Minutes April 2015 - Portage View Public School

April 13th 2015 – School Council Meeting Minutes
Present: Peter McKenna, Marci Morris, Tamsin Ashby, Jacquie Raycraft, Jennifer Lehman, Sandy Barker,
Candace Valks, Cathy Copeland, Scott Jardine
Regrets: Cindy Gizuk, Kris Cranley, Amanda Sturgeon
Previous Minutes: Reviewed March minutes.
Adoption of Minutes and Agenda: approved by Tamsin Ashby, seconded by Jenn Lehman
Boston Pizza Fundraising Night Update: Final figures for the night - $775 Silent auction. $80 Donations.
$458.53 percentage of the take for the night from Boston Pizza. Total made: $1313.53. This money is to
go towards laptops.
New Business:
Cindy sent in some information and ideas via an email to Marci.
1. Lapdogs – Fundraiser selling hot dogs to students every three weeks on a regular basis with the
proceeds going towards new laptops. 4 volunteer Mums interested in helping. Looking for more
who would like to help out.
First hot dog day went very well and raised $380 profit for the community closet.
2. Spring Dance – Community Closet Fundraiser.
First week in June. Students entrance fee in would be a donation however big or small for new
back to school items, ie. Pencils to new pair of indoor shoes. It will be a themed dance so kids
can dress up and a prize will go to best dressed female and male.
Morning dance for JK - grade 2. Mid morning for grades 3-5 and then afternoon for grades 6-8.
Donations collected will help families in need for the new school year. Cindy is starting a
program this year where families will sign up in June to let us know if they need help with back
to school supplies. Then in August they can come to the school and collect a backpack filled
with items they will need for the year.
Peter advised that we will have 50 backpacks as a church donation as well.
It was agreed that indoor shoes are the main priority and most needed item.
Thursday 4th June was agreed upon as a good date to have the dance as the Friday is a PA Day.
3. Passing the Tiara – Letters have been dropped off at high schools asking their student councils
to start collecting old grad and prom dresses that we can collect to help out families who may
not otherwise be able to have one for their child.
Jenn suggested talking to Shannon Murree, a local realtor, about her ‘Prom Blitz’ which is a
similar sort of thing. Jenn knows her and said that she would talk to her about it.
4. Carnival Ideas – Chicken on the run offers a BBQ fundraiser service that we could use. Pre order
form would be sent home for people to order their food prior to the event. They charge us what
they pay at cost and we can charge what we want.
Jenn suggested that we talk to Kiwanis as well as they offer a similar service and we could
compare the two.
There could be a silent auction. Local entertainment.
It was suggested that we let everyone know that we are planning to have the carnival as a ‘Meet
the Teacher’ carnival at the beginning of October, Instead of having it in June as we will be
having the Spring Dance then instead. October 1st was suggested as the date as school
reorganisation will be finalised on September 28th.
It was suggested that we see how Codrington school does their carnival as they always do very
5. Nick is working on the fundraising cylinder that will be displayed by the community board to let
people know how we are doing with fundraising and what our goals are.
School Yard Clean Up: Jenn and the Kiwanis club of Barrie came into the school on Saturday to clean up
the yard as a volunteer service. There were about 10 people all helping out in all. It went very well, 2530 bags were filled with leaves etc, and the yard is looking a lot better. Thank you to all of them.
Jenn advised that the club has a lot of Staples gift cards that they like to give to help out schools in the
area and we should come up with a list of the school rankings to see if we could advise them of the most
deserving schools, one of which could be Portage View.
Playground Equipment: Jenn has been working on gathering information to upgrade and improve the
outdoor play structures and equipment and gathering catalogues for ideas. What we have now is not
good for encouraging exercise and movement and we need to look more at getting some outdoor
imagination equipment and equipment that can be used all year round, ie. Hopscotch markings,
alphabet markings, maps on walls. Things that all the kids can use and all Grades can benefit from. Also
possibly equipment that adults can use as well.
This is to be looked into more closely and a plan of action proposed for the next meeting.
Treasurer Report: Peter advised that we have $4784 in the technology account from fundraising this
past school year to date. This is enough to go ahead and order 5 new laptops now.
Motion: Tamsin Ashby. Seconded: Jenn Lehman.
Jenn suggested that we come up with a Portage View package of information to give to the Kiwanis Club
about who we are and what we do to fundraise and help the community, ie, community closet etc as
they are willing and interested in donation money and equipment to local schools. It was agreed that
Jenn, Peter and Marci together could come up with the information needed.
Peter advised that the Superintendent has money to give and Peter has requested that it go towards
Ipads after a vote at school.
Peter advised that $1200 was needed for the upcoming school year agendas for students and stated
that $1200 was in the Student Incentive account. It was agreed that this money be used for the
Motion: Tamsin Ashby. Seconded: Jenn Lehman.
It was suggested that the kindergarten classes should have communication booklets as well for easier
communication between parents and teachers. Candace advised that there are many booklets at school
that could be used for this purpose.
Staff Report: Communication in the Newsletter is better. News from the Library useful for parents to
know what is going on at the school. It was suggested that there be some information about the Dens,
their colours and purpose, so that parents know what they are. Also some information about the
student recognition assemblies. Jacquie agreed to add a bit about this in the next newsletter.
Principal Report: Marci spoke about the Parent Involvement Committee, that it is looking for new
members to sign up. Members must be on the school council. A letter was forwarded to all members to
Next Meeting Date: Monday May 4th at 6:00pm.