May 2015 THANK YOU for your participation in our

May 2015
Dear PopulusLive Member,
Welcome to the May 2015 edition of the PopulusLive Newsletter!
THANK YOU for your participation in our Election surveys
Thank you all very much for your contribution to our polls during the election campaign.
Every single poll from the Leaders Debates to the Exit Polls were delivered in a timely
manner and we are very grateful for your support. As you may be aware there were issues
with how the pollsters predicted the outcome of the election and we will be working with
our partners to adopt any of the findings from the review being undertaken by the British
Polling Council -
Business Profiler
Kindly update your profile to be eligible to take part in surveys on behalf of our business
clients. Profiler questions include current working status, educational qualifications,
industry sector, whether employed/self-employed, current role, company size. We
recommend you complete this profiler at the earliest. The rewards structure for business
surveys is the same, i.e. £1 for every 5 minutes of your time. To update your business profile,
log in to your account on and click on My Details and then Profilers
(on the left side of this page) and then on Business.
Other Information
Please remember that you can now log back into a survey if you are unable to complete it in
one sitting, or if you are logged out due to a technical fault or a server error. We hope this
will improve your experience of PopulusLive surveys.
We would like to remind you that our reputation as a leading market research company is
based on the accuracy and validity of the data we provide to our clients. To ensure members
do not complete surveys hurriedly or provide incorrect information, a series of check
questions are included at intervals. These inbuilt quality control questions appear on every
survey and are administered to everyone equally. Answers provided by members who failed
the Quality Control check are not included in the survey results. We appreciate that this can
be frustrating when a genuine mistake is made, however, we are unable to make exceptions
to the mechanisms and allow members to go back and change their answers, so please take
extra care to avoid being screened out of surveys.
In April 2015, 1291 PopulusLive members reached the £50 threshold for payment! The total
rewards paid to our members since Populuslive started in 2010 now stands at £1,973,550.
You can read what they say in the “Testimonials” section. A link for the section can be found
on our home page.
In addition, 4066 of our members now have 40 or more points and are close to their £50
Monthly Prize Draw
As you already know, if you have screened out of a survey because you did not meet all the
criteria or you attempted to complete a survey after the quota has been met, you are
automatically entered into a prize draw for a £250 cheque!
Earlier this month our April prize draw took place and we are happy to announce that the
winner is Claudette B.
Congratulations Claudette!
Top Ten Most Noticed news stories this week
Reporting issues with surveys
If you encounter an error or a problem when taking part in a survey, such as the screen
freezing or otherwise, please forward us the original survey invite, along with a screen shot
of the error, where applicable, to [email protected]
This will enable us to deal with your query promptly.
Cheques and Payments
Recently, we have been receiving a number of queries regarding our payment methods and
We have summarised the answers to many common questions, including this one, in the FAQ
Again, here is how our payments system works:
Our payment threshold is 50 points
One point equals £1
We pay in cheques only
The system is automated so you don`t need to redeem or claim your rewards. They
are processed automatically. You only need to keep your details updated so we can
send your rewards to the correct address.
Cheques are being issued in the beginning of each month. This means that if you have
reached 50 points in May, your cheque will be issued by the third week of June
We send a large volume of cheques each month so it takes us up to two weeks to
process and dispatch them all. Please be patient.
Best Wishes!
The PopulusLive Team