Production: Pop Cube launch party
Director: Finn Mactaggart
Production Company: PC Music, SOPHIE
Performers: Quinn Thomas, Hannah Diamond, Girlfriend of the Year, SOPHIE, A. G. Cook, Danny L Harle
Date: Friday May 8th, 2015
Location: BRIC Media House
1. “I”, the undersigned, understand that the “Production Company” intend to record a
broadcast of the launch party for PC Music and SOPHIE’s new mass media network, Pop Cube. I authorize
the “Director”, his agents, successors, assigns and designees as well as the “Production Company” and
any of its proxies to take motion and still pictures of me, my likeness and image, to record my voice and
any sounds made by me, and to obtain any other information about me, including but not limited to my
name, likeness, photograph, voice, dialogue, sounds, biographical information, personal characteristics and
other personal identification on film, tape or any other media in existence today or in perpetuity hereafter,
and incorporate such recordings into the broadcast, any versions of the broadcast and all related materials
thereof including but not limited to promotion and advertising materials.
2. “I” understand that the “Production Company” shall retain all rights to creative and
technical control over the final recording to be broadcast in all manners, formats and media in any markets,
territories and locations existing or as yet undiscovered on this planet and including but not limited to this
universe in perpetuity.
3. “I” agree to follow all direction given by the “Director,” his agents, successors, assigns
and designees in connection with the production of the live broadcast including but not limited to orders
to move from the red carpet to the newsroom or from the TV studio to the main theater and to observe
in full when called upon Pop Cube Entertainment News, Dux Content’s Jungle Jam and all main theater
performances and behind-the-scenes footage.
4. “I” hereby declare Pop Cube to act as my sole provider of all existing, recently
conceived and completely hypothetical visual content. Consumption of any new content through any other
provider than Pop Cube will be deemed a serious breach of contract.
5. The “Production Company” hereby consents to provide attendees with a fully immersive
experience that entertains in totality without a single moment’s respite or break. Failure to meet this
commitment by the “Production Company” will result in the termination of all terms and clauses contained
within this contract with immediate effect.