observations about the State Chair candidates they will have
heard speak at the CD Convention and perhaps share their opinion as to which one would
best serve Portage County.
More State Convention (June 5 & 6) Information: You may register in advance for
$25 by going to the DPW Website: www.wisdems.org/convention. After May 15th, the
registration cost is $35. The final day to register is May 22nd.
Rooms at the Casino may be sold out. There are less expensive motels in the area,
but you will need to research on your own.
Convention “kick-off” begins at 2 PM on Friday (June 5) with the Democratic Unity
Fair. Registration and Caucus meetings follow at 3 PM. The day and evening events
planned include several dynamic and inspiring speeches by candidates, officials and
future Democratic leaders. Saturday’s scheduled events begin with the Platform and
Resolutions Debate followed by the Election for State Party Officers. The Convention
is scheduled to conclude at 2:30 PM.
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In addition to the “Burn The Mortgage” event, PCDP members participated in other
events throughout the month.
Leigh Allgaier and Jan Way reported on PCDP’s members answering phones for
TRIVIA 46 recently.
Leigh wrote: “Trivia was both fun and gratifying. This year we felt so at home because
the student in charge of the phone room was a member of the University Young
Democratic Party. Jim Oliva came over and talked to quite a few of us and then
gave us a big thank you on the air. It’s a good chance to both be active in the
community and get a little positive publicity for the party and our elected officials”.
Jan thanked the phone volunteers by saying “They were amazing. We had a blast
and we look forward to next year”. Also a thank you to Ned Grossnickle, Dan
Halloway and Nancy & Konrad Cjojnacki for being on my call list and even though I
didn’t need them, it was really nice to know they were there if I did. “Thank You” to
Jack & Lee Allgaier, George and Miriam Weeks, Dave Blado, Jan Doxtator, Sue Hall,
Trish Baker, Earl Spangenberg, Corey Ladick, Carie & Scott Winn, Eric Way, Shaun &
Julie Morrow, Keaton Schultz, Mary Kneebone and Jan Way”.
Local Budget Listening Sessions
Senator Julie Lassa and Representative Katrina Shankland held a listening session at the
“Lincoln Center” on April 13 specifically to hear concerns about the Governor’s proposed
budget cuts to SeniorCare, IRIS and other programs to aid the elderly and disabled.
Community members and several members of PCDP spoke about the hardships this budget
would impose on persons that need the help the most. One gentleman stated that should the
budget pass in its present form, his food assistance would be cut from $100 a month to
$16/mo. There were many at the hearing that shared similar personal stories.
Republican Representatives VanderMeer, Krug, & Spiros along with Democrat Katrina
Shankland and Dana Wachs were on the UWSP campus on April 21 for a listening session
regarding the governor’s proposed budget cuts. Several of our PCDP members were in the
attendance along with other community members. During the 2-1/2 hour session, persons,
including several from PCDP, spoke in opposition to the proposed dramatic cuts, not only to
the public education system, but they voiced objections to the cuts proposed in the budget that
are not budget related.
Republican Representative VanderMeer, 70th district, held another listening session in Stevens
Point on April 20th. Senator Julie Lassa joined her. Again, several area citizens and PCDP
members voiced critical opposition to many of the budget proposed cuts; the most voiced
opposition being cuts to the public school budget and proposed cuts to the DNR and
environmental programs.
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MOVING ON … It’s Wa lk Wis cons in – Saturday June 6
PCDP member volunteers gather to help hand out food and refreshments to as many as
2000 walkers for this premier, annual walking event. We “man” the rest stop on the
north side of town at the corner of Wilshire Dr. and North Point Dr. by the Sentry Golf
Course. Those of you not attending the State Democratic Party Convention, please
consider helping out for 1 or 2 hors on that day between the hours of noon and 3 PM.
Please let Jan Way know if you can help out. Contact Jan at 715-572-5802 or
[email protected] Thank you!
June 19-21 - MREA Renewable Energy Fair
“The Energy Fair provides attendees with inspirational speakers, workshops, exhibits
and demonstrations of renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable living, and
green building”. The consequences of climate change are very real. This “fair”
addresses the causes of and remedies for some of the known causes of climate
change and is a platform that we Democrats support.
Volunteers are needed to work at our booth at the “Fair”. The state party pays for the
cost of the booth, but because we are “local”, Portage County usually provides the
bulk of the volunteers to man the booth. Our worker volunteers receive free admission
to the fair for their 3 hr. shift. We are among friendly, like-minded people so it is a
pleasant experience.
Please contact Jan Way at 715-572-5802 or [email protected] if you can volunteer
a three-hour shift. Thank you
Quote taken from the MREA brochure at www.midwestrenew.org/energyfair
It’s A Party of Our Party And We Need You There!!!
PCDP’s Annual Summer Picnic
Save this date!!!! SUNDAY AUGUST 23, 2015 !!!! 11AM-4 PM
We will have food and drink for sale, a Silent Auction including Theme Baskets, a Bake
Sale and Great Speeches by our elected Democratic officials.
Tuesday May 12, is RAFFLE TICKET PICK-UP as well as our and May general
membership meeting.
Our annual raffle, in conjunction with the Picnic is our major fundraiser for the operation
of the PCDP. We need your help once again to sell the tickets. The proceeds help pay
the expenses, an average of about $600/month, at the Headquarters.
It truly helps if you can pick up your packet of tickets at the HQ, otherwise our great
group of volunteers will deliver them personally to your home later this summer. Pick
them up meeting night, May 14th, and start selling right away.
Page 5
Everyone enjoys brats, right?
And along with dairy
products, Wisconsin in known
for its sausages.
Join the PCDP at Trig’s in
As Wisconsinites, we love our ice cream too,
which causes some parking issues when Belt’s
customers use ALL the parking lot north of our
building on meeting nights.
May 29, 2015
Problem solved! There is a lot just south, in front
of Archie’s Bar that has plenty of open parking
spaces. Consider parking in that lot first so you
don’t “have to drive around the block” to get to it!
You can help this fundraiser
in two ways: Volunteer to
grill brats and serve them to
the public, or if you are not a
“griller”, grab a friend or two
and come to Trigs, enjoy a
brat and support the PCDP!
May 12 Meeting Program
To all of the members that support
the newsletter, thank you.
Next month I will list those members
who continue to help get the news
of the PCDP out to the Democratic
community. Space limitations in this
and previous issues have prevented
me from acknowledging these
generous supporters. Trudy, Editor
Will feature Kevin McAdam, who is President
of the Central Wisconsin Center for NonProfits.
The Center is a joint effort by JusticeWorks
and 2617 Club to purchase the old Masonic
Lodge on Strongs Ave. where the
organizations will have a permanent home for
meetings and offices.
He will talk about the needed services made
available to various populations of our
community presently and possibilities for the
We have been informed that Penny Bernard
Schaber ,the running mate of Jason Rae for
State Chair, is planning to attend the May
12th meeting at the HQs.
Page 6
Pictures from the Burn The Mortgage Event/photos by Jerry Ugland
Art Stevenson & Highwater
Sweets for Guests
Nicole & Heidi
Julie at the “Burn”
Jan & Tim serve wine
Page 7
General Membership Meeting
May 12, 2015
2220 Division St., Stevens Point
Socialization begins 6:30 PM
Meeting starts at 7 PM
Program provided by Kevin McAdam –President – Central WI.
Center for Non-Profits.
Picnic Raffle Ticket Pick-Up
Penny Bernard Schaber stops by.
Authorized and paid for by Portage county Democratic Party, Jerry Ugland Treasurer